Mason Jars {Can A Farmgirl Have Too Many?}

I got home from New Mexico and jumped right in to some winter crafting for my house as well as for gifts and as I was “wrapping” gifts in Mason Jars I realized how many places in my house I use canning jars.  I grabbed my camera and started walking around my house shooting pictures of my jars in all their many uses.  Then for fun I decided to share with you.  Come along for a little tour!




I just plain love jars for food storage.  My pantry is full of jars of all shapes and sizes that hold not only my home canned things, but also my dry goods.  And sticking on a chalk label sure makes it easy for knowing at a glance what is in each jar.




I love to can the extra produce from my garden.  This year I had a bumper crop of cucumbers so you can see all the jars of pickles I have!




We also have wild blackberries in abundance and wow does it ever make amazing jam and jelly!  And it is beautiful in these little half pint jars.  I like to use small jars for jams and jellies, as we like a variety in the refrigerator and this way it saves having all these large jars taking up refrigerator space.




I realize this jar is not a canning jar but I thought I would share it with you anyway.  It is a vintage gallon size candy jar and it is the greatest size for my pinto beans.




Some of my favorite jars are the half gallon size vintage ones.  I would love to have a lot more of them… maybe a trip to the antique store would do the trick!




Having my pantry organized with the jars really keeps it fresh and clean, which is necessary since my pantry door is actually a screen door and is sort of “front and center” in my laundry room.




And of course, who doesn’t drink out of their canning jars?  I drink ice tea out of a canning jar all year ’round! And have you seen these awesome little lid inserts that turn the jars into a sippy cup for little ones?  My grand-girls love them.




I have found that using canning jars in the bathroom is amazing.  They are perfect for things like Q-tips and cotton balls.  I buy my lotion products from a friend that makes them from all natural butters and oils.  She uses canning jars of all shapes and sizes and not only are they functional but beautiful too.




I love using them in my craft room.  I have found that they are the perfect thing to store all kinds of crafting items.  They line up nicely in the old wooden ammunition crate that I have on my craft shelf.  And the pint size wide mouth ones are easy to see and grab things out of.




And of course canning jars on a desk is a must right?  I have them lined up with all the pens and crayons my little grand-girls use when they are at my house.  It makes it easy for them to find the colors they want, as well as to put them away when they are done.




And I would be hard pressed to find anything more beautiful than fresh cut flowers tucked in canning jars!




My daughter and I grow and sell cut flowers and we sell them in canning jars.  Our customers take them home right in the jars and then return the jar the next time they buy flowers.  With a little tag tied on the jar and placed in our flower stand, they are just gorgeous.




Jars also make the perfect thing for packaging up a darling gift.  I gave these “Cowboy Cookies” as gifts and they are always a big hit.  I think I need to revamp them to say “Farmgirl Cookies” though!




And this sewing kit in a jar, with a pin cushion fashioned from the lid – isn’t it the most adorable thing?  When I was in Arizona recently a special little girl was so excited to show me her sewing corner and so I made this for her.  I’m very anxious to get it mailed to her.




 I’m pretty certain that all Farmgirls use canning jars for loads of things besides canning.  I know I’ve just scratched the surface.  All it takes is a 10 second search for “mason jars” on Pinterest and you could spend all day looking at ideas!


 I would love to hear your favorite use for canning jars!


The Happiest of Holidays from my porch to yours!




Until our gravel roads cross again… so long.


  1. Cindy says:

    Very cute ideas! Love this! Thanks and Merry Christmas from one farmgal to another! Cindy,Wilder, Idaho

  2. susana says:

    Do you actually get five dollars for a bunch of flowers? And here I been giving them away.

    • Dori Troutman says:

      Hello Susana! Yes, we do get $5 a jar and we sell out every single day. 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season. – Dori –

  3. CJ Armstrong says:

    I’m with you on canning jars! All kinds of uses! When I have jars that, for whatever reason, no longer seal for proper canning purposes they become great jars for other uses. Over the years I have used a lot of Yankee jar candles (a few other brands) and those jars are what I store my buttons and other craft embellishments in. Handy they are!

    • Dori Troutman says:

      CJ, After I wrote my blog post this week I began to realize how many other places I use my jars. They are wonderful aren’t they? Have a wonderful Holiday Season! – Dori –

  4. Adrienne says:

    I have all my dry food items stored in canning jars. There is a large shelf unit holding four sizes (gallon, half-gallon, quart and pint-and-a-half). Everything from pastas, beans, rice, couscous, TVP, dehydrated soy “meats”, coffees, teas, and nutritional yeast are in the gallon jars. The half-gallon jars store flours and grains. The quart jars have seeds and grains from amaranth to teff. And the pint-and-a-half jars hold dehydrated fruit from apples to strawberries. Canning jars are great for storage as well as the many other uses you have.

    • Dori Troutman says:

      Adrienne, do you dry your own fruit? I want to purchase a dehydrator this next year and dry our fresh strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. And yes, the jars would be PERFECT for that. Have a wonderful Holiday Season! – Dori –

      • Adrienne says:

        I don’t have my dehydrator any longer but I order from a couple of companies who dehydrate organic fruit and veggies.

  5. maureen says:

    I am a glass junkie! Cooking & baking dishes, storage jars, vintage and new serving dishes, you name it, I probably have it. My pantry is full of gallon jars that hold everything from kitchen staples to cookies. The only problem there is my husband has mistaken the powdered sugar for flour on more than one occasion (even when they’re labeled)! Glass is so versatile and wonderful to display treasures. I’ve bought items more than once because I liked the jar it came in.

    • Dori Troutman says:

      Maureen! That’s funny about purchasing something because of the jar – I’ve don’t that very same thing!!! 🙂 I love glass too. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I have a single plastic anything in my kitchen. My vintage Pyrex is probably my favorite. Happy Holidays! – Dori –

  6. Jane Drew says:

    Dori – You are SO right – a farm girl can NOT have too many jars! I am giving all my gifts in Mason jars this Christmas. The possibilities are endless, and I was actually on my way to the feed store to get more jars when I saw your post. Keep inspiring! Jane

    • Dori Troutman says:

      Jane, I have always given food type gifts in jars (home-made candy and popcorn especially) but this year I was really amazed at how many things you can gift in a jar. I love the fun in coming up with ideas. Happy Holidays to you! – Dori –

  7. diana henretty says:

    Love your bright ideas for mason jars this cloudy morning in the Ozarks.
    I fell in love with the old blue jars, so I started collecting them, filled each one
    with a different herb tea, and put them in an old cabinet, they look so beautiful and are so useful too!!
    They also make beautiful candle holders, filling the jars with potpourri, then placing a small glass candle holder in the top of the jar, and lighting up your world!!
    Happiness from the Christmas City, Noel, Mo…….Diana

    • Dori Troutman says:

      Diana, there just isn’t anything prettier than those vintage blue jars. They really do cheer up a room. I have not used the jars for candle holders, but I have seen that done. I am going to do that TODAY! Thanks for the reminder. Happy Holidays to you in Noel, MO! – Dori –

  8. Linda says:

    I am impressed with your collection of jars. I, too, use mine for multi-purposes. I do not can any more, but did years ago. I mainly use mine for food-stuffs and sewing items. I have some green jars that I cherish….. Memories. You sure have lots of energy to do all you do. Wishing you a Happy Holiday. Linda/Illinois

    • Dori Troutman says:

      Hello Linda, thank you for writing. I do have a lot of “nervous” energy that usually does me no good, but I do try to channel it in the right crafty direction! 🙂 And yes, those vintage jars do trigger memories. It is wonderful. Happy Holiday to you! – Dori –

  9. Smamantha titus says:

    What a great idea for those Mason jars. I plan on during this Christmas break redoing my pantry with mason jars. Thanks for the super great ideas. Sam

    • Dori Troutman says:

      Hi Sam, there is something about Mason Jars lined up in the pantry that really encourage keeping it clean and organized. You will love it. Hope your Holidays are the best! – Dori –

  10. Mary Smith says:

    I love your ideas. We used them for a candy bar, a 1920s themed party for my mother’s 90th birthday , my daughter researched all candy from the 1920s, each guest got a mason jar to select and fill with candy. Everyone loved it. Thanks keep the great stories coming.Have a great weekend. Sincerely Mary

    • Dori Troutman says:

      Dear Mary, OH MY GOODNESS!!! What a fantastic idea! I’m going to remember this and use it. I bet your mother loved it too – it probably brought back all kinds of fun memories! Do you have pictures you would share? Email some to me – I’d love to see them! Happy Holidays! – Dori –

  11. Deb says:

    Howdy, Dori! Well, I guess you DO have a thing for mason jars! 😉 I agree with you. A farmgirl can never have enough! I painted some up with chalk paint last year and sold them in my booth and gave some as gifts too! Here’s the link!!
    Love your porch photo! Merry Christmas, Dori!

    • Dori Troutman says:

      Hi Deb, you know I’ve not tried painting them yet but I’ve wanted too. Did you use Annie Sloan’s chalk paint? I’m heading over to check out your post for some ideas. Hugs to you and Happy Holidays to you and your family! – Dori –
      P.S. Hows your sweet Momma settling in?

  12. Karen Brown says:

    Hi, I also love canning jars for all uses. I love the way you use them. Thanks for sharing. And I think I’ll let my oldest grandy girl plant more flowers in the garden next year for jar displays.

    • Dori Troutman says:

      Karen, Definitely let your little grand-girl plant more flowers! Zinnias and sunflowers look amazing in the Mason Jars! Happy Holidays to you! – Dori –

  13. Michelle says:

    This is soooooo fun! Canning jars are a huge part of my life too. I have them in every room of my house, put to some form of use. I “inherited” some old blue ones about 20 years ago and have them displayed proudly above my wood stove. I like to think of all of the years that they were lovingly used by a wife and mother to help feed her family. I use newer jars of all sizes everyday. The quarts of pickles and tomatoes waiting to be used all winter. The pints of spiced peach jam to savor on warm biscuits. The half gallons that hold my bread baking ingredients for daily homemade bread. And the pint that I’m sipping water out of right now. I love my old jars that tie me somehow to the past. I love the newer ones that tie me firmly to the present. And I hope that my 18 year old daughter will cherish them all someday in her future, when she will “inherit” my glass treasures. Michelle in Nampa, Idaho. (Hi Cindy in Wilder)

    • Dori Troutman says:

      Michelle, I loved your comment. It was absolutely beautifully written. I’m thankful that my daughter has the same love for old things that I do and Mason Jars are right up there in her favorites! I’m certain that your daughter will cherish them too. Thank you so much for brightening my day with your comment. Happy Holidays! – Dori –

  14. Michelle says:

    Oh Dori, I got so carried away about extolling the virtues of canning jars that I forgot to mention that your Cowboy Cookies in a jar look adorable! My daughter loves Cowboy cookies and would love to give them to her friends for Christmas. She would probably change the name to Farmgirl Cookies, too. I would love to have the recipe/steps on putting them together. Thanks. Michelle in Idaho

  15. Debra Brown says:

    No you can never have to many jars. I have had jars for everything old and new. Many many uses for then. Merry Christmas

  16. Joan says:

    Love the tour!!! great ideas and so much fun to look at. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  17. April says:

    Love your cute pantry!

    Do you do a roadside stand for your flower sales and are you on your dirt road? Aka end of your driveway or somewhere different?

    • Dori Troutman says:

      Hello April, I love my pantry too. It is one of my favorite things in my house!

      Yes, we sell our flowers on a roadside stand, honor system only. We are not on a dirt road, but we are off the main road. It is a definite Tennessee “back” road with not a lot of traffic, so we’ve been surprised at how well our flowers have sold. You can read our blog that tells a lot about it here: Hope your Holidays are happy! – Dori –

  18. kim says:

    Way too cute and fun! I too use canning jars all over the house for this and that. I don’t think my displays are as neat and photo worthy as yours. I love love love your flower stand – as a matter of fact it is my inspiration for my future want to have my own stand dreams. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

    • Dori Troutman says:

      Hello Kim, I have a lot of things in Mason Jars that are not that photo worthy! 🙂 Like the left overs in my refrigerator that I store in jars! We love our flower stand – I dreamed about a farm stand for a long time. It was my daughter that had the idea of a flower stand. It is awesome and we love it. You can read more about it at our blog: Happy Holidays to you also! – Dori –

  19. Nicole Christensen says:

    Oh, Dori, I LOVE your pantry! My aunt used to have an antique screen door for her pantry door in her kitchen. Thank you for taking me down memory lane! You have inspired me to put even more items in the pantry in jars. Love the chalk labels…where do you find them? I will have to get some. And, now I want a screen door for my kitchen! 🙂

    I too, have always used canning jars as drinking glasses, (ice tea is my drink of choice, as well). It’s something my parents always did when I was little. When I moved here, my friends all thought it was so clever, my mason jar drinking glasses, like a novelty. Now everyone does it! And don’t you love those lids? Greatest invention in a long time, if ya ask me.

    Oh, and your flowers are beautiful!

    Awesome post, Dori!

    Farmgirl Hugs, Nicole (Suburban Farmgirl Blogger)

    • Dori Troutman says:

      Nicole, when do I get to meet you?! 🙂 Don’t you think we need a farmgirlbloggers reunion? I wanted an antique screen door but settled for the $10 unpainted one at Lowes and I painted it in Annie Sloan chalk paint with a dark wax finish so it looks a little “antiquey”! I so totally love it. My husband was skeptical but now he thinks its great. It really is a good way to keep a pantry all tidy and clean too.

      As for the chalk labels. I purchased mine on Amazon – they are inexpensive. And a little tip about chalk… a chalk pen works so much better than regular chalk. Here is a link to what I purchased. Labels and chalk pen included!

      I’ve been keeping my eye out for a Blow Mold in our local antique stores and haven’t seen any. 🙁 Next year!

      Hugs – Happy Holidays with your family! – Dori –

  20. Glenda says:

    I am not sure how I stumbled onto your blog but I love it. I first looked at your other blog of your beautiful farm house. I use canning jars for everything. First for canning, dehydrated foods, dried beans and pasta. We buy fresh raw milk so it is in half gallon canning jars. I think it is a shame that everyone wants us to go green but now everything is in plastic. When Mayonaise jars started being plastic I could not believe it. I save all glass jars. I use them for salad dressing, spices, even left over dye from dying wool. Your flowers are beautiful, I would pay $5 in a heart beat!

    • Dori Troutman says:

      Glenda, I so agree with your comment. Going “green” and selling things in plastic just don’t quite go together! I remember when I was a kid and my mom sold our cows milk in those beautiful glass gallon size “pickle” jars! 🙂 She still has a lot of them.

      I’m glad you found me at my personal blog and now here too. Keep visiting and commenting! Happy Holidays to you! – Dori –

  21. Angela says:

    Beautiful pictures and such neat ideas! Where did you get the lid for the jar for the girls to drink from! I love ice tea in canning jars! I’m thinking of creating a crocheted canning jar cozy just for my ice tea jar.

  22. Vivian Monroe says:

    Dori, I love love love the flower farmstand, and the screen door pantry. I have been wanting to put one on my pantry, but then I think will I keep it tidy. lol. I think I will. Love the jars, and I saw a cute idea last year at a craft sale. A girl had some vintage aprons her mom had made, and she placed them rolled up in a canning jar with a recipe card attached. and was selling them pkgd this way. so cute 🙂 Merry Christmas to you and yours. Neta

    • Dori Troutman says:

      Vivan, Oh my word. What an AWESOME idea for a gift – vintage aprons in a mason jar. I’m going to make a note of that so I don’t forget. I love that idea. I love having a screen door on my pantry. It really encourages me to keep it neat and tidy. The jars really make a difference in how it looks and also how easy it is to lee it nice. I have another small “can” pantry attached to the side of my refrigerator cabinet and that is where I put “ugly” things! Ha Ha! 🙂 Although I very rarely buy any canned goods but I do keep things in there that just don’t look pretty in my main pantry! 🙂 Our flower stand is very precious to my daughter and I! Happy Holidays to you! – Dori –

  23. I’ve been wanting to put a screen door on my pantry- now maybe I’tt actually do it. I love it in red- wouldn’t have thought of that. Thanks.

    • Dori Troutman says:

      Wayve, red is such an amazing color – I have in my house in a lot of places. I don’t think I could live without the color red!!! 🙂 – Dori –

  24. Heidi Brockman says:

    Love all the jars and their many uses! But where do you find the sippy cup insert? Thanks.

  25. Rowena Philbeck says:

    Love your site and the beautiful canning jars. Love the screen door as well. So cool!!!Happy Holidays to you and your family.

    • Dori Troutman says:

      Rowena, thank you! I think the screen door is one of my favorite things (even though it took my husband a little time to come around to it!)! Happy Holidays to you also! – Dori –

  26. Lorraine says:

    Thank you for the ideas!

  27. Marci D says:

    Love all of your mason jars and their many uses. I have some of the old blue ones I use for decoration and the rest I use to can. I liked all the ideas for storing craft, markers and sewing supplies in them. I love your pantry set up too.

    • Dori Troutman says:

      Marci, I do love those blue mason jars – they are gorgeous aren’t they? I like that they are making some “vintage look” blue ones now, but they sure don’t compare! Thanks for writing. – Dori –

  28. Penny says:

    I love using canning jars too ,paint them .theres nothing you cant do with jars thank you for sharing .

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