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For Goodness Snakes!


Have you ever surprised yourself by changing your mind on something you didn’t like, or perhaps even feared? That is just what has happened in our house! 

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Fastest Summer Ever

Hello Farmgirls!

Whew, it’s already decidedly autumnal here.  How has this summer been for you? It has gone by lightning fast for us. We have been busy with many visitors and an ever more energetic group of kids. Of course, after a year of being apart from some of the people we love the most, it was amazing to see grandparents, cousins, siblings, and friends. My mom celebrated her 70th birthday and we were able gather and celebrate. It was one of those parties that ended up being even better than we imagined it could be. My brother and sister in law went all out with the “70” decorations—balloons, yard signs, candles, the whole shebang. We are not a decorate-for-birthdays kind of family, so it was very fun!

Cousins visited and played in the tundra

Cousins visited and played in the tundra

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End of Summer Sewing!


IMG_3645 2


Hello friends!

We are heading into the end of our Summer season and usually I go into Fall kicking and screaming!  But for some reason this year, I’m ready to slow down and enjoy some Fall days.  Last week we took our yearly trip to Florida with our adult kids and our grand-girls and I enjoyed sewing up a super fun surprise for us girls!

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