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Summer Surge

07 11 11 025 EDIT resizeDear sisters,

Summers surge heaves us into a raging sea of activity that must be squeezed in before the first day of school arrives. If you homeschool then you get a pass from traditional time constraints, but, even so we want to ride the wave of summer until it comes crashing down, hurling us into fall nesting mode. I’m already feeling the pull of Fall, are you? By the school calendar summer has peaked like a rolling wave and is on the way back out to sea carrying with it fond memories of cookouts, camp-outs, and glamp-outs, family reunions, world travels and beach vacations. Good times ( #summer2018)  have been shared and stored away in our memory bank ( or on I cloud ) for future reference. We did our best to fit in some much needed family time with those near and from a-far, as well as plenty of gardening and our annual beach respite at the cottage as well. Here’s a splash of our summer surge! Continue reading

Come to the Creek


IMG_7052This blog post is different. It is the first blog post EVER, in ALL the years I’ve been blogging here at maryjanesfarm, that I composed in my head.

Most times I’m sitting at the computer in my home office, occasionally I’ll be outside. Sometimes I have an old school composition notebook and a pen. This time I was outside without computer, without paper, without pen. Just my mental notes. (Which, by the way, are not what they used to be. But I’ll do my best. We’ll see how it goes.)

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Come Again Another Day

“I’d much rather work outside in the rain than inside during nice weather!”

I found myself exclaiming/reminding myself of this several times over the past couple of weeks.  It has been downright SOGGY up here in the northlands.  One of my friends recorded more than six inches of rain on her small farm between Sunday and Wednesday of last week, and we had plenty of rain on both sides of that window, as well.

Opal finds great joy in taking sips of water from the large brassica leaves.

Opal finds great joy in slurping water from the large brassica leaves.

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An Ultra Adventure!




My son, who is now 33 years old, has always had a craving for the wild and crazy adventures.  When he was a young boy, he talked us into doing some of the wildest things.  And if he enjoyed something, then you could be sure it was going to be taken to the next level of extreme.  Always.  He has toned things down a lot in his adult life and we’ve not been asked to do anything wild and crazy with him for a whole lot of years.
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Vintage Camper Glamping Dream Come True: One Year Later


Last summer, my family found our “dream-come-true” vintage camper- a 1966 Skyline “Nomad”, that we christened “Gidget” (thanks to dear readers who helped with a name in last year’s blog). We were so happy and worked hard to get ready to debut her at our first “Vintage Camper Rally” last August. We’ve certainly learned a lot since then, and one year later, the decor’s finished! Come take a tour and see the transformation!

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