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The Fullness

You know the sensation when you’re enjoying a fabulous meal with family or friends: Fullness, but, the food is sooo good, as is the company. So, you just keep pecking away at the remainder of goodies on your plate until you’re blissfully miserable or nearly so. Life can be that full. Wouldn’t you agree?
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Audrey's Furry Friends

I’ll admit it. I’m one proud mama!  If you’re a parent, you know your heart no longer belongs to you. Parents’ hearts swell from the very minute our babies are born.  As we witness their lives, we applaud their every accomplishment.  I’m my daughter’s biggest fan.  Beautiful inside and out, she’s intelligent, sweet, creative, and outgoing. She amazes me with her musical ability, especially since my husband and I are both tone deaf!  But my favorite trait about my daughter is how kindhearted she is. Recently, she did something that made me so proud, I thought I’d burst!

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Good Growin'

Your mind is a GARDEN.

Your thoughts are the seeds.

You can grow FLOWERS

or you can grow WEEDS.

~ anonymous

Dear sisters, HAPPY SUMMER! It’s official. Today is the first day of summer and I couldn’t be happier… Why? Well, why not? Yes, it’s going to get hot, and humid and sticky and sweaty and buggy, and some days it might just be plain miserable. So miserable you can’t even think straight unless your within inches of your air conditioner at all times. I’ve been known to take my meals there if needed. ( I’m 51, and hotter than ever ) But, you know what? That’s not all that happens in summer time! For starters, once school let’s out ( three days left for our freshmen in high school)  we get to spend more time with our chill ins’ just chillin’. Some people get to go on vacation to sights unseen or perhaps travel some new territory for adventure or to experience another culture. Other’s go to family reunions, or to a cottage, cabin or GLAMP- site to relax and unwind. To me the best part about going away in the summer is coming home. Not because I don’t like going away to the BEACH or other places ( you know better than that) but because I MISS MY GARDEN when I’m away and I’m always anxious to see how much things have grown in my absence.

Summer is here and it’s GOOD GROWIN’ from here on out! I can’t wait to show you what’s bloomin’ at Dandelion House ( weeds and all) and along the shorelines. Come on! Grab your big floppy garden hat and let’s get going!

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Home Again, Home Again

Jiggity, Jig! For this post, The Rural Farmgirl is returning to her roots as a Suburban Farmgirl, but we’ll see that I can’t stay away from rural places for too long.  I have been spending the last week in my home state of Minnesotaa–for the first time in over a year! Speaking of not being able to stay away from rural areas, I’m actually writing this from the grocery store, using their free wi-fi, because I am “up north” (as we say in the midwest) with my mom and nieces, spending some time at my mom’s internetless farm. Before my arrival, Minnesota had been experiencing weeks of rain. Fortunately, it has ceased and has left everything so green and beautiful! It’s good to be home, and my schedule has been (and will continue to be) jam-packed with big milestones and fun celebrations.

My mom and nieces getting ready for a nature hike at my mom’s farm near Crosby, Minnesota. Notice their outfits? These are true Farmgirls–want to stay stylish but keep out the wood ticks at the same time!

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Seven Lessons In Seven Weeks

It has been 7 weeks now I’ve had those baby chickens. Well, they aren’t babies any more. They were babies for about a week and then they grew and grew and grew. Wow. They really do grow up fast. I don’t guess I’ve ever witnessed anything like it before.

I have learned many things from those chicks by welcoming them into my farm, my home, and my heart. Today I’m going to share Seven Lessons I’ve learned in Seven Weeks from my Sixteen Chickens.

Now when you read this post, you might think I’m boycotting using apostrophes. Nope, I’m not. This crazy blog program deleted them all. So Im going with it. And maybe I should boycott them? Just for the summer?  Lazy days of summer and all. Okay, Im in.
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Little Bitties

Early summer is the season of little bitties. After the buds on flowering fruit trees pass away, the baby fruit is just a tiny nubbin. Our garden plants begin as little bittie seeds. In the garden, transplanted baby greens look so small in the area they are to grow up in. Come to think of it, we’re all a little bittie idea … a seed … to begin with. Come to think of it, lots of things begin in a little bittie way.

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The Tale of the Forgetful Farmgirl

Once upon a time there was a late twenty something Farmgirl living in Alaska. You see, in Alaska, time changes in a way that is foreign to much of the world. It seems to be the only thing people can talk about sometimes, especially farmers and those who spend a majority of their time out of doors (many Alaskans fit this bill). This changing time comes from the tilt of the Earth and how the sun plays across its surface throughout the seasons. Growing up in the Midwest, the winter nights were long and the summer days seemed endless, but she had never been to Alaska.

This Farmgirl writes about the length of days and nights often, and how quickly she and other Alaskans lose or gain daylight hours. It seemed that she was just an observer her first year in Alaska, but she became entrenched in these changes her second year…this tilt of the Earth directly influencing her Circadian rhythms.

Maybe seems unphased by Ava and Ronan (A couple of my Farm School Students)–perhaps he would like to take over one of my jobs?

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An Original Farmgirl

I’m fascinated by inherited traits, passed down like family heirlooms.  I come from strong, creative women on both sides of my family.  In the Farmgirl Sisterhood, I find kinship with like-minded women. “Farmgirl” ‘s in my veins.  We love the outdoors, the earth, cooking, baking, gardening, and crafts.  Many of us sew.  I’ve dabbled in sewing for years, and now I’m bitten by that ol’ sewing bug again! Sewing reminds me of  my grandmother, an “original farmgirl”. Little did I know, sewing would also teach me things about my family tree I didn’t know before. It started with a lost letter tucked inside an old sewing pattern…

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Flowers, Furniture and FUN

Dear Sisters,

What a whirl wind spring can be. There’s always so much to do to get a new season off the ground and let’s not forget that revolving TO-DO list we all have with the carry overs from the previous season. This year has been particularly busy here at our little homestead. It’s a good thing I caught a case of Farmgirlitus .Contrary to other ailments that might keep a girl down for a few days, Farmgirlitus has the opposite effect. There’s no mistaking it once you are infected but here’s a list of some of the more common symptoms just in case you think you might have it too:

1) your mind will race with ideas for projects inside and out

2) you’ll have the urge to dig up huge sections of your yard and replace it with food and flowers.

3) your heart will race at the sight of backyard blueberry shrubs at your local nursury and vivid paint colors.

4) you have an insatiable desire to get up early on the weekends to go junk’n and haunt your favorite thrift stores.

5) you drag home anything and everything so you can repurpose it.

6) you buy your first goat/s

7) you get your first batch of chickens

8) you build a chicken coop

9) you build a greenhouse

10) you glam up your very own vintage trailer and hit the open road with Farmgirls on the Loose

11) you have a hard time falling asleep at night due to feeling just a tad over excited about EVERYTHING… but, once you do drift off you dream in happy colors.

12). you are having WAY MORE FUN compared to those who do not suffer from Farmgirlitus.

Symptoms WILL vary depending on the farmgirl: Add yours to the list at the bottom of this post!

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Country Living Update

I remember when we went to see a farm (a farm we didn’t buy, not this one), the real estate agent took us there and told us that there were “big molecules” on the farm.

My husband and I looked at each other with a look that we’ve used for more than 20 years. You know the one, right? As soon as she was out of ear shot, we cracked up about that comment.

That was before we knew anything at all about “big molecules.”

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