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Cabin Fever Meets Spring Fever and a GIVEAWAY


Happy Spring, sisters!

Well, it may be spring by the calendar but Old Man Winter is still hanging on here in New England. In fact, it’s snowing right now. It’s not as severe as the two nor’easter’s we had earlier this month which caused lengthy power outages for many residents, coastal flooding and some pretty devastating beach erosion. This time around it’s nothing but a few harmless flurries mixed with rain leaving just enough snow behind that it’s necessary to shovel the drive and walkways ( what we hope will be ) one last time. Cabin fever set in here a few weeks ago and spring fever is on my snow-covered doorstep.  What’s a farmgirl to do? Continue reading

Baby Wilder Blessingway

Happy spring to one and all!  Today felt very springlike up here in Alaska. The snow that has piled up over the past few weeks was soft and slushy, eaves and gutters dripped with snow melt, wooded areas were alive with calling birds and there was a palpable energy “springing” forth from all of the places and people I visited with today.

My midwife came by today and delivered a few things for the upcoming birth of Baby Wilder #3 who should be here within the next few days or weeks!  We are now playing the waiting game.  I’ve had some significant contractions, but nothing even close to consistent…just my body training for the real deal.  It is pretty amazing what the female body does to keep the human race chugging along!

My big decorated belly.  Baby Wilder is still cooking away!

My big decorated belly. Baby Wilder is still cooking away!

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Commit… and Follow Through




Hello Friends!
Do you remember my blog post (here) that I wrote back in November about how hard the winter months are for me?   And even though I had so many good intentions and so many helpful ideas from all you wonderful readers, by the end of November I felt myself slipping into that awful state of wintertime blues.  My husband and I have joined the local gym for three months every winter with the hope that we’ll drop some inches and make the long evenings a little more profitable.  And every winter is a big fail.  I hate working out in the gym.  Could there possibly be anything more boring?  But the last day of November found me at the gym, signing up for another 3 month contract.  However, here is where it all changes.

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A Wet Weather Adventure



2018 is moving fast – the first quarter of the year’s almost over! Here in New England, we’ve started March with a Nor’Easter, and a lot of rainy, dark days. My family and I won’t let cabin fever get us down. What do we do? We embark on a wet weather adventure! Gloomy days can be gorgeous! Come along with me and see…

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