Monthly Archives: October 2020

When Flower Season Ends




I think I’ve written here numerous times about how Summer is my favorite season and when it comes to an end I always struggle with a little bit of sadness.  I love sunshine, green grass, flowers and summer rain more than just about anything!  But mostly I really love the fresh cut flower business that my daughter and I have and even though I am exhausted from the last four months of hard work, it is hard to tell our garden goodbye for the season.

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The Sound of Vintage




I’m loving that it is Fall again. I’ve decorated my house for Halloween, though ours will be a quiet one this year, with festive food and a scary movie, just for us. 

Most of my Halloween decor is vintage or vintage-inspired, like much of my decor. Adding a vintage vibe reminds me of times when the pace of life was slower and things were just simpler. It keeps the atmosphere at home relaxing- something that is super-important, even more so now with the stressful world we are currently in. 

Whether it is Halloween decor, everyday decor, furniture, dishes or clothes, “vintage” has a charm all its own, missing from many “modern” things. From just a bit of vintage here and there, to all-out vintage (like Gidget, our vintage camper), there is a feeling of familiarity, comfort, and whimsy that comes from old things. I like to complete that vibe with music. 

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