You Need a Farm

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~Howard Thurman
 I’ll never forget these words uttered by a dear friend of mine as she walked through our suburban backyard to see our chickens and coop for the first time several years ago. She said, “YOU NEED A FARM”! “Yes, I do “, I quipped as we made our way closer to the girls. She couldn’t have been more SPOT ON. Little did she know that having a FARM of my own is something I have ALWAYS wanted, but, HE has had other (wonderful) plans for me, all of which have led me straight to my DREAM FARM…

I grew up in suburbia, then moved to suburbia as a young adult and my husband and I have raised two children (almost to adulthood) in a “neighborhood”. How does this happen when all a girl really wants it to live on a FARM? I know. I KNOW!  Has this happened to some of you too? Along the way ( to our dream farms ) we just have to trust we are exactly where we are supposed to be in life, count our daily blessings and all the while keep a special place deep down in our heart of hearts for the FARM of our DREAMS.

I used to spend hours driving out in the country looking at rural property searching for my ” perfect farm “. I’d wave my arms out the window as I drove by cows grazing in the sage covered desert. Several years ago we purchased ten acres of raw land (off-grid) in Northern Nevada with the hopes of homesteading it someday. But, God wanted us on the shorelines and for that I am very grateful and here’s why. I’ve learned a valuble lesson living in suburbia all of these years. It hasn’t stopped me from being creative or a good wife, mother, friend, or sister. Nor has it impaired my ability to  learn to garden, paint, decorate or sew, homeschool our children, enjoy my marriage and live a happy life. It hasn’t kept me from flowering into the person I am today.

If anything it has honed my sense of adventure and sharpened my creativity. As you know I’m working on creating a cut flower farm in my backyard! I’m excited to share the progress with you today in hopes it inspires you to take that extra step towards your farm dreams too!

Here’s the latest in ” Farmer Deb’s  Backyard Flower Farm!

My greenhouse arrived at my local Tractor Supply Co. in good time after ordering online. Did I mention this baby only cost $199.00! Perfect for the frugal farmgirl who wants to get down to business in a hurry!

It came in a million pieces with an instruction booklet.  Thanks to my two guy’s and my hot pink John Deere gardening gloves we managed to get it put together in two afternoons. We did the frame one day and the covers the next.

My youngest guy!

The magic gloves!

TaDa! Here she is all set up! Ready for some serious farmgirl action!

Naturally, I couldn’t wait to get inside and play in my new little garden house! I love how it’s tucked right into my biggest garden, near the henhouse and shed.

Here’s the entrance! It has two windows. One on the ” entrance door ”

and another on the “back wall” right over the potters bench sink which we re-claimed from our kitchen remodel. I had to eat crow ( again ) when I told my hubby that I thought it would be PERFECT for the greenhouse. Ya see, I was tired of stumbling over it in the shed everytime I went to get something and I wanted to get rid of it! Thank God he doesn’t always listen to me!

I do my best work if I’m near a ” daydream window “! Seriously! How do people survive without one?

To get my new greenhouse ready for operation I made a list of things to get me started then I was off to the local Home Depot and my favorite garden center.

These shelves are a sturdy plastic with holes in the shelves for water to drain and light to pour through. They are deep enough to provide a stable surface for the seed trays.

I chose a mix of Eco- friendly seed pots and some I already had in the shed.

I got a mini-master seed planter,

organic seed starter, a thermometer,

and SEEDS!

I chose seeds with no GMO’s and Certified Organic Seeds if available. I also wanted something pretty to look at on the counter so I brought out a half finished oil painting I started a few summers ago and tucked the card of a new artist I recently discovered next to it for added inspiration! Her name is Lisa Daria of Painting a Day. Check out her blog to see some beautiful flower images.

My mother in law recently gave me a vintage watering can which I just love. I feel like MaryJane Butters, Tasha Tudor, Sharon Lovejoy, Beatrix Potter and Gertrude Jekyll all rolled into one flower loving farmgirl!

That’s it for today sisters! I’ve got seeds to plant! So, I’ll leave you with this thought.

Do what you love and bask in the MaryJanesFarm fellowship. There’s no doubt in my mind, you will find your farm just like I did. It might even be right under your nose! (Or in your own backyard)!

What makes YOU come alive?

Until our next shoreline visit~

BEACH BLESSINGS and Happy Farm Dreams to all!

much love,

Deb # 1199

P.S. CONGRATULATIONS to our City Farmgirl Rebekah on getting her DREAM FARM! Way to go girl!

  1. Jan says:

    Congratulations on the greenhouse! I can see that you love to plan and create new spaces for yourself, and I am definitely with you on that. It’s like those creative juices just have to seep out and flow, and then you are at your happiest…
    I just read an article on planting dahlias in this zone and since I sent you those pictures of my new neighbor’s assortment blooming last summer, I decided to give it a whirl this year. I have some space in the veggie garden and I think that I will be the most attentive in that area. It has been in the 80’s for a couple of days and then it rained quite a bunch yesterday. Time to start moving in the garden and decorating my garden shed patio!
    You should be proud of your accomplishments toward your cut flower gardens! Party on!!!

    Hi Jan! Great to hear from you today! Do keep me posted on your Dahlia adventures…We had some rain last night but it’s sunny today… 50 in the greenhouse! have fun in your garden and with your garden plans too! Thanks for the visit! xo Deb

  2. Kay Phillips says:

    Congratulations. I hope your cut flower garden continues a great success
    I found your blog inspirational. We bought 17 acres in Lampasas County,
    Near Austin Texas about 2 years ago. We are building our farmhouse,
    My husband and I in our spare time. Our rule is that we must get to the point
    Of being IN the house before we can get chickens or goats or start a garden.
    But we broke our rule and allowed ourselves to start a vegetable and flower
    Which we are enjoying very much. It provides a nice break from the labor on
    The home building. We are both in our early 60s and loving this wonderful.
    Opportunity for which we are very thankful.
    All the best!

    Welcome Kay!  I find YOUR story inspirational as well! That’s a lot to take on but it sounds as if you are right for the part… And, the animals and plants will help smooth out the rough spots during construction too! Thank you for visiting and many blessings to you and your husband on your homestead! xo Deb

  3. Joan Marie says:

    All you gals inspire me and confirm my desire to spend my days creating in the home and in the gardens. The lovely pink petals of our Quonzon Cherry Tree are drifting through the breezes like so many polka dots. The bright green lawn looks like it has been hit by a pink blizzard here in PA. The Swiss Chard is popping up and my heritage tomato plant seedlings are smiling at me on the sunny windowsill. Thank goodness we had some rain this week! Time to pop some cornbread and a tart cherry pie in the oven and get back to sewing my new sundress! Have fun everyone. Joan Marie

    Now that sounds like a FARMGIRL DAY if I ever heard of one Joan Marie! thanks for the visit! xo Deb

  4. Anne Kimball says:

    I saw your blog on someone’s blogroll that I found from the Barn Hop. I had to click on over b/c of the name "Beach Farmgirl" — my email address is farmbeachgal! And then I realized that you’re the same Debbie from Deborah Jean’s Dandelion House, so I’m a mite confused, but I guess you must have two blogs. Anyway, all that to say "hello!"

    Hello Anne,

      Yep, that’s me! Sorry for the confusion.. Dandelion House is my personal blog and this is where I happily write for MaryJanesFarm as her Beachfarmgirl blogger!  To clarify, Deborah Jean is my full name and what my mother used to call me when I was in trouble… I always liked how it sounded together so when I started my blog I gave it that name… Hope to see you again sometime! Thanks for the visit. xo Deb

  5. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for the reminder for me to be content where ever my farm is (either real or imagined). I grew up on a farm with all the animals anyone could want, moved to "town" to continue my eduation after high school, got married, raised a family and am still "in town". I have a place big enough for lots of flowers and a small garden, but still dream of a REAL farm. I do realize that I’m where I am for a good reason, though, it’s where God wants me to be right now. Thanks for that reminder. I love your blogs and the pictures.

    Hi Rebecca,  Thank you! It’ not always easy to be " content " especially if you’re a restless farmgirl at heart… Just keep dream’n and whatever you do don’t tame them!!! xo Deb

  6. Brenda says:

    Your off! How wonderful you are following your dream. Cannot wait to see the pictures of all the flowers you are going to have ready for cutting and wrapping up for customers. Is that the plan? Also have heard of cutting farms where the customer pays and they cut the flowers and put together a bouquet as they do.

    Hi Brenda! I’m looking forward to those blooms too! That’s the plan! Yes, I think it would be fun to have a pick your own day at my little flower farm! Thanks for the visit Brenda. Happy Weekend! xo Deb

  7. Laura says:

    Hi Deb,

    As always, I loved your blog, and love the "Dream Farm" daydreaming. I also see myself on a farm of my own some day. I also have girlfriends who feel the same way and plan to share your blog with them…Your greenhouse and plans are inspiring and creative, thanks for sharing your gifts with us!

    Dear Laura,

    Thank you for the kind words here today! I’m happy you are inspired and get to share your farm dreams with friends! You can keep eachother going! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for the visit! xo Deb

  8. Janice Card says:

    Way to go! Congratulations on your new greenhouse and your cut flower farm plans. Love all the pictures you share with us. And your enthusiasm is catching! Thank you!

    Howdy Janice! Well, THANK YOU! Happy weekend!

     xo Deb

  9. Clint Baker says:

    The green house and everything in it looks wonderful! Great job and keep up the inspiration!

    Howdy Clint!  Thanks for stopping by my farmguy friend! Always great to hear from you… Loved the pic of you an Dana on the shorelines in NC!

     xo Deb

  10. I love reading about your suburban farm. I also love your goal of helping people learn to "make each day their masterpiece." As a child I had always wanted to be an artist, but I was not endowed with drawing or painting skills. It was later that I discovered that my home was my canvas and I’ve been painting ever since. I can’t wait to see what you add to your masterpiece next.

    Hi Becky,  When you are an artist it can come out in so many different ways… Home decorating is one of the best because you can share it with your family and friends and make your home a personal haven with your stamp on it! As long as it makes you happy, comfortable and satisfies your creative soul, that’s all that matters…Keep up the good work! Thanks for the visit! xo Deb

  11. Debbie, it is so exciting to see the progress you are making towards your cut flower garden. My "farm" is the backyard of my duplex apartment — tiny, but all mine! After a couple of years of major life changes, I have settled down enough to put in a small veggie garden and plant a few rosebushes. My "dreaming window" overlooking the garden is the sliding door from my playroom where I scrapbook and make general messes…I love the view from yours!

    Thanks for sharing. God really does put us where we need to be, even though it sometimes takes us awhile to figure it out! Hugs to you.

    Dear Fawn, Thank you for stopping by to share in my excitement! That’s so great you have a room of your own to craft and create.. Nothing feeds the soul more than having your own space to just be, make messes and explore! Your " farm" sounds charming and I’m happy to hear you have a " dreaming window"  too! You are all set! Happy Creating!  xo Deb

  12. Marji says:

    Hi Deb, I am so happy for you getting your greenhouse going. I had one similar to it for 10 years then 2 Springs ago April winds shredded it. I was so sad. That greenhouse grew tomatoes, melons and sweet potatoes. Now that is probably not a big deal for those in the "lower 48" but for me, here in the Interior of Alaska, it was a miracle greenhouse. I still have the metal framing and can’t decide what to do with it yet. Any ideas? My hubby is building me a new made out of scrap wood and glass greenhouse this summer. Bless him. He really liked those fresh melons and sweet potatoes.

    Thank you for sharing your dream come true. I can’t wait to see pictures of your new garden courtesy of your new greenhouse. Lots of hugs to you and God Bless.!!

    Dear Marji, Thank you so much. Having my " sisters" to share the excitment makes it even more fun! I am amazed how warm it gets inside the greenhouse. It’s usually right at 50 every morning when I check and by noon it’s already up to 80 degrees with outside temps anywhere from 45- 55… That is so neat that your hubby is building you a new greenhouse to enjoy and grow in. I’m encouraged to hear the one you had similar to mine lasted so long in your harsh climate. Maybe mine will too! Now, for that scrap metal you’ve got left over.. How about a garden room with a canvas cover and screened in sides? Just a thought!

    Thanks for the visit Marji and happy growing in Alaska!  Blessings! xo Deb

  13. Jeanine says:

    Everything looks great! Can’t wait to see more pictures! Wishing you all the best! Happy Growing!

    Thanks Jeanine! I’ll keep you posted as things sprout!

    xo Deb

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