They Cut A Hole

They cut a hole in my house.

Our farmhouse was built in either 1890 or 1892. Different sources give different dates. It has been added on and updated and remodeled throughout the years. Until us, the latest update was in the 1970s when it went from being a charming old farmhouse to a regular house like every other one in Better Homes and Gardens. At least on the inside. The outside still looked like an old farmhouse. Hardwood floors were covered in orange shag carpet and brick linoleum. Every wall was covered in floral wallpaper. Sinks were replaced with modern blue and yellow ones. One piece shower/tub acrylic combos were installed. We have a lot of work to do to bring back the charm of the old farmhouse. We are just beginning. But we are definitely making progress.

One thing that my husband did not want to wait on was adding a keeping room. I’ve always loved the sound of that~a “keeping” room. What do you do there? You keep. Keep yourself and keep your family and keep your favorite things and keep a hearth and keep anything else you want to. He also wanted to go ahead and add a master bedroom. So we did an addition that encompassed both.

The addition is small two story room that attaches to the left side of the farmhouse (farmhouse’s left; your right.) We wanted the new part to look original to the house from the outside. My husband designed it and I think he did a great job. I love the way it looks. Do you see it over there? To the right?

Here you can see it from the side of the house.

I went through the dumpster every night to pick out scraps I could use for some future, undefined project. I’d haul them over to our falling-down barn, ’cause you never know when you might need an oddly shaped piece of plywood or an old board with only a few nails in it.

So, behind my dumpster shot you can see the addition pretty well. Downstairs is the “Keeping Room.” Upstairs is the master bedroom.

The day came to cut the house. In order to have access to this new area, a hole had to be cut. There was a window in the kitchen, so we decided to make that the doorway. Same with upstairs. There was a window in the bedroom above.

I had to leave when they took out the saw and started cutting the old siding. Do you know what I pulled out of the dumpster that night?

Yep, that part under the window that they cut off. ‘Cause you never know when you’ll need a section of cut off house. Oh, you should have seen this wall to start with. It was wrapped with aluminum siding, as is the whole house. Once we ripped off the metal siding, we found the beautiful original wood siding. That’s what is being cut here. These guys are standing in the new room. A few months ago, there were bushes and a yard here. Now it’s a “Keeping Room.”

So I decided. I wanted to leave that old wood siding. There was no way I’d put sheetrock on this.

So we put a coat of poly on it and called it “done.”

Okay, here it is done~looking in. That’s the kitchen. I’ll remodel that when I find the money tree on the property. Yes, I am looking. Every single day.

What is that to the right there? That stone thing?

Ta-Da!!!!! A new fireplace! One that works! I can finally build a real fire!!!!

You might remember that the original house has 8 fireplace openings, none of which is safe to burn. So, now I’ve got a fireplace!!!

Here is the outside going up.

And he’s the artist who did all the stone work inside.

Here is the room standing in the spot of the house that was cut.

My keeping room.

I totally ADORE the wall color.

Now I just need to populate it….

oh, money tree on my farm: please show thyself.

Until next time, Friends, savor the flavor of life!

Lots of love, The City in The Country Farmgirl, Rebekah

  1. Carol in NC says:

    Good job Rebekah, I love it! If you find that money tree, send me a cutting!

  2. MaryJane says:

    New title for you (lifted from the dumpster), Trash Pro! Garden Hoe? Onward Sew? Money Low?

  3. Sharon says:


    It is truly beautiful – I wanted to let you know how much I love reading your posts – I live in West Columbia, SC and love to garden, junk, and just got a vintage Beeline camper named Buttercup – thank you for sharing your life with us – you always send such inspiring words and cheer – the room is absolutely beautiful – I have a 3 year granddaughter (London Abigail) in San Francisco who loves horses – she lives near Golden Gate Park and has become friends with the retired service horses there.

    Keep the wonderful posts coming!


  4. Diana Henretty says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh….so cozy and comfy, every picture shines with your
    love for your new home and life!
    There’s nothing like a fireplace to warm your home and your heart in the
    Blessings from the Ozarks from Diana, Noel, Mo.

  5. Sharon Crosswhite says:

    What a beautiful addition! I love that you honored the original house by keeping the wood siding for the wall and your view out those windows on the far end is just gorgeous! May you and yours "keep" for many happy years here.

  6. Sukochi Lee says:

    Ok, not only do you have the HOUSE of my dreams. But you added teh KEEPING ROOM of my dreams. Have a wonderful life, make many wonderful memories, in this house, in this room. You are one lucky lady. : )

  7. Cori Niehoff says:

    What color are your walls? I love it, too! I should turn my small little living room into a keeping room. It gets no use as it is and we have a family room or maybe I should change my family room to a keeping room? I adore yours.

  8. Joan says:

    OH KEEPING ROOM how inviting you are and the views from you your ‘eyes’ (windows) is so lovely. I too love the wall color and the DOOR – superb, superb. I, just yesterday finally got a 5 arm chandelier type ceiling light, that was in my Grandparents home for at least 60 years, hung in my master bedroom – I know the joy of getting ur done. You are doing the ‘ole gal’ proud and having the joy of doing it. Thanks for the pictures. I have been in that area several times and it has a smell about it that one can not forget, AHHH yes I can smell it now. Waiting for the next showing. God Bless

  9. April says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I’m glad you kept the siding! Well done! 🙂

  10. Deanna says:

    Oh Rebecca, I simply ADORE your room. Can’t tell for sure but the paint looks like a green shade and it blends in so beautifully with the outdoors. Makes a person feel like they are part of it. Love the windows, the fireplace and the old siding also. Keep on "keeping on"…I think you’re making great progress.

  11. Tana says:

    It is magnificent…love that you kept the old wood siding. The stone work is beautiful. So glad you can build a fire and be warm and cozy while reading a great book or looking out at your farm dreaming dreams. Smiles…..

  12. JoEllen says:

    Such a beautiful room to keep your loved ones warm — I just love the simplicity of it. So excited to see how you fill it with your treasures. Loved the picture of you dumpster diving — it’s what I have done too — my husband just doesn’t understand the practicality of all the things I keep for future projects — but he enjoys the outcome!

  13. Sharee says:

    Wonderful! Beautiful!

  14. Brisja says:

    Absolutely beautiful job! I don’t think I would ever leave that room! Enjoy.

  15. Nan Roberts says:

    Oh, hee hee, every time you described the work going on, I thot, "I hope she kept that." And you did. I too have siding in my house. The house part is joined by an addition to the old South Beach Post Office part. In the various additions and remodels over the years, after being the PO, brilliant people kept some of the siding, which is from the 1950s. I love it. But your siding is fabulous.
    The addition fits right in outside and looks great inside. Why can’t you get the other fireplaces to work?

  16. Mary Heathcoat says:

    Thank you Rebekah for sharing your adventures with us. I love the hardwood ceiling, fireplace and that you poly coated the old siding. Good luck with the completion….can’t wait to see it all put together. It looks like a dream come true!

  17. Pam deMarrais says:

    Rebekah, that is such a seamless addition to your farmhouse, and you created such a cozy room with traditional flair. Can’t wait to see it furnished!

  18. Cindy says:

    Absolutely beautiful! My kind of rustic, cozy ambiance! And I love a "keeping room", the sound of it, the meaning, the look, all of it! Well done, Rebekah!

  19. Leslie says:

    I am jealous in the most positive way…..beautiful home in a beautiful part of the country. I love your changes to the old property and staying true to the old house. You get it! You go girl!

  20. Denise says:

    Love all your blogs, house Is gorgeous. You’re doing a beautiful job renovating/restoring it, thanks for sharing, your words are inspiring and always bring a smile to my face. All best to you and your family

  21. carol branum says:

    hi,love what you have done,I am jealous,I can,t aford a decent house unless I marry it,I will never be able to earn enough for my dreams and its depressing.carol

  22. Nancy Boyd says:

    The pictures of the your house and room additions are awesome!! The house looks beautiful on the outside surrounded by the landscape too!!

  23. Dianne Beach says:

    WOW What a beautiful room. So happy for you and your family. Don’t you just love the view through those big windows. Your Hubby had a beautiful vision. xxoo

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