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New Year's New Steps

Happy 2013! What do you want to do in this New Year? Anything you want to conquer or learn? Oh boy, I need to make a list for real. 2013 is going to be full of farm lessons for me, I’m sure. Ay-Ay-Ay, you know it. And I’ll celebrate my 50th year on this earth, so I think I’ll make a list for that too.

But not now. Some other time. Now? Now I’m tired. I’m tired and it’s New Year’s Eve; I just got back from a quick trip to my home in Georgia, so I’m writing this blog post when I should be popping a cork or blowing a horn. Nah, I’ll still have time for that! It’s only 9 o’clock. Three more hours of 2012.

There’s no place like home for the holidays. We all sing that song at Christmas time. Well, I’m here to tell you that it is TRULY TRUE.

This Christmas was the first one EVER that my husband and I spent without our parents and siblings. I couldn’t take it any more.

So, my daughter and I and Oreo, the dog, jumped in the car and left this:

 While my husband tended these boys for me:

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Christening The Party Porch

For over a year and a half, my husband and I have been working on building an addition … a “porch” of sorts that would multi-task. Our house is small and we needed a dining room that could seat 8-10 people. But, it also needed to serve as a mudroom. The challenge was to make it pretty and practical. The absolute deadline was Christmas 2012 because it was our turn to host the holiday get-together for my family. We did it! I love my new sanctuary … C’mon on in and have a look …

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Cape Cod Christmas

Dear sisters,

Living near the sea is something this desert farmgirl promised herself she’d never, ever take for granted. After eleven years of being docked bayside I am still in awe of the power of the sea to calm any rough waters I may come in to. This month in particular has left all of us feeling adrift in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy. All I know is that we have to keep on walking in love and faith and do our best to shine our brightest when it’s our turn in the sun. Those in darker, stormier times need our rays of hope to guide them in their journey back to the light. And so, in true farmgirl fashion that is what I intend to do. Before we jump into that sleigh for our ride over the Sagamore Bridge let’s join hands in a prayer for peace and hope.

Then it’s off to Cape Cod for some Christmas spirit BEACH STYLE!
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Small Things

Writing is therapeutic. It is for me, at least. Whenever I have been at my most confused, my most disoriented, my most misdirected–writing has helped clarify and organize my jumbled thoughts.  After the tragedy on Friday, I haven’t been able to write. I tried to write a poem… but I just don’t have the words. I’m still waiting, perhaps this blog post will help get them flowing.
I am devastated.
I am angered.
I am sickened.
I am fearful.
I am hopeful.
I am thankful.
Louise’s Farm School–Some of the best kiddos around!

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The Longest Day

I’ve lived in Sandy Hook/Newtown almost half my life. If you’ve read this blog, you know just how deep an affection I hold for my town. It’s breathtaking; even twenty years later, it’s beauty moves me. We’d originally moved to Connecticut for business, and could’ve lived anywhere.  Coming to Newtown, with its picturesque scenery, structures bursting with character, and majestic flagpole anchoring our Main Street, we knew Newtown was where we wanted to settle.  My beloved town’s the only home my child’s ever known, where everyone knows everyone else. Businesses call patrons by first names; you can’t go to the store without seeing someone you know. Our community’s very active. It’s the perfect place to raise a family, a storybook setting. Calling Newtown “close-knit” falls short…the community’s more than that; it’s a big family. When evil descended upon us, he swooped right into our town’s very heartbeat…one of our beloved schools.

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Finding Peace & Keeping Hope

I had planned to give you a tour of some of the rooms we’ve finished at our Farmhouse in this post. And then…..Friday happened. It’s kind of hard to give a perky house tour when we’re all feeling so shocked and saddened and scared.

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Indigo Blue And Farmgirls Too

Have you ever had a hankering for something that really wasn’t all that important, but even so, the flicker of it remained alive on the far back burner in your mind? An antique step-back cupboard is something I’ve wanted for many years! I saved several photos from country magazines. I thought that maybe I might find one someday. The other thing was this: Ultimately, it would have to wear a coat of vivid indigo blue that was so popular in the late 1800s. Then, one day while visiting a friend, there stood a sad old cubby in a corner of his workshop. It was cement gray and held together with plywood. It had no back and was as crooked as a country road. But, in it, I saw a dream come true. (Above)

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It's Tree Time!

It’s that time of year again…tree-trimmin’ time! Join me, the Suburban Farmgirl, and my family as we head to our favorite tree farm on the hunt for the perfect specimen!

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Let's Llama Trek!

The International Llama Association declared 2012 the “Year of the Working Llama”! What better time than now to go llama trekking? Come along on a hiking adventure!

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Turn In And Dig Deep

It may be that those who dream most do most~ Stephan Butler Leacock
Dear Sisters,
Tis the season for all things bright and to reflect upon last year’s creative growth. Now that we are knee deep in nesting mode it’s time to turn in, dig deep and UN-EARTH your BIG FARMGIRL DREAMS for 2013! Are your gardening tools handy? You’ll need them to do some rooting around over the winter months as you uncover where your CREATIVE GENIUS will take you for the coming year!  I’m talking about Soul-work, home-work. Are you in? It’s your turn to shine!

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