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Back To School or NOT?

Dear sisters,

Whew! My little doggies are burnin’! Why? Back to school shopping that’s why! Our ( always homeschooled )daughter is attending public high school for the second year in a row and she’s had me runnin from one end (of two of the largest malls on the south shore) to the other shopping for her back to school wardrobe. She’s a good little shopper… Only shops clearance and the sale racks! The good news is we only have to shop till we drop for one child because the other one will NOT be going back to school. Our son is in his senior year as a homeschooler. I get choked up just thinking about it. Sniff, sniff… I know many of my farmgirl sisters are already homeschooling and I bet there are a few of you out there who are on the fence trying to decide if homeschooling is for your family. Come on in for a little gentle persuasion from dear old Deb. I’ve got a few pearls of wisdom for ya!

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Farmgirl Fun at the Fair!

The end of summer and beginning of fall bring one of my most favorite things to do…go to a county fair!  There’s so many scattered throughout my area, that it’s hard to go to all of them.  Come have some ol’fashioned farmgirl fun with me and my family, as we


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Living in the Round: Almost There

The day we had been waiting for–mostly patiently and largely excitedly–finally came on the evening (well, more like night, it was 10 p.m.) of Sunday, August 18. A beat up moving truck rolled into Matt and Amanda’s driveway and out stepped a dreadlocked man named Georgie and his lanky partner, whose name escapes me (maybe Seth?). They were the bearers of our new living abode, our very own yurt; and they were only 48 days late.

A Farmgirl and her Almost Yurt!

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Foggy Mornings, Brains, and Beans

My farm is slap-dab in the Appalachian Mountains.

That means the view is awesome, the climate divine, and the people here are warm and friendly.

That also means that when I moved here, I found myself living in a place rich in its own unique, special traditions. And music. Oh the music and traditions of Appalachia!
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The View From My Saddle

Some days you get be a cowgirl. Other days you get to be the cook. I love to do as many things outside as I can, but I don’t mind being under a roof either. There is a place for everything in a balanced life. Balance is an art and it is also a very do-able thing even though Life sometimes challenges our ability to make it so. Oft times the ‘view from my saddle’ is a treat – rather than being what I do most of the time. Cowgirling isn’t an every day affair.

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Suburban Stay-Cation

“There’s no place like home.”  Dorothy stated those iconic words more than 70 years ago, and I  think one of the best places to be in summer is New England.  It’s hard to believe, but summer 2013’s winding down; the start of a new school year is right ‘round the corner. The question directed at me frequently was “What camps is your daughter signed up for?”, followed by surprised looks when I answer, “None”.  As a really grateful SAHM in a not-so-great economy, the budget for fun can be limited.  But my daughter’s not sitting around bored, or plugged into a mobile device all day. We’ve been as busy as bees!  Join me, the Suburban Farmgirl, as I share my recipe for a blissful “stay-cation”.

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A Little Piece of Sunshine

Dear Sisters,

Can you believe it’s the middle of August already? Where has summer gone? I feel like I say that every year come this time. If August was named after a color I reckon she’d be called yellow, don’t you? The rays of the August sun bring a brightness equivalent to the most brilliant yellow and a mellowness of the palest golden yellow of fresh churned butter. No, I haven’t taken up churning butter but I did go on a hunt for a little piece of sunshine to share with you! I think you’ll like what I found!

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…And All are Happy

One of the blessings of being a conscientious Farmgirl is the intuitive need to make others happy. This is also one of the curses. Perusing through MaryJanesFarm magazine, we see hints of this drive in all of us–great ways to host a brunch, perfect gifts to make for hosts of parties, or stylish and practical ways to organize all of our duties in easy to navigate folders, drawers or other storage. We are often looking at the others in our lives and how to make their experiences as comfortable, memorable and great as possible. Perhaps this is something innate in all women, but it is especially heightened in Farmgirls all over. It’s what we do–we take care of our families, our animals, our vegetables and our other labors of love.  We want to make everyone as happy as possible in any way that we are able. And (overall) we love it.

Jon and Stef Visit Alaska–And these tres amigos were all happy!

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Barn Peace

Dear Snake:

You are hereby notified to vacate the premises as of 8/7/2013.

While I am certain that you have enjoyed your residency here in the barn in years past, I must now insist that you leave. Immediately.

Your very presence is causing me great mental anguish. When I accidentally picked you up the other day, mistaking you for a stick, I thought I was going to die. In addition, you pose a threat to my chickens and the eggs I hope they one day produce. You have greatly interfered with my relationship with my magnificent horses as I now am afraid to enter the barn. You have, quite frankly, stolen my barn peace.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. And please know that I greatly appreciate any rodent eradication efforts you might have engaged in while residing here.

You have until midnight on the date stated above to be vacate.

I mean you no harm, only the best of luck.


Rebekah, The New Farm Owner

(who finds you intriguing and wants no harm to fall upon you, but cannot find the courage to share the barn with you. Can. Not.)

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A Bounty Of Blessings

Every morning is a gift, a fresh start … the new day is full of discoveries and positive happenings … even amidst challenges. At least, it can be thus if we don’t forget to balance our focus.

Remember this: TODAY you are here on earth for a reason. You have talents and qualities that can bring goodness to the lives of those around you. That idea alone is a high calling! A kind smile, an encouraging word, a fun and loving gesture, offering the gift of listening – – simple things can change someone’s day. For that matter, building others up changes US for the better.

Sweetening a day for someone else is a sure way to do the very same thing for ourselves.
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