Monthly Archives: February 2011

Planting Sugar

“I married the first man I ever kissed. When I tell this to my children, they just about throw up.”  Barbara Bush

Come on now, “spill the beans.”
We want to hear about the first time you planted some sugar on somebody.
You know, your first kiss. Kiss and tell!
How old were you? Who did you kiss? What was it like?
(A note about leaving comments. Don’t be shy. We love hearing what you have to say! And don’t worry about having to give your email. It will never, ever be used for anything. If you want to, you can always use a fake one! Ta-da!)
Oh mine? You want to hear the story of my first kiss?

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Hi-Ho, A Camping We Will Go

I’m itchin’ to hit the trail and go camping. But, when I look out my window, all I see is snow drifts. So, for now, day-dreaming about it will have to do. Are you itchin’ too? If so, saddle up your horse, lace up your hiking boots, hitch up your camper, load your bikes on the SUV and lets go on a virtual camp-out. I’m so outta here!
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New England Gold

My darlin’ neighbors down the road have lived in their home for forty years. Now retired, Ken and Karen Mackenzie are known about town for the amazing maple syrup they bottle. Each year, we can’t wait to see smoke coming out of the top of the “Mackenzie Sugar House”. This year, they graciously invited me to be their apprentice in the process. Inspired again by MaryJane, I was thrilled at the chance to cross something off my “bucket” list, pardon the pun.

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

“No one can be uncheered by a garden.” Winnie the Pooh

I found something cheery hidden deep inside a moving box in a storage closet. I found this red bag.

And this red bag started me thinking “garden.”

And thinking “garden” cheers me.

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Pink & Pretty & Red All Over

Our farmgirl chapter met at my house recently. A Valentine’s Day theme for our craft project and gift goodies was the game plan. Come on in and sit a spell.
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It's All Going to the Birds

[Previous Rural Farmgirl, June 2010 – January 2012]

After a couple of months of being so wrapped up in what’s going on INSIDE the farmhouse with my family, I was amazed, AMAZED, when I went outside for a walk and noticed that the entire yard had gone to the birds…

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Comfort in the Kitchen

Lately, we’ve had so much snow and ice, it’s unbelievable! Schools have been closed here eight times the last few weeks due to weather, and most families are getting out only when absolutely necessary. What’s a mom to do? Create cozy meals of comfort food!

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