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A Farmgirl Goes Home

Living in Connecticut, I don’t  see relatives as often as I’d like. For my daughter’s Spring Break, my hubby suggested she and I spend a week with my family. Take a “Farmgirl” trip with me as we head to the Great State of Texas!

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The Final Countdown

It’s finals week here at Alaska Pacific University, and this farmgirl is feeling the crunch! Fortunately, I have some de-stressing techniques. While sometimes it’s hard to find the time to actually employ those techniques… they are still nice to think about!

Easy Stress Relief in the form of Taz!

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You Need a Farm

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~Howard Thurman
 I’ll never forget these words uttered by a dear friend of mine as she walked through our suburban backyard to see our chickens and coop for the first time several years ago. She said, “YOU NEED A FARM”! “Yes, I do “, I quipped as we made our way closer to the girls. She couldn’t have been more SPOT ON. Little did she know that having a FARM of my own is something I have ALWAYS wanted, but, HE has had other (wonderful) plans for me, all of which have led me straight to my DREAM FARM…

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Farmhouse Tour

I can’t wait to show you my farmhouse.

But there is one small, tiny rule here.

To come in, you’ve got to have VISION!

You’ve got to be able to see BEYOND!

(Otherwise, wait out here on the front porch for the rest of us to return. haha)

Now, when we finish, I want to hear which room is your favorite. And what would you do with it on a small budget?

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Farmgirls Gone Junkin

Now that the weather is user-friendly, Michele & I have been anxious to explore new “junk hunting” sites. A ranching friend invited us out to his place to do that very thing and we siezed the opportunity. Hop in the pickup if you want to come along.

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My Muse Is Cute and Fluffy

Exciting news from Spring Creek Farm! Well…at least exciting for my learners, other folks on the farm and me. The eggs hatched! We now have ten adorable chicks. Five hatched from the first clutch and five from the second. They were here just in time for Easter, and I have to say…I’m in love.

Is this where Cadbury Mini Eggs™ come from?

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Daffodils, Dahlias and Dream-work

Dear sisters,

Spring has finally SPRUNG along the shorelines of Cape Cod Bay! Just looking at these daffodils makes my head spin with delight. There’s just SOOOO much to do this time of year. How about you? What’s putting an extra “spring in your step” right now? I know! Let’s walk and talk at the beach! I’ve got a full report! And besides there are more daffodils to see, dahlias too and some dream-work to be done along the way!

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Who Said That?

“Is she broke to plow?” I asked.
I can honestly tell you that those words have never exited my mouth before.
I can honestly say that those words have never before even formed inside my head.
I surprised myself. It sounded as if I knew what I was talking about when I said it the other day.

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Winning the Lotto – What Would YOU Do?

There’s been much media “hoopla” lately over the big New York Lottery. There’s buzz everywhere…the grocery store, the parent pick-up line at school, and of course, all over the news.  I’ve never been a  lottery player.  I’m not a negative-Nelly, but it’s always seemed to me a waste of money, because the odds of winning are miniscule. (I prefer to think of myself as sensible. I’d rather take that $5.00 and buy a magazine or a couple packets of seeds for the garden). But, when you hear of someone winning, whose life is gonna drastically change, you can’t help but wonder, “What would I do if it were me?”

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The Calf And The Kitchen Sink

At last count, we have nine newborn calves. We’re just entering calving season and pretty soon, there will be baby beefs snuggled under every sagebrush at the ranch. When we ride to check on the mother cows and their babies, the latter can be hard to find. Just yesterday, I had a heck of a time finding a new calf here at home where we keep the first-calf heifers. But, while I was looking for the little dickens, I did find something else … a treasure!

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