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Every Nook And Cranny

GoodGollyMissMolly! Things ’round this outfit have been busier than usual. Must be the close of a season – as in the door officially slammed shut. There are still several things I/we need to do before winter sets in. One of the ‘check list’ assignments was to take senior photos for a young friend [Jessica] during her favorite season … Fall. Here is one – taken on a high bluff at the family ranch. C’mon in to see the rest and some of the other ‘ranchy’ goings on … in every nook & cranny.

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Cranberry Country

Dear Sisters,

I hope this post finds you well and knee -deep into the gloriousness of harvest season. Here along the farm coast in New England there’s no shortage of farm stands packed to the gills with fresh produce, mums a plenty, corn mazes, pumpkin patches, hay rides and harvest celebrations. Right now it’s Cranberry harvest time and I have it on good authority that it’s going to be a record year for Massachusetts Cranberry growers! What do ya say we take a ride through CRANBERRY COUNTRY? I’ve got a soft spot for cranberries. Come on in for the whole SCOOP!

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Living in the Round: Getting Better All the Time

I think we’ve done it. We’ve surpassed that hump of “are we completely insane?” and “I wish we had never done this.” It is a good feeling. This progress into being a pseudo home-owner has progressed much like any good Shakespearean dramatic plot structure. We began with the feeling of “a yurt would be super cool.” We progressed to late yurt arrival, into constant rain, into being broke and annoyed, into being nearly smoked out of our new home. The rising action was nearly unbearable until…until we reached the climax of getting our chimney and rain cap checked out. I was about ready to throw in the towel, to be honest. I was about ready to move into some boring apartment with stained carpet, a funny smelling fridge and a postage stamp sized dog yard.

Now, we have tentatively entered the denouement. The possibility of yurt life for this coming winter doesn’t seem so unlikely or doubtful. It’s getting better all the time…

A finished wall for the loft, a nicely stacked pile of wood and a woodpile that warms rather than smokes make this Farmgirl a happy camper.

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Fall Beekeeping 101

I’ve always been curious about beekeeping. It’s a hobby that goes hand-in-hand with living a simpler, organic, environmentally-aware lifestyle. Not knowing where to start, I was thrilled when my family was invited to learn the art of beekeeping from another local family during their fall honey harvest!

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Another Is Waiting

I’m standing in the cold mountain stream that runs in front of our farm.

The water is freezing, but I’ve got my muck boots on so my feet are cold, but dry. (cold feet, warm heart, or something like that)

I’m here to harvest sand for my chickens….

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Her Royal OrangeNess

I’m loopy about pumpkins. Well, actually, Autumn is the root of this love for ‘Her Royal OrangeNess’ ~ the undisputed Queen of the fall parade.

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Pumpkin Paradise

Fall is such a cozy, beautiful season, and it’s this time of year that New England is in all her glory! In late September, everyone starts setting out colorful mums and  hanging autumn wreaths tied with jewel-toned bows.  Spicy hot apple cider wafts through the air as changing leaves dress the trees in water-color shades of red, yellow, gold and brown.  But the star of fall for me is the pumpkin.  I love pumpkins!  I guess you could say I’m pumpkin-obsessed.  Those plump little orbs of orange, yellow and white make me grin like a jack-o-lantern on Halloween! This fall, I’m thrilled to add “Backyard-Pumpkin-Farmer” to my repertoire!  Come take a peek at my garden, then let’s head to the kitchen for some tasty autumn goodies!

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Slooow Fall

Dear Sisters,

Do you ever get a hitch in yur creative git a long? It’s rare that it happens to me, but I’ve got a slight case of it right now.  Hey, it happens to the best of us!  I’ve got a list of fun fall things to  make and projects to do but I just can’t seem to get at em… It’s as though something’s blocking my way. I always call this sort of lull ” the calm before the creative storm”. Don’t panic sisters! I think I know the CAUSE AND the CURE to my SLOOOW FALL conundrum. Can you relate?

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Suspended Animation

Many of you have been asking in the past several weeks for updates on the yurt and yurt life. However, there hasn’t much to update you about!  Living in the yurt is still very much like glorified camping. The interior hasn’t changed too much, and I’m still too embarrassed by all of the stuff spilling out of boxes to post real pictures of the interior.  I have been living in a kind of suspended animation since the end of September for several reasons. Nonetheless, I can give you a small idea of what living in the yurt has been like.

Our yurt exterior. We are in a beautifully wooded area, the neighbors are fairly close, but it’s okay for now!

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Take the Long Way Home

Late last week I attended a legal conference.

Legal conferences are not usually a serene, enchanting, pleasant affair.

But this one surely was. It wasn’t the conference that was serene, it was the venue where it was held. And my trip back home.

It was in Asheville, North Carolina at the Grove Park Inn.

Autumn was in the air.

Leaves were beginning to turn from green to red, yellow, orange.

Pumpkin Spice coffee.



Life is tough, I tell you.
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