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3 Words That will Improve Your Day, Every Day


Six-Twenty-Something, Two-Thousand-and Twenty-One

Do you have any idea what these mushrooms are? I found them and THINK I know, but I haven’t found anyone who can positively identify them for me. So, alas, they remain growing in the dark earth rather than being in my mouth. (And, I want them in my mouth if they are what I THINK they are.)


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A Hilltop Wedding!



Hello friends!

I think I mentioned last month that our son was getting married on our hilltop in May.  And it was absolutely spectacular! It was a very small intimate wedding with only 18 of us and it was so incredibly special.

Today’s blog post is simply pictures with a few descriptions!  I hope it makes you feel like you were here!  We are still waiting on the professional photographer to get the final wedding pictures to us, so you will be getting another post on the wedding in a couple months!

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A Few of My Favorite Things (Summer, 2021)


Finally! It’s summer! Since the Pandemic hit, it seems that it takes longer than usual for the seasons to get here; maybe it’s because it takes so much more effort to do things (like grocery shopping, for example), and we have had less places to go and less people to see. In New England, the weather has also had a lot to do with it. For Memorial weekend, it literally felt like winter, with blinding rain and cold enough temperatures everyone turned their heat back on! We actually broke a record for the coldest start to summer, from 1917! Fast forward a week, and we are hitting in the 90’s, the birds are singing and nesting, gardens are going in, and it is no doubtedly S-U-M-M-E-R! Here are a few of my favorite summer things (and some new ones to share). Grab a cold glass of lemonade, and let’s have a visit!

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