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WINTER WORK~Dream It, Plan It, DO IT!



Dear sisters,

Merry Christmas and Happy Winter! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your most cherished people. Do you find this time of year exciting, inspiring, or tiring? Here we are on the brink of a brand New Year and once again the pressure is on to make resolutions, set new goals, and get organized all before you’ve finished packing away the Christmas decorations. Don’t fall for it! Instead, relax, enjoy this time of year for recharging and when you’re ready to begin a new, chart your own course, at your own pace. In the meantime, I’ve got a few tips sure to put the wind in your sails, once hibernation season is over.

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For the Birds

What better way to figure out how to get through writer’s block than to write about it, right?  It has to get something flowing…

Turn on weird ethereal music (Radiohead’s 2016 release)

Watch birds at feeders outside windows for a bit.

Make some tea.

I spend quite a bit of time mentally preparing my writings, generally just thinking about a topic and how I want to narrow it down and connect it to other happenings in life or lore.  Often, while doing something, I’ll note to myself that it would be a good topic to put into writing. I intended to write this blog post about winter birds and bird feeders (after making bird feeders with the girls), spending time close to nature, and solstice preparations (both physical and mental!).  However, now that I’m sitting down to write, I can’t find the words.  My mind is locked into holiday preparations.

Nature-inspired additions to Opal's gingerbread house: Snails and a mushroom.

Nature-inspired additions to Opal’s gingerbread house: Snails and a mushrooms (Opal assisted).

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Make Something!




My post today is about gifts.  As most of you know that follow my posts here, I try to gift home-made as often as I possibly can.  I really believe in giving from the heart, and for me that usually means making something!  Unfortunately sometimes that also means that I don’t gift to as many people as I would like.    However I’ve also noticed that even the very simplest of home-made gifts are treasured.

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Christmas Nostalgia



It’s my favorite time of year, Christmas! Fun with friends and family, holiday baking, decorating…such a joyful time, full of magic. Come share a wonderful, nostalgic holiday season!

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