Summer Reflections from the Shore Lines

Summer shines like no other season. She’s not fancy or elegant, she’s a natural beauty. Everything just looks, feels and tastes better in Summer! It’s been said that Old Man Winter is the season for reflection. I’ll go along with that. When the weather turns cold and dark we turn inward too, in search of what will be when the light comes again. But summertime casts her own reflections from the outside in. Under bright blue skies she soothes us with her warm rays making us feel as if anything is possible! Come see what this summer has brought to light for BEACH farmgirl Deb. WARNING! Parts of this post may require a hankie…

It’s hard to believe I’ve been making footprints on these same sandy shores every summer for the last 24 years. First as a young farmgirl from the west, soon to be a newlywed. Those carefree, kid -free years flew by and before we knew it we were dipping our baby boys toes in tide pools, then our daughter’s too!

With each passing summer more milestones were reached. There were summers of sand castle building, water play, beach discovery and treasure hunts too! But, as quickly as one wave rolls in, another rolls out. And so it goes with growing children and ourselves.

Now a day’s they skim board, tan, drive the boat, play games, read, write and text their friends from the beach. We are off grid remember? No T.V. or computers allowed!!!

he’ll be 16 this year

our 13 year old girl driving the boat

During our recent stay at the beach, it became crystal clear to me that they are nearly grown- up! The teen years are such tender years. Teens are fragile in a different way from when they were just little flounders. The world is casting so much at them, good and bad. All while they have break outs, break ups and braces to deal with too! With each passing summer they make new discoveries about themselves and their place in the world. It’s still my greatest joy watching them grow up even if they do tower over me now.

Here’s a poem I wrote when it hit me that one day they really will ” throw off the bowlines and sail away from the safe harbor “,  looking for new shores to discover.


Where will you go, who will you be?

It wasn’t so long ago,

you were barely up to my knee.

In just a short time,

you’ll be free

to wander the world, see what you want to see.

But, I’ll never forget

the wonder of you,

when you were small

just turning two.

You were always with me,

safe and sound,

ready for another game of peak- a-boo!

The smell of your hair,

the feel of your skin

that smile of yours,

my heart you did win.

Where will you go?

Who will you be?

You’ll always be a wonder to me…

While the kids have been growing older, it appears that we have too! Our twentieth anniversery is right around the next sand dune

and my 50th birthday is on the horizon too. No wonder I’m feeling reflective! I guess a couple of milestones have crept up on us too. We’ve come a long way baby and I’m excited to be ” here “.

I can feel a sense of freedom and anticipation rising up inside of me just like the morning sun. Like Michael Buble’s ( LOVE HIM ) song; I’m  Feeling Good.

It’s a new dawn; it’s a new day, it’s a new life”. 

We’ve weathered some miner storms just like most married folks do but I’m feeling blessed, content and happy with the journey so far. We’re tied to the dock for a few more years and that’s fine by me.

Who knows where we’ll set sail for the next leg. God willing, we won’t have to batten down the hatches too many times and the sun will continue to shine more often than not, just like she does in summertime.

With Max leading the way, how can we lose?

Yep, I think I’m gonna love 50! ( minus the hot flashes ) I’m packin’ heat; armed and ready for what ever comes my way… Bring it on!

Thanks for ” reflecting with me ” today sisters. I know some of you are walking/ have walked the same shores I’m walking. I’d love to hear how the horizon looks from your beach chair!

until our next shoreline visit~


Love and farmgirl hugs!


PS. join me next time for more Summer Snippets from the Seaside! No hankie required. You might need a bib though, I’m serving Lobster!

PSS. It’s Farmgirl Friday and I’m having a give away on my personal blog. Plus, we are playing,  You know YUR a farmgirl when… come by to enter and meet more fun lovin’ farmgirls!


  1. Adrienne says:

    50 is awesome and you’ll enjoy every minute. Just be sure to reflect every day on the joys you have and those to come.

    Will do Adrienne! I make it a regular habit! Thanks for reading.


  2. KimberlyD says:


    Lobster!!! I’m on my way!!! LOL!
    I just turned 45 and it had me thinking. I have never married or had children (unable to) but I have taught many of the adults in my church when they were children from nursary to teens. I just got done teaching some children I taught for 5 yrs, the little girl took a shine to me and sits with me every Sunday, even after I’m not teaching her anymore. Her parents and I joke that I get custody of her on Sundays. But some taught are now adults and are married and have children of their own. And one young man just graduated from high school and I got him a gift and he gave me a thank you card and wrote I was like a second mom to him. That was touching. Boy this wasn’t what I was going to write…lol! I’ll write that another post…lol! If I don’t forget, another thing that comes with hot flashes…forgetfullness! LOL!! Love your blogs keep writing!


    You have been blessed for sure to be surrounded by young people in the role of a teacher… Sounds as if you were meant for it! Thanks so much for reading and the encouragement! I’ll keep writing and get the Lobster steaming too! LOL



  3. Jane says:

    Alright girls! I am past 50…past 60 too. First, those are not hot flashes but power surges. It’s all how you look at it….don’t let the past get away and of course, think about the future. But it’s one day at a time no matter how we look at it. My husband and I have been through car accidents, heart attacks and cancer, and it’s still a great day ahead. As women, we may not look as we did 40 years ago, but we have a lot to offer the world. We also have places to go, things to do and people to meet.


    Whoohoo! I’m with ya sister! Thanks for reading…


  4. Donna says:

    I just turned 50 in Feb of this year and I felt the same way about turning 50 as you do. But it hasn’t been to bad so far. I love the poem I will have to print it off,because my daugther is a senior in High School this year. My oldest son finish his last year of college in May. My youngest son is in Jr. High 8th grade. Just like the poem said " I wonder"

    Hi Donna,

    Glad to hear 50 has been good to you so far! With children I guess we’ll always WONDER… lol! Thanks for reading!


  5. Cynthia says:

    I can only dream of a chair on the beach – instead of looking at my hot patio chair from inside! But I can tell you that 50 and empty nest were fabulous. I just think of it as the next step in my journey. My sweetheart of 35 years and I are happy as ever.

    Cynthia, Thank you for sharing your many blessings and thanks for reading too!


  6. joy says:

    WHEW!! Hankie, indeed!!! I suppose it hit me so hard because I, too, am watching MY "babies" grow beyond our little nest among the trees… where there are bigger birds and snakes and all kinds of fearful,hurtful "sheep in wolves clothing"… all the while my kids feel they are "invincible and much wiser than me" (well, wasn’t *I* at that age?? ha!ha!) My oldest son is 17, my daughter is 15…and I have 2 more sons on their heels (13 &9)!! I’m just entering my 40’s (41) and I’m not sure if I like it or not… but if you can enjoy 50, then I can enjoy 40 🙂 Thanks, Deb!!

    Hi Joy! 40’s are great too! " I love how you said " all the while my kids feel they are invincible " and much wiser than you… Ditto here…Thanks so much for reading and sorry about the hankie part! Here’s a farmgirl hug for ya! Better?

  7. Linda says:

    I can really relate…I will have the fifth grandchild by the end of the week plus I teach 4 yr. old Preschool. That’s 20 children in all. Most of the students are chilren of prior students. Talk about standing in awe and wonder, as well as shock, sometimes!!
    I am now looking ahead to the next phase of my life…maybe Florida sunshine. Does anyone have any suggestions as to the greatest place there??


    Gosh Linda, I don’t know much about Florida… but heading towards more sunshine sounds like a good plan! It’s good for the soul! Thanks so much for reading! Deb

  8. Julia says:

    I have been celebrating my year of jubilee,(50) this year, hit my one year mark of my tea business, all my kids married, 3 grandbabies, looking for work outside the home for the first time, it has been a year of milestones. Always the rough winds with the calm. Grateful I know the One who controls it.

    You’re doing great Julia! I know your path has had some rough spots and  you’ve come through with grace and honesty. You are beginning to shine again! So happy for you… congrats on 50 sister!

    xo Deb


  9. Shery says:

    Love the photo of you and your book! You made me stop and think at each little scenic stop on the tour. I was glad to hear that my beachy farmgirl pal fared ok in the storm!

    Thanks for the note Shery! Sweet of you to check in on me! xo

  10. Becky says:

    Beautiful.It was turning 40 and knowing my oldest will be 20 that brought a reflective perspective to me this summer.Comforting to know I’m not the only mama remembering.

  11. Cheoy Lee says:

    Love your poem "Wonder"!

  12. Max certainly looks like he knows what he is doing! This post really makes me look forward to Summer!

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