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Tuff Enuff?

So, I don’t know. This is one of the things I struggle with.
Big Time.
Am I tough enough to live on a farm?

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Glamper GaGa

OhBoy, OhBoy, OhBoy … our little flock of MaryJanesFarm sister-hens have gone utterly nutz over glamping. No, really! In the last month four of us have bought vintage camping trailers … one just yesterday! I bought mine last winter and spent much of the season playing house in my new “cabin in a can”. Now, my farmgirl pals are crunching to get their campers road-ready. We’re a little late to get started, but we’re planning on camping as far into autumn as the weather will allow.

So, here we are in the middle of glamping season. But, all my sister-hens are close to being ready. Something sparked the glamper bug in us .. and then, one by one, we each had to have our own little glamper. And now, do – we – have – plans! We have a lot to get ready. Three of my farmgirls are remodeling their glampers — they’re working feverishly to get the trailers road worthy, fitted with all the neccessities and glamorized! Next weekend, three of us are going on a dry run, so to speak. We want to familiarize ourselves with our campers & such before we stray too far from home. The end goal: getting away from it all and enjoying some R & R in the great outdoors. But, first …

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Summer Surprises

My suburban yard isn’t a typical suburban property, because I don’t  have just “manicured” spaces, but also have natural, brushy areas and woods. Because of this, we get more surprises than we would if we had a more conventional-type yard. Of course, surprises are somethin’ any “outdoor” girl learns to expect, and this season’s had no shortage of ’em…good, bad, sweet, savory and downright hilarious!

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The Power of Stories

Stories have played a large role in this Farmgirl’s life for the last week and a half.  From teaching, to reading, to interacting with people and plants, words and their transformative powers abounded enough for me to take note.  I read an Orion piece in which the author, Brian Doyle, reflects, “My god, stories do have roaring power, stories are the most crucial and necessary food, how come we never hardly say that out loud?”  So here I am saying it out loud: Stories have roaring power!  Fact or fiction, long or short, succinct or rambling, the best stories transport us, transform us and leave us changed.


Image of a woman reading from the National Media Museum, circa 1900

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Summer Nurturings

Dear sisters,
I hope this note finds you someplace cool, listening to the slow song of  summer.
As I was thinking about what pearls from the shorelines to share with you this week the word ‘ nurture ‘ popped up! And more than once I might add. That’s when it hit me! I’ve spent most of this summer wearing my ‘ nurturing hat ‘. I bet some of you have put in a fair amount of time in yours too! Grab a beach chair and settle in. Go on! Dig your toes into the sand and take a nice, long deep breath. Better? Good! We’ve got lot’s to catch up on!

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My Truck, My Elvis

Tell me about your truck and I’ll tell you about mine.

I’ll go first and then it is your turn. Share in the comments, via email, or post a picture of your truck on Facebook (here I am). We want to see your truck, real or fantasy!

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Madly Summer

Ok, So … there are a thousand and seventeen things to do this time of year, right? How’z your to-do list faring at the end of each day? I run out of daylight before I get to the bottom of the list, but I think this is a common summer plight. Even with extra hours of sunshine, there just isn’t enough time for, for, for it all. Hmmm, really? Well, I’m here to say I’m kinda wrong … kinda, sorta.
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Nature vs. Nurture

“There are those who can live without wild things and there are those who cannot.” ~Aldo Leopold

I am one who cannot.

The Wood Frog–The only wild frog species in Alaska.

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Farmgirl Friday

Dear Sisters, I know it’s only been two weeks since our last visit, but it feels like months. Is it just me or do we ALL try to pack an entire lifetime into one summer? I guess that’s what we are supposed to do with these long, sunny days and an overabundance of energy! I’ve been minding my own business having fun in the garden, squeezing in some family beach time and somehow along the way I, um, well I got into a little farmgirl trouble.  Come on in for the full confession….

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Serenity. Is it an emotion?  A moment in time, a state of being? In this world where everybody’s busy, time’s a commodity, and there’s so much conflict everywhere, where do you find “serenity”? Farmgirls know!

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