Monthly Archives: September 2023

So Long, Summer!


Happy Fall, Y’all! Where I originally grew up and lived over thirty plus years ago, the weather this time of year was still pretty much the same as it was in the middle of July. In New England, we have four distinct seasons, and each one brings on a different feel inside and out. September and early October often feel “in between”, with nods to both seasons, bringing cooler temperatures and waning sun. Even though it’s “between seasons”, there is still much to do, indoors and out!

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Sweetest Needlebooks Ever {And a Giveaway!!}



Hello to my sewing farmgirls!

Do you own a needle book for all your little hand sewing projects?  If you don’t, then YAY!  This blog post is for you!  I love little needle books and I have many of them scattered around my house… anywhere that I might sit and do a little sewing; there’s a needle book!

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