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Savory Seaside Snippets

“At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun.”

– Anonymous

Welcome to the Beach and happy September! I’m so glad you stopped by today! Don’t pack away your beach bag just yet. Summer isn’t officially over until September 21st and I’m in no hurry to rush her along. This summer was bursting with plenty of moments to savor. Time spent with family and friends from near and far is the best kind of savorin’ and if you toss in a Lobster or two, it’s even better! I didn’t over plan, over book or over do this summer. Luckily the universe played along with me so I could indulge to the fullest in many of my favorite summer pastimes. That meant lots of family time, playin’ in the dirt, walking the beach, and eating LOBSTER! I hope your brought your appetite and a strong stomach. Lobster New England style ain’t purty nor is it a dainty affair, and, it’s even kind of smelly, but it sure is yummy! Follow me for more snippets of my Savory Seaside Summer!

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The Unwanted Guest

I had planned on writing on a different topic today, but life took a turn that inspired me elsewhere.  Are you a plan-ahead type of person?  I would say I’m notorious at planning-ahead.  Maybe it’s just my personality, or the fact  I was a young Girl Scout, and the motto “Be Prepared” stuck. In any case, when we heard unwanted guest Hurricane Irene was heading our way, I got busy. But no matter how much preparation or weather reports you keep updated on, when it comes to Mother Nature, sometimes you don’t know what’s in store for you, and she reminds you of the most important life lesson.

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Becoming A Little Old Lady

I love little old ladies. They make me smile.

(I wonder if I’ll love being one as much as I love interacting with them.)

Eyes of wisdom. Hands of work. Voices altered by time. Wisdom galore.

When I drive up to the local Wal-Mart and see vans from local “homes” parked out front, I’m thrilled. Yep, I’ll see plenty of white hair and red lipstick inside. All that wisdom and experience flying around the place, maybe some of it will wear off on me while I’m there.

I never ever miss a chance to chat with “my elders.”

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Sunny Saffron

Sunflowers, sweet corn, goldenrod, crook neck squash, the juicy flesh of ripe peaches, and many other harvest-time goodies … they all suggest that yellow is August’s favorite color. The saffron beauty of sunflowers attracts bees and artists alike.

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Isn’t everything better when homemade? I think so. Some foods, I won’t even eat unless it’s homemade. Especially jam. Are you a regular “Jammer”, or is it something you’ve thought of, but never attempted?  Well, come on in to my kitchen, as I make a batch!

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Summer Reflections from the Shore Lines

Summer shines like no other season. She’s not fancy or elegant, she’s a natural beauty. Everything just looks, feels and tastes better in Summer! It’s been said that Old Man Winter is the season for reflection. I’ll go along with that. When the weather turns cold and dark we turn inward too, in search of what will be when the light comes again. But summertime casts her own reflections from the outside in. Under bright blue skies she soothes us with her warm rays making us feel as if anything is possible! Come see what this summer has brought to light for BEACH farmgirl Deb. WARNING! Parts of this post may require a hankie…

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Wear Sunglasses

Thirty years ago, I was 18.
Thirty years hence, I’ll be 78. (oh my! is that correct?!)
I’ve never really thought about it like that before. But my 30th high school reunion is coming up. And, quite frankly, it’s got me thinking about a lot of different things.
Like aging and growth. Like making decisions and making mistakes. Like Bruce Springsteen’s “Glory Days” song.
I wonder: what do I know today that I wish I had known when I was in high school?
I wonder: what do you know today that you wish you had known when you were in high school?

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Pickles & Pie and Ribbons & Rabbits

August is when things come together. It is harvest time … a month of hot days and cooler nights … when corn can be heard growing and when fruit on the ground, on the vine and in trees ripens. Gardens fill canning jars for the pantry and for the county & state fair. Amidst all the other things that make August a very full month, this is Fair time. I’ve got a lot of ground to cover and “fair time” is the first stop on our scenic tour of August.

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Backyard Blunders to Backyard Bliss

Summer’s midway!  While we’ve been busy doing some favorite summer activities, sometimes things don’t turn out as planned.  Stopped at a light the other day, I noticed a bumper sticker, about the sport of golf.  It read, “I hate golf, I hate golf, nice shot… I love golf!”  Gardening can kinda be that way sometimes, too.

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Mud Cakes and Petal Pies

 Home schooling is a very old way of doing things. If you look at any of the bills in your wallet or the coins in your pocket, they all have a picture of a homeschooler on them. – William Lloyd

Happy August farmgirl friends! I know it’s been a while since we’ve had our toes in the sand and I debated whether we should go to the beach in this post or ” back to school “. But since I’ve been working hard on preparing two Educational Plans for our eighth and tenth grade HOME GROWN KIDS for next year I decided to share what was fresh in my heart and head. Besides, homeschooling is a farmgirl ” thing! By the looks of how many homeschooling farmgirls there are on the forum, it appears some farmgirls like to grow more than just flowers and veggies! They grow their own kids too!

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