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Facing Facebook

A friend sent me an email the other day, “I’d be embarrassed to be you. You only have 87 friends! LOL”
LOL? I’m not L-ing OL. That’s all I need. One more thing to be self-concious about. It’s a good thing she informed me because I had no idea I was hurting on Facebook. 87 friends sounded like a lot to me. But no. My bubble is burst!

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Seeing Red

February Greetings Farmgirls! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I’m feeling a tad bit guilty that I haven’t come up with just the right gift for my sweet yankee for * love day * yet. Instead, my heart is all a flutter over my newfound love interest *PINTEREST* and my passion for the color RED!  I promise by the end of this post you’ll be ” FIRED UP ” for the color RED too!

WARNING… Readers BEWARE! You might end up a ” pinner ” too!

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Leather & Blades

I fear that one of America’s oldest forms of social recreation may be fading into the mist of history. I hope I’m wrong. In winter, fresh air is just as important to the body & mind as it is at any other time of the year. And, in this farmgirl’s opinion, we need to get out and breathe it in deeply … skates or no skates.

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Throw Me a Throw!

Here in New England, we’ve been pretty lucky so far with winter this year. Aside from the freak storm in October, the weather’s been relatively mild, and we’re below the normal level for snow. (Last year at this time, we had almost 39 inches of snow)! We’re already dreaming of spring, (got my seed catalogs handy), but it seems so far away. We’re always running, but when it’s time to take a breather, nothing‘s better than to snuggle with a pretty throw or blanket. Grab a cup of tea and come take a pause with me!

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Playing House

Dorothy in ~ The Wizard of Oz


 I just love it when old ways come home to roost don’t you? What do I mean when I say “old ways”? Well, I mean the SIMPLE things of course. Things like a hot and hearty bowl of homemade stew on a cold winter’s day, clearing away last year’s clutter and rearranging furniture for a fresh perspective! The kinds of things that don’t cost more than a day’s worth of groceries and a little elbow grease. You might say I’ve been indulging in one of my favorite pastimes. PLAYING HOUSE!

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“If I ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been owing more to paying attention, than to any other talent.” ~ Isaac Newton

Some words are little and don’t have much personality. Other words may be of medium character and they too need the assist of words with more dimension if they hope to amount to anything. Then, there are words that need a lot of room. They are the giants. Words that can change the landscape, change lives, change borders, medicine, books, culture, the way we look at things and even at ourselves. “Discover” is such a word.

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Look at Me! I'm Chemical Free!

We spent New Year’s Day in Manhattan, figuring it’d be a good day to go, since most everyone from the night before would be asleep or already left, and, my daughter had never seen the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center. Getting up early and driving in, we headed to Times Square. Hours before, there’d been millions of New Year’s Eve revelers, and several tons of paper confetti had dropped on the crowd. When we arrived at 10:00 AM, there was not a scrap of trash to be seen! The only shred of evidence of the celebration were a few sanitation trucks parked at the end of the street, and the lit “2012” lights where the Ball had been dropped at midnight. Talk about efficient post-holiday cleaning! While many do “Spring Cleaning”, the weeks after New Year’s are a good time to clean and organize. Packing away holiday decorations leaves open table tops and spaces, and it’s too cold to do much outside. With indoor pets and a busy family, I have a lot to keep up with. We’ve already “gone organic,” getting chemicals out of our foods, now my New Years’ resolution is to “cleanse” us of the rest of the chemicals in our lives!

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Scattering Dream Seeds

You, you may say I’m just a dreamer, but I’m not the only one ~ John Lennon.

I don’t think John was alone in being a dreamer, do you? There are lots of us out there and I’m in the business of encourging you to DREAM BIG with a 


Anytime of year is a good time to sow some dream seeds, but I like winter the best.

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Good Times… Available FREE!

[Previous Rural Farmgirl, June 2010 – January 2012]

Welcome, welcome to the new year — full of good times, challenging times, and wonderful things yet to be…

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Clean Slates

It’s that time of the year. Time to assess and resolve.
Tell us about your 2011.
What was your favorite book that you read in 2011? What was some new music that you discovered? What was something new you learned to do? What did you do that you are most proud of? What was something you learned about yourself?
Before I share my answers, let me tell you how excited I am about the start of a new year. I feel that way every single year. Standing there on the threshold of the New Year, I just love to look at all the possibilities. Think about all the things I can accomplish; all the things I can learn.
That’s one reason that I don’t go for those electronic calendars for my personal, home calendar. You just can’t get that same inspiration and excitement. (At least I can’t.) I need colored pens and a pretty calendar.

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