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Moving Into Twenty-Fifteen. Very. Slowly.

I am not a sitter. I’m not even a slow walker. As a matter of fact, I tend to take everything in life in huge, bounding steps. As this year is drawing to a close and I look back it seems like I just rushed through everything. I’m not one to make New Years Resolutions, but this year I have a huge goal.

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A Connecticut Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happiest of New Years! I hope this finds you all enjoying your holidays. At my house, 2014 has been a really great year, and I’m savoring every minute of this very special “Christmas in Connecticut”.

Here’s my  recipe for a Happy Holiday:


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YANKEE Christmas Pudding


Dear Sisters,

Merry Christmas from the New England shorelines! I’m not a native New England-er ( or Yankee ) as the southerner’s call us but even after living here for nearly 12 years I’m still learning new things about the area, local farming and the food culture. No other time of year is as festive or as rich in food traditions ( and tastings ) as the holiday season in New England! I’ve been digging into my favorite New England Magazine,YANKEE in search of some local flavor to bring to our holiday table ( and to a Christmas Eve gathering ) and I hit the mother lode! Continue reading

A Very Wilder Christmas

Hey Farmgirls,

I have a confession.

I’ve been a bad Farmgirl.

It is Dec. 14 (when I began writing this post) and I JUST put up our Christmas tree and Christmas decorations (of which we have three…two stockings and a felted mounted Rudolph head; stocking three is in the making).

Popcorn garland and God's eye ornament on the tree.

Popcorn garland and God’s eye ornament on the tree.

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Mason Jars {Can A Farmgirl Have Too Many?}

I got home from New Mexico and jumped right in to some winter crafting for my house as well as for gifts and as I was “wrapping” gifts in Mason Jars I realized how many places in my house I use canning jars.  I grabbed my camera and started walking around my house shooting pictures of my jars in all their many uses.  Then for fun I decided to share with you.  Come along for a little tour!



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Santa Baby, Bring Me A Blow Mold!

I just love holidays, especially Christmas. This year, I’m extra-excited…we’ll be hosting family! Like a racehorse at the starting line, I couldn’t wait to deck the halls the day after Thanksgiving. Each year, I add a little something to my mixed bag of decorations. This time, I was craving something fun…something vintage… and found just what I was looking for: blow molds!


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Crafty Christmas


Dear sisters,

Happy December and Merry Christmas! Have you started your holiday baking, decorating and shopping yet? For a daydreaming farmgirl I’m pretty practical during the holidays. How about you? Do you get all caught up in Black Friday shopping, midnight sales and cyber shopping deals? I’m just getting started making my gift list and decking the halls. I’ve got enough Christmas’s behind me now and I tend to stick to my trusty list of dos and don’t s during the mad rush of December. If you like to keep it simple during the holidays too, come on in and let’s compare notes on crafting a memorable and unique holiday together! Continue reading

Hike it, Baby


“Not all those who wander are lost.” J.R.R Tolkien

This ubiquitous quote remains one of my favorites because I identify with it so much–indeed I wander to find myself.  I usually feel far from lost while on a trail or not (except this one time in Utah when the sun was getting low, and we could not find our camp site after a post-dinner walkabout).  With a decent map and a fair sense of direction (and the help of today’s technology) getting truly lost can be fairly difficult.  As far as hiking goes, I am quick to qualify many wanderings and walks as hikes.  If I’m wearing hiking boots, walk on trails away from a roadway or take more than 30 minutes, my walk becomes a hike.  It turns out I take lots of hikes!

We found snow in the mountains during this hike on Nov. 24 when there wasn't any in the lowlands.

We found snow while wandering through a mountain meadow a couple weeks back. Yay Snow!

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Snow Church

P1170048I realized it when I said it.

A friend called because it was snowing. She said that whenever it snows now, she thinks of me because I love the snow so much. And I said, “I was just outside walking in the snow. It felt like I was in church.”

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