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Welcome To My World

Spring has sprung and so have I … into action, that is. We’re not dormant in the winter, but ranch activity moves into high gear beginning with calving time. Then, there are all the other activities (and fun things) we’ve been waiting to get back into when the weather permits you to once again spend as many daylight hours OUTSIDE. Finally, that time is here …

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Lost and Found

Ever lost anything that made you ill to think about it?  Something special, dear to your heart, you knew couldn’t be replaced?  It’s an awful feeling. I’m very organized, but can be absent-minded, especially when I’ve got a laundry list of deadlines, dates, and chores on my never-ending to-do list. Recently, I misplaced something that got me thinking just how quickly time passes when you’re a mama.

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The Cottage Life

Dear Sisters,

I don’t know about you, but it’s nary the end of May and as usual, I’ve been burning the candle at both ends inside and out. The gardens and my little booth are keeping me humming along, not to mention my FIRST (and most important) job as chief homesteader at Dandelion House.  I’m guessing you’re doing the same thing in your own special farmgirl ways, so I’ve decided we should all play hooky for the day! Don’t hem and haw now! Let’s just go! Quick! Step on to the launch pad! Scotty… Beam us to the beach please before we change our minds! One, two, threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Sh. Close your eyes and listen. Do you hear the gentle crashing of the waves in the distance? Can you smell the scent of lilacs in the breeze? Is the sun warm on your back? Good! Welcome to the Cottage Life! We’re coming Max!!!

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Your Mama


“Your Mama wears combat boots to church.”

Rebekah, as a 6th grader

May Farm Report from Rebekah’s Farm
Ah, well…..the thing is…..the farm is coming along…..not so much.

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Glampfire Girls

Just yesterday, Anita (farmgirl pal – below), suggested we better get to making some Summer 2013 glamping plans. I agreed … we need to visit with the other “glampfire girls” about dates & places. We’ve got our sights set on location #1 for a June road trip. Hmmmmm, where else???
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Burlap and Bling

Dear Sisters,

I hope this post finds you all in good spirits and ready to celebrate Mother’s Day with your loved ones! What do you do to celebrate? This year my handsome Yankee confessed ( ahead of time ) that he bought me some sort of new slicer- dicer kitchen gadget that’ll do just about everything but pluck my eyebrows and trim my toe nails and it doesn’t use electricity! I’ll admit the no electricity factor has me intrigued but he knows I have an aversion to new- fangled kitchen appliances! I’m simply happy with the basics but he is confident I’ll L.O.V.E. LOVE it. Remind me not to let him do the shopping at B.J’s from now on! Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, let’s go down town to Main Street Antiques and do a little window shopping at Burlap and Bling shall we? I know there are some GOOD mother’s day gift ideas to be had there! Tee Hee.

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Hooray for…Weeds!?

It’s here!  Spring’s finally arrived, keeping me happily busy sunup to sundown.   I don’t mind winter, but  wanted to say, “ENOUGH already!” when it seemed to last an eternity this year. Warm thoughts to my friends in the Midwest, feeling those chilly temps even longer than us!  When the first green popped up, I was ready to dance like Snoopy from the Peanuts gang!  So what if some of the vegetation sproutin’ were weeds?  They’regreen!  Recently, I’ve even learned to appreciate and eat certain weeds. Come peek at  what I’ve got cookin’…

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Whew! What a day, Farmgirls. I’m finally home and sitting after a day full of: new jobs, new homes, escaped critters, dog walking in the mud in formal clothing, a wonderful evening with some friends, and late night wading through vernal pools…

It may just be the lingering vibe from a “glam rock” themed party I attended last weekend, but David Bowie said it best “Ch-Ch-Changes/Turn and face the stranger.”

Come see some of the strangers this farmgirl has had to face recently…

My bees

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50 Years Of Livin' and Learnin'

I don’t know. 50 years old?
That’s crazy talk. But when I do the math the number comes out to be 50. So I guess it’s true. 2013-1963=50. I’m still 49 years old today, but by the next time I post here the big five-o will have come and gone.

And you know what?

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Farmgirls To The Rescue

As the old saying goes, “If it isn’t one thing, its another.” The cliche isn’t associated with positive “things” either. Trials and tribulation is as much a part of the human experience as breathing. And so it has been for us this calving season. Winter-like weather has cost us about 25 calves thus far. But, in the midst of wearying problems, you sometimes lift your eyes and help arrives via the hearts & hands of caring friends.

So it was one day last week …

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