Glampfire Girls

Just yesterday, Anita (farmgirl pal – below), suggested we better get to making some Summer 2013 glamping plans. I agreed … we need to visit with the other “glampfire girls” about dates & places. We’ve got our sights set on location #1 for a June road trip. Hmmmmm, where else???

Below: photo collage of Anita’s “ItyBity Bunkhouse” – a 70s vintage camper.

No sooner had Anita mentioned that we needed to make glamping plans when we simultaneously had a vision! There – it – was … parked at one of the local eateries.

IT WAS A SIGN!!! Out of state glampers (from Kentucky) had stopped for a bite to eat while on their way to Glacier Park.

Of course, we had to investigate and introduce ourselves. Like many of us, “Pam” purchased a vintage trailer (this little beauty is a 60s era Shasta) in need of some TLC. She told us that it had been a hunting camper – hard used, even had a few bullet holes in it for pity sake. So, she fixed up her little darling and now she’s pretty as a picture and ready for the open road. Pam was all too tickled to offer us a “show & tell” tour. Then, she and her husband of three months went on their way to enjoy their honeymoon. Oh, are they going to have FUN!!

Ok, back to making glamping plans in OUR neck of the woods. There are about half a dozen of us glampy inclined farmgirls in our flock. Anita told me that we’re about to get a new recruit – a younger sister who wants to join us. I’ve not met her yet, but that’s fixin’ to change.

I spoke with Michele recently and she’s got the glamping bug too. You know, our group of glampers pulled our act together toward the end of glamping season last fall. So, we’ve not been glamping but on one occasion … when MaryJane herself came out to join us on our maiden glamping trip last Labor Day, 2012.

Below: Michele’s 1961 Shasta. She just purchased a 70s vintage pickup to pull her glamper — perfect to haul glamping gear.

I need to spruce up my “Cabin In A Can” after she’s sat all winter. Dust, vacuum, basic house-keeping. Other than that, she’s ready to go.

Our first destination goal is nearby – only about an hour drive, in the Wyoming part of the Black Hills. There are three possible spots to set up camp … all of which are right on the stream. Ohhhh, the sound of gentle moving water. Must remember fishing licenses!

Got my pole, got my baubles (in case we go out to dinner one night at a nearby lodge) … … got my glamper ready. Hi-Ho the merry-O, a glamping we will go!

An old canning jar holder makes a handy glamper caddy for all kinds of things.

I saw a simple dutch-oven recipe that I want to try for glampsite cooking; you can do the prep-work beforehand. Slice large ‘baker’ potatoes very thin … but not all the way through, then place slices of bacon (trimmed to the same length) inside each slot; wrap potato in foil. Bake them for a good hour or so; serve sour cream mixed with fresh chives over the top. Ok, with them … picture, if you will … crispy, pan fried, freshly caught fish, homemade lemonade, salad greens … and rhubarb crisp for dessert. Oh, I’m soooooo there already.

How about YOU? Have you any camping plans? Any of you farmgirls out there in the blogosphere buy a new “old” glamper that you’ve fixed up? Or, are you a tent camper? I’ve seen so many different glamping options: old farm trucks with a tent in the back, slide-in pickup campers fixed up every bit as cute as a trailer, canvas tents of every size etc, etc.  There are so many ways to go “glamping”. Whatever works for you is the best way. As for me and my sister glamp-tramps … we’re itchin’ to GET OUT!

We’ll be headed for the hill country just as soon as we can get our farmgirl posse on the same page for a getaway. How about you, where are you headed? Wherever your destination may be … Happy Trails to & from home … and may the good Lord keep you safe on your journey. ~ Shery

  1. MaryKay says:

    Just read the article GlampFire Girls and loved it. It brought back many happy memories of my childhood. My folks owned a Shasta years ago.

  2. Teresita Williams says:

    Awesome! I wish I was a mouse tagging along in your camper:)

  3. Well heck…. Wild at Heart Farmgirls just got back from their little glampout but I must say YOU Glampfire Gals are AMAZING! Such cool little rigs and fixed up just the way I like ’em!
    Sure wish you all were closer to us! We’d have the best time!

  4. Michele says:

    Can’t wait:) I long for a campfire dinner and some laughs with friends:). See y’all soon!

  5. I have been playing & tidying up in both of my lil vtg. trailers,,, accompanied by my little Peekaboo kitty…
    My 1st Glamping trip is May 30-June 2… there will be 44 of us Glamperette Divas,,, hitting the trails(HWY) for a fun 4 days of Glamping, Glampfires and Shopping till we are dropping! lol!
    This will be our 5th year camping for the annual Farm Chick Show at the Spokane Fairgrounds…
    Wagons HO and Happy Trails….. to you all!

  6. Jan says:

    We are still trying to get ready for a vintage trailer rally in Roslyn, WA, the middle of June. This will be our first and I still have to get my curtains completed. It seems that the search for decorative items was more fun than the actual curtain making….

  7. Jan says:

    Oh, sounds like so much fun!! I don’t have a camper yet, the old ones are hard to come by here.
    Happy glamping!!

  8. MaryJane says:

    Now I’m homesick. You Wyoming glamper gals sure do know how to tramp in style. I was just out fussing in my Airstream and getting itchy also. Happy trails to all of you.

  9. Debbie says:

    Hey there Shery! Well, if I was out with my sisters in the west I’d surely pack an over night bag and be a tag a long on your glamp outs. I’ve not found my little shasta glamper as of yet.. It rains A LOT here in New England and I’m concerned my little tin can just might rust before I could get her out on the open road. However, I recently discovered Shepherds Huts in my English Garden Magazine and fell in love…The idea is similar…but meant more for parking in the yard…
    Our little beach cottage is our destination of choice when the weather turns nice.. but I personally love the idea of my own little escape in the back yard!
    I know you girls will have a hay hoe time! Enjoy!

  10. Brenda says:

    Enjoyed your article…I’m ready to go Glamping! Bessie’s Back-pack is too.

  11. BarbB says:

    By Hill country, are you meaning TEXAS Hill country??? I’m loving your plans-hubby not onboard with my dream. just retired to Georgetown,TX.
    Carry on ladies, wish I could go…

  12. JoAnn Groth says:

    I love your Cabin in Can! Where did you get the lettering or was it hand painted on? JoAnn


    Hi Joann,  The letters are decals, made by a gal here in town that has a decal machine. All you have to do is download the font style and you can make letters & silhouette images. I was going to hand-paint the letters in a log style, but when I heard about the decals…well, it was a no-brainer. They are not expensive to buy and it would have taken me a couple of days to paint the letters. Thank you!   Shery

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