Turn In And Dig Deep

It may be that those who dream most do most~ Stephan Butler Leacock
Dear Sisters,
Tis the season for all things bright and to reflect upon last year’s creative growth. Now that we are knee deep in nesting mode it’s time to turn in, dig deep and UN-EARTH your BIG FARMGIRL DREAMS for 2013! Are your gardening tools handy? You’ll need them to do some rooting around over the winter months as you uncover where your CREATIVE GENIUS will take you for the coming year!  I’m talking about Soul-work, home-work. Are you in? It’s your turn to shine!

As we count down the days to  Winter Solstice and Christmas there’s plenty to be done to prepare for the holiday season but if I know my sisters like I think I do, I just bet you’ve got some ideas for how you’d like to live a more creative life in the coming year bubbling under the surface right alongside that delicious fudge and peanut brittle your making up as gifts. I don’t want you to lose sight of your BIG FARMGIRL DREAMS in the flurry of tinsel and pine boughs. (Does anyone even use tinsel anymore?) Anyway, I know it’s busy and there’s a load to do but I have faith in you! Besides, what better gift can you give yourself and the world than sharing your creative GIRL GENIUS self?

Sometimes the steps along your creative path can seem illusive. I call this phase, the calm before the creative storm. When this happens just be patient. Something ( or SOMEONE ) will come along to spark your imagination and spur you along in the right direction.

When I hit a dry spell, I wait and write. I keep a small notebook with me at all times so I can jot down thoughts, ideas, book titles, drawings etc. I don’t hold back! I let those ideas fly onto the paper with the BELIEF that one day they will come to fruition when the season is right! Keeping a notebook or DREAM JOURNAL by your bedside comes in handy for those early morning inspirations, thoughts and ideas.  Believe me; I’ve had gazillion ideas over the years. Some have been weeded out along the way but others have taken root and come back to haunt me year after year. PAY ATTENTION when this happens! I believe that if an idea stays with you for sometime it’s meant just for you and represents your truest path.

I love exploring new ways to dreamplay!

Have you ever made a DREAM/GOALS board?  Grab your favorite magazines, text and images, scraps of lace, fabric, buttons, ( what ever you fancy ) and a pair of scissorrs, glue, and tape. Apply the stuff of your dreams to a foam core or matt board and keep it where you can see it, adding to it along the way to your creative dreams becoming a reality! I’m excited to be attending just such a workshop next week. I’ll share my DREAM board in my next post, how’s that?

Notebooks, scrapbooks and journals work well too! Continue to nurture your DREAM BIG IDEAS especially in the daydream stage.

Playing with your dream images in this way let’s them dance out in the open before you and those you love inviting them to come true in the most natural way and at the right and perfect time.

I’ll let you in on a little creative secret of mine! One of the creative ideas that has been with me since before the kiddo’s came along (and I took the homeschooling fork in the road) was to open a little shop with items that my hubby and my mom  and I create together. We’ve been brainstorming the possibilities for a booth in our local antique mall for an early spring opening. I came close to doing it last year but it wasn’t the right time. This time around things feel different and RIGHT!

Imagine, our booth filled with hand painted furniture, antiques, born again creations, signs, vintage kitchen goods, farm goods, linens, aprons, handmade pillows, beachy things, photography, paintings, sparkling silver, crystal, english and vintage china. I’ve got a basement full of castoffs and foundlings ready for their makeovers!

I pinky swear to keep you posted on the progress but only if you share your DREAM BIG ideas too! Come on, you know you want too!

Help us choose our our shop name!

Here are my three favorites…

BURLAP AND BLING~ pieces of the past with SASS

BARN CHARM~ Take the backroad home

Poulet Chalet~ Come home to roost

 I’ve got to run sisters! I’ve had my head in the clouds ( as usual ) and haven’t done one bit of decorating for Christmas!

Please vote for your favorite shop name and share your BIGGEST FARMGIRL DREAMS for 2013 in the comments section. I’m all ears!

Until our next shoreline visit~ DREAM BIG



Deb # 1199


P.S. Did you love GIRL GENIUS Cindy Moyers’ ART DOLLS in the Dec/Jan Issue of MJF? AMAZING!!!

  1. Carol Norwood says:

    Barn Charm is my vote! My dream is to continue to take photographs and be inspired by the nature and the countryside that’s all around me! I started quilting in 2012 and I want to get better and better at it so I can make sweet surprises for those I love! God Bless and Good Luck in 2013! Carol, Farm Sister #3886

    Thanks Carol! Good for you… Keep at it! Blessings on your dreams!

    Deb x0

  2. Linda says:

    I absolutely love reading your blog and seeing all of your photograph!.
    I love beaches, but live in Kansas.
    Writing out notes and plans is the only way that I can get anything done.
    Now for my vote- I love your ideas, but just for continuity sake, and maybe a visitor draw, I like Beach Farmgirl’s Dream.
    But, that’s just me. I always like to tie things together in a package.
    Let me know what you think.
    Happy Holidays!!

    Hi Linda! Well, that’s a neat idea… Thanks for weighing in…:) Blessings on your dreams! xo Deb

  3. drMolly says:

    Splendid ideas! I appreciate inspiration from you "younger girls". It helps me focus in on the fact that I can do that which I dream at any age.
    And I have to say I love ‘Poulet Chalet~ Come home to roost’ – such a kitchy name. Good Luck!


    Hi Molly! Thanks so much for chiming in! Blessings on your dreams big and small!

    xo Deb

  4. Shery says:

    Best wishes for the success of your new venture adventure 🙂 I like all three booth names and their subtitles … hmmmm, maybe Barn Charm as fave. You’ll have a lot of fun with it … you already are. Looking forward to seeing the unveiling.

    My farmgirl dream of the moment is putting the finishing touches on our porch-dining-family room. It has been a year and a half project and I’m sooo looking forward to putting a fork in it and saying it is done! Then, onto the inside of the house to create a cottage bedroom and re-paint the kitchen to give it a much needed make-over. Winter is perfect because it is the season of being idoors for me.

    Happy Holly HolYdays to you & yours on the right coast 🙂

    Well, thank you my dear! Now, to begin dreaming up things to go in it…and I’ll need to start hunting again! Yahoo! Thank goodness for online shopping too… I hear ya on the putting a fork in long awaited finished projects.. I’m guilty of getting swept away in starting new ones before old ones are done… I just finished painting the livingroom last night at 10:00 pm! DONE!!! I can hardly wait to see your porch…It’s going to be so Sherytique! 🙂 Happy Hollydaze to you and Lynn and blessings on your dreams! xo Deb

  5. Laura R. says:

    Hi Deb,
    As always, you are inspiring~ to follow our dreams. It is exciting to see you follow yours!
    My vote, even though I like all your ideas especially the barn charm cuz I love barns, is for Burlap and Bling. I think that one encompasses your creativity and perhaps a wider ‘audience’. Whatever you decide, blessings for a successful venture!

    Hi Laura,

    Thank you so much… and thanks for voting and your feedback too! Blessings on your big dreams too!

    xo Deb


  6. Merrilyn says:

    Hi Deb, I’m torn between Burlap and Bling and Barn Charm. Both are catchy and would make a foot stop and turn for a second look. I must confess the whole time I was reading your dream I was saying "Me too, Me too, I want to help." It sounds like so much fun to find and redo and recreate on such a large scale. I do it in bits and pieces; little by little. My dream is on a much smaller scale to hunt out and redo furniture and sew to my hearts content.
    I’m visiting family in Bethel Ak, and a very big storm is howling outside so as usual your blog came at the right time. More true confessions, my husband has turned out to be the best candy maker of the family. Who knew hunter, fishermen could do that. LOL! Open your shop so I can visit when we come back to MA to visit our daughter. Keep on writing and have a very merry Christmas.

    Hi Merrilyn! Our booth will probably be small to start… 8 x 10 at the most but a good space to test out the market without having to lay out high dough for a lease,power, insurance, etc. When you open your shop filled with  refreshed furniture and your homemade sewing items you can call it Bits and Pieces ~~~ ( Love it )

    As always, thanks so much for your note and for sharing your dreams and inspirations! Thanks for your vote too! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

    Stay warm! Love Deb xo

  7. Judy from Maine says:

    Hi Deb,
    Dreams I had to sit back and think about that for a minute and what I’ve realized is I am living my dream. I own my own business…doing what I love, I live in one of the most beautiful states in the country. I’m 40 years married to the most wonderful guy…well I could go on, but you get the idea. This is not to say there are not some more dreams tucked up there, but for now, this is the right time for things to stay status quo…just like you know it is time to move your dream to the forefront. My vote for a name would be Barn Charm…it just rolls right off the tongue, making it an easy name to remember…which, of course, you always want for a business name.
    Looking forward to seeing your dream board, I am sure it will be inspiring…I know it has gotten me thinking already.
    Have a peaceful holiday.

    Hi Judy! Nothing tops feeling contented and happy with the status quo. Maine is beautiful. We’ve been as far north as Bar Harbor and loved it! Blessed you are! Thank you for your lovely note and for voting!

    It’s neck and neck for Barn Charm and Burlap and Bling on my facebook page right now! LOL! Blessings for a happy and healthy holiday season! xo Deb

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