The New Addition

There’s been an “event” at the Suburban Farmgirl’s home!  A new member has recently joined the family, and our hearts are tightly wrapped around four white paws!

The latest outing with my Farmgirl Sisterhood Chapter, “Connecticut Simpler Life Sisters” was to the annual “ Kent Sidewalk Festival”.  The stores were having sales, and Main Street was alive and bustling with band music, performers, face painting, and petting zoos.  It was sunny, and while it was brutally humid, it was a great place to spend a Saturday. (Read more about the town of Kent, here: ).

One of the stores in Kent, “Country Clothes”, has sweet, rescued cats calling the shop home.  This particular day, they were working with an animal rescue group, and in the yard in a little playpen were the cutest, fuzziest kittens! Several little fur balls were romping in the grass, playing, and begging passersby to stop and pet them. How could you not want to stop…it was an overdose of cute!

My daughter has the biggest heart of anyone I know.  Adoring animals, her goal is to someday be a veterinarian.  Since infancy,  she’s had a special bond with our cats, all of whom were older by the time she was born.  Last summer, our cat, Angel, passed away at twenty, and our other two elderly kitties are slowing way down.  Badger, our Maine Coon, and Audrey have been best buddies forever.  While he’s still healthy, he’s nearing twenty as well, preferring to sleep in a warm corner than to play much anymore.  Audrey’s begged for a kitten for as long as I can remember.

They were all cute, but Audrey, my friend Ali, and I all zoomed in on one little girl kitten in particular.  She was mostly black, with a little white tummy and paws. When Audrey held the twelve-week old kitty, it was love-at-first-sight for both of them.  The kitten snuggled into Audrey’s arms like she belonged there.  Ali mentioned something about the two being “made for each other.”  My heart melted like butter in a hot skillet!

Love at first sight!  My hat is off to all those who volunteer in animal rescue.

I phoned my husband,  messaging him a photo of the bundle of fluff. When we first spoke, he was really busy at work, and I’m not sure he thought I was serious. After awhile of standing in the heat, I figured we’d better move on.  I’d never bring home a pet without my husband being on board, too. Sadly, I told Audrey to hand the kitten to another little girl.  Audrey did, and her eyes filled with tears. Seconds later, my cell phone rang.  It was my husband, saying he thought it was a great idea to adopt a kitten!  “Audrey’s the right age, they’ll grow up together, and she’s old enough to take good care of her. Fill out the paperwork, let’s get a kitten!”  I thought, “Oh no, we just passed her to someone else!”  The mother of the little girl holding “our” kitten overheard, smiled, and said they weren’t adopting a kitty. Congratulating Audrey, she handed the kitten back.  My daughter was beaming, and I filled out the paperwork.  It’d be a few days before we’d know if we were approved, so we spent another hour or so holding the kitten.  Audrey named her “Mittens” .  Our hearts broke to say goodbye.

I was about Audrey’s age when I got my first kitten.  We’d gone to my aunt’s house for dinner, and her cat had had kittens.  I was over-the-moon for the fuzzy, all-white kitten with big blue eyes.  I remember the ride home like it was yesterday, holding my kitten in a bushel-basket with a red-and-white checked cushion. I was deliriously happy.  Her name was Harriet. She was with me as I went through my school years, college, got married, and moved cross-country twice.  She passed away in my arms when I was twenty seven.  Every little girl should have a kitty.

“Harriet”, circa 1982

By Monday morning, the anticipation of knowing if Mittens was ours was almost excruciating.  I understand why the process is the way it is. There’s so many unwanted, abandoned animals, and I know from friends who are vets and foster volunteers that the economy has made the situation worse. A pet’s not a toy, it’s an everyday commitment that will need you for years (but the love received in return is priceless). The rescue organizations must make sure the adopting family is the right one. I was so proud of my daughter when she said to me, “Mommy, if they don’t choose us for Mittens, I hope she goes to a loving, warm home.” That’s my girl!

By Monday afternoon, we knew we were approved.  Audrey cried tears of joy, and by Wednesday, we were on our way to adopt our baby!  My friend Ali even took the day off of work to join us!  We drove to the most picturesque area of New York, to pick up Mittens from her foster home. I knew she’d fit right in at our house, since she’d been fostered around children, other cats and dogs.

Everything’s ready…let’s go!

The two-hour ride home was a fun, blissful one.  Audrey’s been the best little kitty mommy, taking great care and pride in her new fur-baby. Bonnie, the family dog, sulked a few days… a bath and a new kitten, all in one week!! Howl!  Now everyone’s settled in nicely.  We’d forgotten how much fun a new baby is! She’s very smart, using her litter box and scratching posts, and is so affectionate!  It’s amazing how something so small can bring such joy!

Mittens says, “Leave a comment…tell us about your fur-babies!”

  1. Jan says:

    You should be so proud of yourselves!! What a wonderful addition to your family. I have a Cissy cat (I spelled it with a ‘C’ to make her even more unique!) that looks like your original Harriet. Mittens looks like our wonderful Pete that we lost awhile back. Maybe Pete came back in the form of Mittens!
    I have always been a cat woman and it’s nice to know that there are many more in the making, in the form of your sweet daughter…
    What’s not to love in a kitty????

    Thanks, Jan! Aren’t kitties great?! I just love animals and guess it totally rubbed off on my daughter!  I like your cat’s name, "Cissy" with a "C".  When I was a little girl, I had a Welsh pony, and that was her name, spelled the same way!  Thanks for commenting! Farmgirl Hugs, Nicole

  2. Such fun days indeed! Despite the hot, hot day, I had so much fun in Kent that day with you and Audrey and was so glad to meet Mittens that very first time. And it was fun to take that scenic ride to go pick her up a few days later! I’m so glad she is part of your family now! Harriet was adorable too – you had mentioned her, but it’s great to see her picture.

    Hi "Auntie Ali"! – Mittens

  3. Mary Beth Schwarz says:

    What a lovely story! I love kitties too, and I know your family and Mittens will be happy together in years filled with love! Thanks so much for giving a rescue kitty a furrever home! Mary Beth

    Thank you, Mary Beth.  It’s going to be great to see Audrey and Mittens grow up together.  Love rescues…they rescue our hearts right back, don’t they? Farmgirl Hugs, Nicole

  4. Beverly Boyles says:

    Congratulations on Mittens!!! It is always a joy to see a rescue "fur-babie" get adopted and especially to a home that is so ready to care for and nurture another being…

    Even though my "fur-babies" are now 7 year old, 85 pound Rottie mix doggies, they bring me JOY every minute of my life!!! Enjoy your new journey with Mittens!!!

    Thank you!  Hug those big "fur-babies" from me!  I bet they are the cutest things!  Our "German Shusky mix" is about the same size…pure love! -Nicole

  5. carol says:

    We have a "Matty-boy", of the canine type. Our last child had married and my husband decided that it was not good for "mom" to be alone, so for our 33rd anniversary we went to the humane society. For Matty at 6 months, my husband was love at first sight. Now, you have to know that Matty was probably abused, found in a cardboard box next to a dumpster and had been taken to a shelter in MO,then moved up here to NE. He clearly had a terror of tall men, particularly wearing hats and heavy shoes. But, Matty took to "dad" right away and he has become my "little fur-baby". (Well, I should mention that he is a shepherd/collie so he’s not exactly on the small-side.) But he is tender and sweet and responds to love. The plan was that he would be my walking buddy, but that is too much for the timid little guy (who is now 6 years old). Though, he has finally mastered himself and proudly accompanies me down to the end of our city drive to our mailbox. I’m quite proud of him too. Maybe some day…………we’ll get to the end of the block : ]

    Carol, that is the sweetest story!  Bless you for giving Matty-Boy such a loving, patient, wonderful home.  We know our Bonnie was abused, too, and she loves us with her whole heart…(and her 85 pounds).  Rescues know they’ve been rescued, especially ones like Bonnie and Matty-Boy.  Much love to you all. Thank you for sharing! -Nicole

  6. name Beverly Battaglia says:

    I love this sweet story about Audrey and Mittens. Such a beautiful kitten! And the pictures are so good but the one of your Harriet made me get tears in my eyes. She was the only cat I ever knew that actually knocked on a door with her paw to get in. Sounded just like a person and she talked to me all the time on the phone. I hope to meet Mittens one day.
    Love you,
    Mother and Audrey’s Nana

    Wasn’t Harriet something? I forgot about her knocking on the door and talking all the time.  That was the Siamese in her, I bet.  I think Mittens is going to be so much like her…she already follows Audrey around and is so playful and smart.  Can’t wait for you to meet her in person!  Love you, Nicole

  7. Joan says:

    AHHH how very great for both Mittens and Audrey – a lovely family for sure. Congratulations all.

    Thank you!  🙂  🙂  -Nicole

  8. meredith says:

    Oh congratulations to your family! You will give that sweet kitten many years of love, and she to you! Thank you for reminding me of Kent and that lovely sidewalk festival! I attended several years ago with my best friend from childhood. We met there because as kids we had attended our Pony Club Rally at the Kent School, and both times we had so much fun in Kent! If I could move back to Ct. it would be to Kent. What a lovely place. Thanks for the memories!

    Awww…thank you, Meredith!  I’m so glad you enjoyed the blog!  Kent is such a wonderful place, I love it so much.  Thank you for sharing! -Nicole

  9. Louise Marie says:

    Your daughter’s fur-baby is beautiful. But even more beautiful, if that is possible, is your daughter. Her smile is so warm with eyes so full of love. Our children grow up so fast. Keep her close while you can.

    Louise Marie, thank you ever so much!  -Nicole

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  11. Evelyn Jeanne Shaw says:

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    Evelyn, thank you so much!  I am so glad to know you enjoyed reading the blog! -Nicole

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