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September Saluations

Can you believe it’s September already!?  Kids recently headed back to school, and the “lazy-daisy” days of summer are flying by.  At the Suburban Farmgirl’s neck o’ the woods, we’re as busy as the bees! Come rest a spell and let’s get caught up!

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A Meditation on Slugs

Slugs! What are they good for?  So far, I have determined that they are good at crawling all over the underside of lettuce heads, destroying cabbage, burrowing into cauliflower, bringing down whole sunflower plants and other general mayhem.  But, what are they good for?  The chickens won’t give them a second glance, it doesn’t seem like the spiders are interested at all, and other birds are just going for the worms and seeds.  However, the ducks do get excited for a tasty slug That is one benefit among many detriments.  So…how am I supposed to justify the presence of these pests?


A slug.  On my window.  Nearly seven (SEVEN!) feet off the of the ground.  They are everywhere!

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Rising Tide

Dear Sisters,

I hope this post finds you feeling refreshed from a fabulous farmgirl filled summer and ready to tackle the back to school season.  I’ll admit, I’m in complete denial that school has already started (or is just about too) in most areas. After all, the BEST of summer weather is yet to come! Here on the shorelines that means clear blue skies, no humidity and the anticipation of stealing away for a few more boat rides on less crowded waters. There’s no turning back now. It’s time to trim the sails and head for more structured shores. I’m cruising into this school year on the incoming tide with high hopes for smooth sailing ahead! However, my nautical chart tells me that with two teens in high school ( one still home, the other in school ) the chances for some variable weather and high seas are almost certain in Cape Cod Bay. It’s bye-bye BEACH and back to school for this HOMESCHOOL marm. Land Ahoy!

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Black and White and Red All Over

What’s black and white and red all over?

Perfectionism is over-rated. That’s the position I’ve decided to (try to…) adopt. Well, explore anyway.

I think I’ll call it “Goof-Up Week.” Yes, I’ve decided to give myself permission to make mistakes. I”ve decided to not beat myself up about them. Will you join me in this celebration of our screw-ups? This week of freedom from having to be PERFECT? Of trying to stop ourselves from feeling like we have project the notion that we’re PERFECT? That it is okay to be a mis-stepper, mis-take maker, goof-upper farmgirl.

<The funny (funny-weird, not funny-haha) thing about this blog post is that I wrote it right before our online service went out for days, causing me to miss my deadline for getting this post up. Lesson learned: life in the country means technical assistance isn’t readily and immediately available. It means learning to wait…accepting and forgiving other people’s imperfections too…>

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Flip This Glamper!

This is the story about a darling, dirty, long neglected camper and the daring and determined farmgirl who turned “her” into a glamper.

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Foraging Farmgirl

“Why farm? Why give up the 20-hour work week and the fun of hunting in order to toil in the sun? Why work harder, for food less nutritious and a supply more capricious? Why invite famine, plague, pestilence and crowded living conditions?” Harlan (1992)
The late summer foraging season is upon us in Alaska. As our own raspberries start showing hints of pink (an unlucky few matured early and made their ways into eager bellies, already), Mother Nature’s bounty is ripening up, as well! While societies around the world have thrived and grown in the wake of the development of agriculture, hunting, gathering and all around foraging are still great ways to supplement our diets with fun new (and often previously unknown to us) ingredients.

I love Blueberry stained hands!

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The New Addition

There’s been an “event” at the Suburban Farmgirl’s home!  A new member has recently joined the family, and our hearts are tightly wrapped around four white paws!

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Backyard Blossoms Flower Show

~Where flowers bloom so does hope.

Lady Bird Johnson,

Dear sisters,

Welcome! You’re just in time for the first tour of the day of my Backyard Blossoms Flower Show! Every day, every hour brings something new in the garden and I’ve got a yard full of sunny faces just waiting to greet you!

I don’t remember another time in my life when I have been more ” in the moment” or aware of my ” inner sage” ( other than falling in love or when our children were born

 ) than the time I’ve spent in my garden this year. I know each leaf, each petal, each bloom intimately. I promise you will too by the end of this post!

Let’s walk (and talk ) among the flowers shall we?

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Be bold in your actions. All life is an experiment.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson
The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.
~Alan Watts
Last night before my daughter drifted off to sleep, she said, “It’s our one week anniversary here. I’ve had a great week at our new farm…”

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Midsummer Daydreaming

Morning & evening … that is when I get things done in the summer. Morning is when I spend time in the ‘refuge’ … my little garden on the prairie. Welcome. Early afternoon is siesta time. Napping is a summer hobby. The heat pulls sweat and energy from a body and my favorite cure is retreating to air conditioning, pouring myself a large glass of iced tea, grabbing a quilt and reclining with a book or magazine. Reading doesn’t last long. My garden can have the heat of the day all to itself.
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