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Farmgirl Hochepot

When you’ve got a jumbled mix of things and you toss them in the same pot, you’ve got a “hochepot” – the french word for hodge-podge. A little of everything went into this article, resulting in a heaping helping of hochepot “pie”. Also included is the edible recipe!

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Farmgirl Roadtrip: Come Away with Me to Kent, Connecticut!

Are you passionate about a hobby or activity?  One of my favorite hobbies is knitting, an activity that keeps my hands busy and my mind relaxed. I love teaching knitting classes for my town, and knitted items are one of my favorite gifts to give. I really got the “hang” of knitting when I was expecting my daughter, and had complications that required bedrest…torture for someone like me who has to always be doing something!  Knitting makes me happy and centered…it’s my “yoga”.  Picking out yarn…the textures, the colors, the smell of the fibers, makes me giddy!  I love to head to my favorite yarn store,  located in one of the most beautiful places in Connecticut…the historical and quaint town of Kent.  Come visit this gem of a town with me!

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A Children's Garden Grows Community

The Beach farmgirl has been out and about on Cape Cod visiting her new farmgirl friend Melissa and The Children’s Garden she helped to create at Barnstable Community Horace Mann Charter Public School where her children go to school. She’s not an official sister ( yet ) but she’s a tried and true farmgirl at heart! With the support of the Principle, students, volunteers, local businesses and a shovel full of can-do spirit she helped design and build 30 raised beds and a blueberry patch to boot! This schoolyard garden is an inspiration to anyone who has ever dreamed about starting a community garden.

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Free Your Spirit

This is not the article I intended to write. It’s funny how that happens. You sit down with one thing and wind up with another.
Here’s the way it happened this time.

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Chuckling Trees And Busy Bees

Cattle pant in the leafy shade of trees. Horses perspire at work and later stand in the pond fighting flies with the wet brush of their tails. July … steamy afternoons, sticky necks, salty sweat. July … picnics, straw hats, iced tea and sugar snap peas.

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Sowing Seeds…of Friendship

When grocery shopping, I’ve gotten into the habit of bringing in my “green” shopping bags.  I originally started using reusable ones when I first joined the Sisterhood, earning  my first Merit badge by collecting the bags to go green. Easier to carry  groceries in, the bags act as coupons as well, as the store deducts five cents off my total for each one.  I’d amassed a collection of about twenty the past year.  Most of them were “freebies” I received with purchases, or that I had paid a dollar or two for; none were homemade or that pretty.  Imagine my surprise several weeks ago when someone stole them!  What happened afterwards, surprised me even more.

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Farmgirl Summer Soulfood

Love is to the heart what the summer is to the farmer’s year – it brings to harvest all the loveliest flowers of the soul. ~Author Unknown

Howdy fellow farmgirl sisters! What kind of farmgirl summer are you having this year? I love summer! It comes on slow here in the North East bringing bright spring blossoms, first days at the beach then suddenly the heat is on and I’m feeling energized by the sun! Another fourth of July is behind us, the Garden is nearly at it’s peak and the Home Town Farmgirls went Jammin’ last week in a 100 year old Jam Kitchen on Cape Cod! I’ll introduce you to the Cottage Hens, and our TWO roosters, Rudy Ru and Rodeo. Come see what the BEACH farmgirl has been fillin’ up on this summer!

First, let’s grab a glass of home brewed sun tea, it’s hot out and there’s lot’s to see!

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Discomfort Zones

Dang, I’m sore. It’s painful getting out of your comfort zone, isn’t it?
Have you been outside your comfort zone lately? Won’t you leave a comment and share with us how you’ve stepped outside? Or maybe you’re thinking or planning some stepping out? Also, check out the POLL at the bottom of the post. Join in!
I think it’s interesting how we each develop our own unique, personal comfort zones. Yours is different from any one else’s. Where and when we feel comfortable is impacted by our experiences and environment. It’s molded by what opportunites we’ve had and the ones we take advantage of. It’s molded by our genes: what we are inspired and motivated to do; what we fear and avoid. My own personal comfort zone is very different from say, MaryJane’s, who lived in the wilderness. Or from my Grandmother’s, who raised ten children on a farm. I’m totally comfortable with confrontation or public speaking, but I generally stay in a fairly “cushy” (and cushion-y) setting, with my feet in shoes and firmly planted on the ground.
But. This weekend I decided to step out of my comfort zone and boy! Am I sore! Actually, I decided to push my whole family out with me too.

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