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All That AND the Kitchen Sink

Creativity is not the finding of a thing, but the making something out of it after it is found
~ James Russell Lowell

It’s no surprise to me that we ” farmgirls ” are often on the same wavelength. Afterall, we share many of the same interests and passions. MJF being num-er-o uno! Our hearts travel in the same circles, and we like to go treasure hunting in some pretty interesting places too! This post is filled with a little of this and a little of that. Feel like diggin’? Come with me!

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So, What's Your Story?

Yes…yes, it was. The Creative Connection Event was indeed wonderful. I enjoyed absolutely everything about it. One of my favorite parts was getting to visit with MaryJane. Could I love her any more than I do? Nope, I don’t see how. She is everything you think she is, and more. And Meg is as precious as she seems. I was so happy to finally meet her. She’s a doll.

And you wouldn’t believe the creative talent and energy buzzing around the room. Such remarkable women. But, you know the thing I liked the most about attending?


I sat back and listened intently to all the stories the women there shared with me. Treasures.

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Betwixt The Two

September is when summer isn’t quite over and autumn hasn’t yet taken hold. We’re betwixt the two.

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Goodbye, Summer…Hello Fall, Entertaining Fry So Small

As a mom, my year isn’t a calendar year, but one that ends when lazy days of summer bid farewell. A new year starts with the return of fall. Even when my daughter grows up, I bet I’ll still feel that way. I still love the smell of new pencils, a fresh box of crayons, and the scent of new leather shoes! Back-to-school means a fresh start, more hectic schedules, and saying goodbye to long summer days of fun. Having grown up in a climate that is hot most of the time, I really appreciate the four seasons we have in Connecticut, savoring every minute of our short but beautiful summers. My daughter doesn’t attend camp, but has plenty to write about when her teacher asks “What did you do all summer?” Come sit a spell with me while I reminisce about what we did and share some fun ideas for entertaining young’uns.

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Some Days Chickens, Some Days Feathers

( Ameraucana chicken )

Oh great! You’re here! I’ve been waiting for you! I’m Gladys, ( named after Deb’s Granny ) one of the “younger chicks” at The Little Red Hen House. My little flock and I are getting along fine with the older gals ” The Cottage Hens” but those two rogue roosters that were here for a spell had everyone’s tail feathers in a bunch! Come on in for a roost and we’ll tell you all about it!

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Merlita Mornings And Musings

Until they leave later this month, Redwing Blackbirds have a place in my early fall routine. They crowd an open feeder to gobble up sunflower seeds just as soon as it is light in the mornings. My fellow farmgirl friend, Michele, makes a wood & screen feeder and she gave one to me; she said it would likely attract birds that do not normally come to a feeder.

So many things to cover this week! It feels like harvest time all the way around. Nature produced a bounty to prepare us for the coming winter. Let’s see if we can make a place in the ‘pantry’ for alllllll that I have to share with you in this installment.

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Hard Harvest Moon

The moon last night. A total wow. How fitting for 9/11. A full moon, low in the sky illuminating the earth, illuminating our hearts.
Last night’s moon was the last full moon before autumn’s official arrival. That makes it the “Harvest Moon.” It was named “Harvest Moon” because this time of year is crop gathering season for many farmers. And that big, bright moon gives them extra time to harvest their produce.
I don’t know about you. But I wasn’t bringing in any crops. My garden is quite bare. Sadly bare. My major harvest this summer was tomatoes and basil. They are both long gone now.
But being a “harvest” moon and all, I knew I should harvest something. So I got rather loosey-goosey with the definition, as I often do. I’ll tell you what I’m harvesting in just a minute, but how about you? Did you harvest anything? Either in your garden, or in your career, or in your home, or in your family, or in your head, or in your heart?

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