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Twist and Shout

I’ve been twisting and shouting too much if you ask me.

I’m quite conflicted about the whole affair. You know, should he stay or should he go? Da-da-daaaa-da-da. We talked about this a few posts ago, remember? My barn snake. Some of you said–keep him! Others said–get rid of him! I was full-on conflicted about this snake. Until Saturday evening. Well, let me back up for a minute.
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Summer Catch-All

‘Summertime’ is a matter of going from one thing to the next in an effort to squeeze all of summer’s bounty into the short span of time we’re given to enjoy the hundreds of things we want to do and need to do. No wonder we’re bone tired at days end … but what a fine kind of weary it is. C’mon in and take a look at my to-do list … and please leave a list of what’all you’ve been busy trying to keep up with.

The above photo was taken when we were moving cattle. Echinacea is in full bloom and it was everywhere!

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A Day Away…Beat the Heat with a Farmgirl Roadtrip to Newport, Rhode Island

Whew!  If you aren’t currently experiencing a heatwave, you’ve no doubt heard of the dangerous one we’re dealing with here on the East Coast. Waking up to a scorching, humid day, we decided to hit the coast and go North.  When it’s too toasty to do much, it’s always a few degrees cooler near the ocean.  Come take a farmgirl road trip with me to beautiful Newport, Rhode Island, one of my family’s favorite relaxing places!

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On Farm Visits

I love farms and farming. Even when it is cold and rainy, or extremely hot and mosquito-ey, I am reminded of some words MaryJane shared with me once: It is so much better to be stuck working outside during less-than-desirable weather than to be stuck working inside on a beautiful day.

Sometimes I REALLY have to remind myself of this great insight, but I usually come around, even in the thickest of mosquitos.

Visiting farms around my community, state, country and world is one of my favorite things to do. I have dreams of one day visiting South America, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, Australia, India, Africa (the whole world, really) and trekking from farm to farm, getting to see the different farming methods. It would be especially fun to see how similar or diferent the ubiquitous potato is planted, grown and stored the world over…

Anyhow, I’ve been back in Alaska for two weeks now after my visit to North Dakota and Minnesota, and I’ve been reflecting on farm visits.

Evan, My future brothers-in-law and I on the hills outside of their family’s cropland (former pastureland in their dairying days!)

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Lonely and Afraid

Anne Frank’s words:
“The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quite alone with the heavens, nature and God….I firmly believe that nature brings solace in all troubles.”

What do you do when you feel that way? Afraid, lonely, unhappy? How do you make things better? Hey-if you feel any of those things right now, don’t read this post.

Go to see this video instead. Put it on full screen and then watch.

And after you watch it, come back here and we’ll visit for a while. And then let’s follow Anne Frank’s advice and go outside. Let’s get up from this computer and head to the door, if only for a few minutes.

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Garden Gusher ~ My First Garden Tour

Dear sisters,

When is the last time you threw caution to the wind, stepped out of your comfort zone, and let your dreams set sail towards horizons unseen? It’s scary isn’t it? Every time I get the BIG IDEA to try something new I get a case of the butterflies weeks before, imagine that no one will like what I have done ( or even worse ) judge me unmercifully for trying. To make matters worse I’m plagued with self-doubt. My emotions ebb and flow between being terrified and over flowing with anticipation. I don’t like feeling that way ( or maybe I do ?) I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a stirrer upper. I like my seas a little rough sometimes but, I like to be the one making the waves! Last November in a weak moment over tea ( obviously spiked with MaryJane juice ) with friends I announced that I was going to have my first ‘ open garden tour ‘ this summer. The statement just flew out of my mouth like I’d done it a dozen times before. Pif! What did I have to lose? Having just come off of the biggest flower high ever, (compliments of my FIRST SEASON with annual cut flowerbeds) I was in a state of gardeners gushiness. I guess you could say the combination of mourning my beloved blooms and feeling excited about NEW growing possibilities for the coming year got the better of me. What’s a farmgirl to do?

Gather your courage and go for it that’s what!

Don’t think for a minute I would leave YOU out of THIS FARMGIRL adventure!

If you can bare it, come on it for all the dirt AND some ice cold citrus water!

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SumSum Summertime

The first couple of weeks in July predictably brings the first heat wave to northern Wyoming. The sunny, hot weather is ‘just right’ for curing hay quickly. So, for the next week or so I’ll be bumping along on the prairie, cutting native hay. Climb on up and hop in the cab for a real ‘hay ride’. Not to worry, its conditioned!

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Living in the Round: Part 1

Hey Farmgirls! A few weeks ago (well, maybe more like two months ago…) I teased you all by saying that I would share some fun news with you in my next post. Welllllll, a few posts have gone by without any news of this news. However, I’m ready, now.

Are you ready?

Drum Roll, please!

Evan and I are moving into the round. That is, we are moving into our very own…

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Simple American Summers

Living in the suburbs, I love our summers.  We’ve got four seasons in New England, each with it’s charm, but my favorite month of the year is July. School ends the last week of June, and July’s the time when we have the least on our schedule.  It’s back to school at the end of August, so this month is when life is simplest, and American small town livin’ is at its best.

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July Sparkles

” Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom”~ Albert Einstein

Dear sisters,

Happy July! The month that begins with sparks and fire! As we celebrate Independence Day and honor our Veterans ( past, present and future) I feel so grateful to those who in their service make my freedom to create and share possible every day. I LOVE America and I’m proud to be one of her daughters! Each year, Plymouth, Ma. ( America’s Hometown and mine) gleams with patriotism at the annual 4th of July Parade and later, a show of fireworks over the harbor. Our beach community will have it’s annual parade on the beach where the residents show their true PATRIOTIC colors as they get decked out in RED, WHITE AND BLUE! I’m betting you’re getting yourselves ready to celebrate with family and friends too! I love July for all the ways she glitters and glows! Come on in for more JULY SPARKLERS!

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