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February Farmgirl This-and-That

We’ve turned the corner to February!  It’s still Winter, but on the “bright” side,  days have begun to get longer, and we’ve been doing some Spring dreamin’!  I’ve got hot organic tea made; have a cup and let’s chat about “this and that”!

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On Purpose

Dear sisters,

 It’s great to be back here amongst friends. I hope this note finds you in good spirits and ready for the last full month of winter.  I’m counting the days till spring but in the meantime I’ve been up to my eyeballs in “STUFF “ with the influx of items coming in daily from EBay for Burlap and Bling. If that isn’t enough to clutter things up while I sort and price items I decided to tackle a few boxes, closets and dresser drawers while I’m at it! What brought on this early spring cleaning frenzy? Come on in and I’ll tell you what I’ve discovered. PLUS, we’ll take a trip to the Antique Mall for a sneak peak at my booth and more!

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The White Stuff

White. It is the color of purity and innocence. Most say it isn’t a color, rather it is the combination of all colors. For our purposes, white is a color that compliments and opposes all other colors at the same time. It is clean and bright, and it brings to mind (at least for Farmgirls!) an image of crisp, beautiful linens flapping softly in a summers breeze. However, as the weather reports have shown us over the last few weeks, white takes on a whole new meaning in the winter months.

A farm in Norway, ca. 1910

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Old Boards

When we decided to take the middle bedroom upstairs and make it a master bath, it sounded easy enough. It was anything but easy. It was the hardest, yet most rewarding, part of this farmhouse renovation.

Once again, it was the old boards that stole my heart.

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Farmgirl Heaven

Dear sisters,
Do you dream of handmade aprons like your granny used to wear as she went about her daily rounds? How about a soft, warm, delicate crochet coverlet with an embroidered pillow case too pretty to sleep on? Do visions of tables covered in vintage tablecloths of floral prints or lace set with the prettiest of mixed china, glassware and silver with a bit of tarnish sparkling on your table as the morning sun streams in dance in your head? Me too! Someone pinch me! I think I’ve died and gone to FARMGIRL HEAVEN! I’m noticing a trend in the items I’m collecting for my booth space at the Antique Mall. You might agree there’s a little (okay, A LOT) of farmgirl style influence in my pick’n.

I can’t wait to share last week’s pretty farmgirl finds with you!

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Gaining Traction

Farmgirls, I have a confession for you: My holiday season up until about yesterday wasn’t all that great. I tried, really, to see the best in everything and be full of holiday cheer. There were definitely very good times had by myself, my loved ones and some great friends, but overall, I was kind of down in the dumps. I even tried a faux Happy New Year resolution excitement in my last post on New Year’s resolutions; and you know what? I’ve already failed at most of those! Have I done yoga once in 2013? No! I did call a good friend; but I called my grandmother and she didn’t answer, when she called back I didn’t answer and haven’t called her back. I guess I have been a bit more organized. But overall, I’ve been somewhere between apathetic and discouraged.

There are many, many facets that played into this state of mind. Most notably I really miss my family. Another one is ice. It gets to me. I’m afraid of it at times and in total awe at others. We have been living in an increasingly icy world here in Palmer since before Christmas, so I’ve had a lot of time to ponder ice and its role in my life. Luckily, I’m gaining traction, both physically and mentally.

Moki gets a break from the ice in this snow at higher elevations.

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Daughters Of America

Once upon a time … in a land that now seems like a far away fantasy, the people were, well, different. Their country was blessed, the culture was wholesome, families were whole, cities were for the most part lawful, the countryside idyllic. The overall picture was, in fact, “Norman Rockwellian”. He painted the faces, the places, the culture and the dominating mood of that country … Our Country … “the shining city on a hill.” The fairytale was real.

We’re left with many images of what once was. And, an enduring emblem is still with us … Old Glory. As in war, it is now frayed and tattered in spirit and in reality. Abuse, apathy and neglect are to blame. A slow disease like a toxic vapor has been eating away at her fabric and the fabric of our culture. But, long ago and far away she was treated differently.

Our homes wore her proudly on special holidays … and for no other reason than we were proud to be Americans!

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Healing Hearts in Newtown

It’s been over a month since the horrific tragedy in Newtown, CT.  All of us here are asked frequently “How are you doing?” I can’t speak for how the families of the victims are; they remain in my daily thoughts and prayers. The rest of us are healing, as a whole, with the help and love of so many from around the world.

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They Cut A Hole

They cut a hole in my house.

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Thank You, MaryJane!

It’s January again…Happy New Year! I hope you had a nice holiday season, a time of warm greetings and sharing with family and friends.  The start of the holidays in late November marked my second anniversary sharing with all of you as the Suburban Farmgirl blogger. It seems as though Father Time has new running shoes, because time’s just flying!    I’m so very thankful for all my farmgirl blessings!  Won’t you join me in wishing Happy New Year, and a big Farmgirl “THANK YOU” to our darlin’ Queen Bee, MaryJane?

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