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Out With The Old

I hope that my next statement is as true for you as it has been for our family: Blessings in 2011 far outnumbered the trials. We also have two new family members. In fact, when I was looking around at our growing clan while at my sister’s home on Christmas day, I marveled at that fact. We were all there, no one missing and with two new additions (and rumor has it, another on the horizon). My sister told me that Dad got a little misty over it; that and the fact that all of his loved ones are happy. Years in the past haven’t always read that way and I know the future won’t either … but … as for Christmas 2011, it was one of the very best. 2011 was indeed a good one in many ways. I can’t help but look back over my shoulder before moving on toward 2012. Care to join me for a farmgirl year in review? At the end, please offer up the highlights of your year in the comments section.

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Christmas Wishes and Dishes

Dear sisters,

Here we are just a twinkle away from Christmas day! Are you ready? I’m as ready as a busy farmgirl can be on the 23rd of December. There’s still a pie or two to bake and stockings to stuff, but that can wait. Today we are having a very special OPEN HOUSE just for you! 

Please come in and join us for some Christmas Wishes and Dishes!

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Christmas Pajamas

My Christmas Pajama tradition started here, at and led me this year to a very interesting place. A place that I need your help with. Big time. But before we talk about that, let’s talk about our own childhood Christmases. Do you remember the way you felt as a kid on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning? Do you remember the excitement and joy and hope that filled your heart? Do you still feel that? Do you remember the first time you enjoyed the GIVING more than the GETTING?

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Blended Holidays

At my house, holidays are a time for us to be home together, have fun, eat great food, and remember times gone by. Being a native-born Texan, married to a Dane, living in New England, our holidays are like a quilt of different cultures! Come do a bit of celebratin’ at the Christensen household!

Got your holiday best on?

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Farmgirl Roadtrip – Get Your Spirit With a Visit to The Gingerbread Village!

This past week, my family and I visited one of our favorite places to go during the holidays. St. Georges Episcopal Church in Middlebury, Connecticut hosted its Annual Gingerbread Village. Want to feel like a little kid again? Come with me and marvel at these amazing works of food art!

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A Farmgirl Christmas

Put on your mittens & cloak because we’re going to go for a lengthy farmgirl sleighride … of sorts. There’s a party to go to and many stops to make along the way. Eventually, we’ll wind it up with an old-time Christmas story. Hop in, snuggle up together under the sleigh blanket and ‘kiss’ Dolly into a nice road-trot…Jing Jing Jing. “Can you see the road before us and sing a chorus or two?”

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Milking It For All It's Worth

[Previous Rural Farmgirl, June 2010 – January 2012]

I was thinking the other morning that I would just love to have some company while milking my dear cow Evelynn (whose photo appears below). And, actually, I would love to show you all what I do and how I do it – I’m not an expert, but I’ve been pretty successful. And to all of you experienced milkers out there – I would love to hear your tips and hints, too!!!

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Dreams Fir Snowe

Yes, I know. Snow doesn’t have an “e” on the end. And sure, it’s “for” not “fir.”
Funny, my daughter (she’s 10) is super-attuned to southern accents; and for some reason, she doesn’t want one. (Can you imagine that?) She corrects me on “fir” and also gets me on “dee” for “day,” as in Mon-dee. No, no, no, she says. It’s “daaaay, not deeeee.” And you know what else? She tries NOT to say “y’all.” (Whose child is she any way?)
Anyway, I spend my winter in the south dreaming of snow, chanting for snow, dancing for snow. I saw a flurry the other day and was THRILLED!

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A Coastal Christmas

Ahoy and Welcome Aboard America’s Hometown Christmas!

 If you’ve been reading this blog since my introductory post

 ” From Sagebrush to Shorelines “ you already know I’m a born and bred western farmgirl, raised in the high desert of Northern Nevada. For most of my life the majestic Sierra Nevada’s Mountain Range was my playground. Lake Tahoe and its Nordic inspired cabins were only a short 50 minute drive away anytime the mood struck to breathe fresh mountain air, swim, hike, and camp, cross country ski, canoe, or just sight see. Christmas time in the Mountains was always magical. Imagine a six inch blanket of glistening snow resting on the evergreen branches of a hundred foot pine tree with a clear, bright blue sky over head. I can feel the cool air on my cheeks and smell the pungent scent of the pine forest just thinking about it. But, that was then and this is now and I’m here to tell you that a Coastal Christmas has its own brand of magic that’ll soak into your “ sea level ” soul quicker than a hermit crab can run for cover! There’s a joyful calm about Christmas near the sea.

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