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Golden Nuggets From the Beach Farmgirl.


Dear Sisters,

Happy Spring! I hope you’re feeling the awakening, too! Spring bulbs are popping up here ( the ones the squirrels didn’t get, anyway) and a new growing season is on the horizon. Speaking of growing, the month of March marks my 8th year writing to you from the shorelines! I thought it would be fun to reach back into the archives and re-share some oldies but goldie’s posts with you. Grab your favorite comfy spot, pour yourself something delicious and enjoy some golden nuggets from the Beach Farmgirl. Continue reading

Hot Potato, Couch Potato, Mr. Potato Head

Good news, we think the comment feature is fixed. Whew!

As it turns out. Well…It could have been…”operator error.”

I’m not surprised. I have a curse, a hex, a jinx when it comes to computer programs.

On with this potato post!

Won’t you try the comment feature at the bottom and tell us what your favorite dish is that you make with plain old white potatoes?

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Fresh Eats

Farmgirls–I have a new favorite food. And–lucky you! I am going to let you in on this rare discovery.  I haven’t found a new go-to food for quite a while, so it has been fun to add something new into our rotating food repertoire.

No, it isn't cotton candy. We went to the Winter Show Rodeo in North Dakota, though!

No, it isn’t cotton candy. We went to the Winter Show Rodeo in North Dakota, though!

It has only taken me several decades to discover just how delicious this mouth watering creation can be. It is a juicy, savory, and unpretentious all-in-one meal. They can be creative, complex or simple; and–perhaps most notable of all–they are quintessentially American.

Are you teetering on the edge of your seat? What could this amazing food possibly be?

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The Best Kind Of Napkins {And A Tutorial}




I don’t know about you, but I love cloth napkins.  I even like to use them for our every day meals.

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Marching Forward


Can you believe it’s already March? I’d hoped to write that the birds are singing, the tulips are waking, and Punxsutawney Phil the Groundhog was my hero this year. However, right at this moment, there’s still a thick layer of ice in my yard and it’s snowing.

Still, there’s something to be said for a cup of coffee in a warm house watching the snow softly falling outside. And though February was a short month, there’s been excitement – and I have good things to look forward to!

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Bye- bye Birdie! Fly Like an Eagle!


Dear sisters,

Let me just start with saying that January and February have been quite momentous around here! Our oldest flew the nest for sunnier shorelines on the West coast at the end of January and our youngest just celebrated her 21st birthday. This momma is feeling so many emotions I might as well be riding a roller coaster at Disneyland! I know some of my sisters can relate. How did you cope when your chick’s flew the coop? Continue reading