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Time to Rock Orange

Last May when we came to the end of the YOU CHALLENGE, many folks asked for another round later in the year. The YOU CHALLENGE is such a special time of fellowship, encouragement, sharing, and walking together every day. So here we are! It’s time for our Rock-tober Challenge. This one is a little bit different than our spring challenge.

For October, you are challenged to do something THAT IS GOOD FOR YOU, THAT YOU ENJOY for 30 minutes every single day of the month. That’s 31 days.

We’re not just going to welcome autumn, or enjoy autumn, we’re going to ROCK autumn.

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September Time Warp

Hello again Farmgirl Friends!

I hope this finds you well and cozy as autumn starts to creep across the northern hemisphere.  We are well on our way to more wintery days up here in AK.  Last week the leaves turned their bright yellows and oranges, while this week they are decidedly more brown.  On a walk the other day with the girls, Ava kept exclaiming, “I don’t like these ugly plants!  Why is everything dying? Why is it brown?  I do not enjoy these ugly plants!!” She was very adamant about her distaste for the senescing leaves…Alas, the nature lover in me could not convince her that this was meant to be–that the plants and trees are getting ready to sleep for the winter.  She was stuck on the aesthetics!

From a hike a few weeks ago.  She wanted to know what it fells like to be a mushroom.

From a hike a few weeks ago. She wanted to know what it fells like to be a mushroom.

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Pinnies For The Win {And A Giveaway}



Hello Farmgirl friends,

Hasn’t this weather been crazy the last month?  We are in Tennessee and felt some of the effects of both hurricanes and I can only imagine what it must be like for those of you that were right in the thick of it.  My thoughts have gone your way continually.

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Vintage Glamping Dream Come True, Part 2


What a month it’s been! We worked day and night to get our little camper ready for a Vintage Camper Roundup last weekend. (Check out the updates we’ve made to her since the last blog!) Being our maiden voyage, we weren’t sure what to expect. Would we be comfortable sleeping in the camper? Would she travel well? After all the excitement, hard work and dreaming, would we even like camping??

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