Thank You, MaryJane!

It’s January again…Happy New Year! I hope you had a nice holiday season, a time of warm greetings and sharing with family and friends.  The start of the holidays in late November marked my second anniversary sharing with all of you as the Suburban Farmgirl blogger. It seems as though Father Time has new running shoes, because time’s just flying!    I’m so very thankful for all my farmgirl blessings!  Won’t you join me in wishing Happy New Year, and a big Farmgirl “THANK YOU” to our darlin’ Queen Bee, MaryJane?

We  farmgirls sure are a lucky bunch! There’s so many “gifts” that being a  farmgirlsister brings…

The Farmgirl Forum’s been my go-to for so much…advice on everything from gardening to cooking to everyday matters. I love seeing what all my fellow “sisters” from all-over are sharing.  I’ve made so many friends through the forum; I can’t begin to name you all. You’ve been there for me in some very tough times, especially last month!  And there’s my farmgirl pen pals, dear Marlene from Iowa, and  Amy from Minnesota…we’re always lamenting that we wish we lived closer!  Not long ago, I had the wonderful blessing of getting to meet my sweet pal Joey, all the way from Florida! She and her husband were on the East Coast, and we met them halfway in Massachusetts for lunch one afternoon. We’d become friends through the Farmgirl forum, but the minute Joey and I met in person you’d thought we’d known each other forever! Had it not been for MaryJane, Joey and I would never have crossed paths! An open heart and friendship are two very special gifts!

Joey, Nicole and Audrey.  Farmgirl Sisters!

We  farmgirls are kindred spirits…crafting up a storm, being creative, and cannin’, cookin’ and bakin’ to our heart’s content (in cute aprons, to boot)!


Happiness can always be found in the kitchen…

MaryJane also reminds us of the importance of living an organic lifestyle.  Our households are healthier and happier without nasty pesticides, preservatives, or toxic chemicals.  A healthy lifestyle is an important gift.

Organic, fresh-from-the-farm eggs, is there anything better?

Because of MaryJane, I’m composting and gardening with gusto!  We reuse, recycle, and re-purpose, looking at everything in a different way than before. We farmgirls have an “I can do it” attitude!

My holiday display at my back door this year featured many re-purposed items. I now look at everything differently, finding new uses for things all the time. Here, the washtub was someone else’s castoff.  For the holidays it’s filled with simple greens.  There’s a red egg-basket filled with pine cones.  To decorate my plants, like the baby spruce pictured here, I simply attach a fabric strip with a touch of hot glue, and tie with ribbon, raffia, or string.  Easily removed, it can be done with any fabric for any season, indoors or out, and burlap also looks great! 

“Handmade Christmas” was one of my favorite Farmgirl Sisterhood Merit Badges to earn.  I’ve been inspired ever since to do more heart-felt, handmade gifts each year.  This was this my “Christmas 2012gift to my daughter, a “bug” for my “bug” a throw pillow embroidered and stitched up.  I found the embroidery pattern in the spiral-bound “Klutz” book, Simple Embroidery, edited by Marilyn Green.

Blogging as the Suburban Farmgirl is one of my best blessings ever. I receive such joy with what you all share with me!  I’ve learned to do so many different things, and look forward to sharing more with all of you in the coming year. And of course, I’m humbled to be in the company of my amazing, talented blogging sisters!  

MaryJane and her daughter Meg are just as sweet as can be…down-to-earth, and brimming with inner and outer beauty. MaryJane, you’ve enriched my life and the lives of so many others in countless ways! You’re always an inspiration…in your lifestyle, your ideas, your grace, your creativity, and your family.  The world’s a cozier, much better place because of you, and we farmgirls are eternally grateful.

  Thank you,  MaryJane, you are a blessing! We Farmgirls all love you!

****There’s so much “negative” in the world, but being a farmgirl brings so much “positive”. I’m a firm believer in Christmas magic. Farmgirls get to have some of that magic all year round.******

Join me in saying a big “thank you” to MaryJane by leaving a comment below.  From my family to yours,  Happy New Year everyone! May 2013 bring much peace and happiness.  -Nicole

  1. Karin Thomas says:

    Thank you to our Queen Bee Mary Jane for bringing us this wonderful Farmgirl group and all it encompasses. I love it and the girls dearly. And thank you Nicole for your blog, which I love reading. You and all your neighbors are still in my prayers. Wishing you a blessed and peace filled 2013.

    Thank you, Karin.  Newtowners have found a lot of comfort in all the kindness that has encompassed us from all over.  Wishing you a peaceful, blessed 2013, too.  Hugs, Nicole

  2. Lisa says:

    Thank you doesn’t seem strong enough, and yet I’m at a loss for anything better. So, THANK YOU MARYJANE and NICOLE. I love your blog Nicole, as well as the the blogs of the other sisters. You all have such a talent for writing and sharing. It is my sincere wish that 2013 bring much happiness and blessing to you,MaryJane, Meg, and all of our other farmgirl sisters.

    Awww, thanks back at you, Lisa!  Hugs, Nicole

  3. Jan says:

    Yes, we are a blessed bunch! I love to read my farmgirl blogs and see how your creative minds bring such positive energy into our lives…
    Funny thing, Nicole. My father called me ‘Bug’, too. Jannie Bug, to be exact. I think that that is one of the reasons that I love nature of all kinds, and yes, even BUGS…
    Smiling today,

    Jan, cute!  We’ve called her our "Bug" since the day she was born, short for "Snugglebug"…my dad always called me "Junebug".  Big hugs, Nicole

  4. CJ Armstrong says:

    AMEN and AMEN!
    I too, can only say THANK YOU over and over, so many times, to Mary Jane! The Farmgirl Connection and Sisterhood has been one of the best things to EVER happen in my life.
    Meeting another farmgirl is such a gift and, like you say, Nicole, it seems you’ve known them forever. Ahhh, that kindred spirit that connects us!
    Thank you too, Nicole, for sharing your sweet farmgirl spirit and heart with all of us!
    Looking forward . . BIG TIME . . to what 2013 has to offer for all of us farmgirls!
    Here’s to us!!

    Thank you, too, CJ…you always inspire me!  Hugs, Nicole

  5. MaryJane says:

    Ahhh, what a great missive to read this morning. I can’t thank YOU enough Nicole … and ALL my sisters. Each and every sister makes the sisterhood what it is. Working with you Nicole has been an absolute pleasure. I thank my lucky stars. CommUNITY makes the world a much better place indeed. Not to mention all of us working together to bring back good food. Organic, non-GMO food is a necessary positive whose time has come.

    So true, MaryJane!  Love you!  -Nicole

  6. Laurien Dimino says:

    Hi Nicole!
    I couldn’t agree with EVERYTHING that you said more. Especially the part about there being so much negative in the world, yet as a Farmgirl- we have joy in the little things everyday!
    Every morning when I put on my farmgirl sisterhood necklace it truly empowers me. It makes me feel like a part of something bigger and more important than so much of the nonsense that goes on in society today. I too am forever grateful for being introduced to Mary Jane’s way of life almost 4 years ago. I am truly Blessed to be a part of such a wonderful sisterhood!
    Here’s wishing everyone a year filled with much love, good health and all things POSITIVE!
    PS. I recognize that Yankee Candle Store that you and Joey are standing in!!! Been there many times myself, and have pictures of my family standing in that very spot! LOL

    Laurie, TOO FUNNY!  That is where we met and had lunch!  We met at noon on a Sunday, and didn’t end up seeing anything there, as we visited for hours!  Our husbands even hit it off, too!  Good eye, Laurie! – Nicole

  7. I agree about FarmGirls being a very "positive" thing in my life….happy, inspiring, uplifting.
    Thank you, MaryJane :)!

    FarmChick #2245

    Uplifting…another great way to describe the sisterhood!  Thank you, Heike!  -Nicole

  8. Debbie says:

    Dear Nicole, by the time I got to the bottom of your post I was in tears! WE certainly are blessed beyond words and just plain lucky to have come together in farmgirl spirit because of our sweet Mary Jane, Meg and the entire MJF Farm Family…Just when you think miracles might be few and far between here comes Mary Jane to show us that the world is indeed brimming with not only daily, sometimes hourly miracles, but true friendship, genius talent, hearts wide open and friendship with kindred souls all over the world. She is a diamond our MaryJane…shining bright and showing us how to git-r-done farmgirl style… I know this farmgirl will be forever grateful for that fateful day I found Mary Janes Farm in a barns and Noble book store. So, YES! I would be happy to join you in saying THANK YOU Mary Jane for being you… sweet wonderful you!!!
    LOVE AND HUGS TO ALL and congratulations to you Nicole on two years of fabulous blogging sister!
    Deb MJF Beach Farmgirl Blogger…

    So well said, Debbie.  And big hugs to you, blogging sis! -Nicole

  9. Adrienne says:

    Thank you both for all that you have shared with us, both triumphs and tragedies. When I roamed the U.S., Canada and Mexico in my RV for seven years, Mary Jane accompanied me everywhere–at least her tasty food did! Many campfires were started with the empty food pouches and washing dishes was kept to a minimum. I’ll never forget the Iowa farmgirl whom I met at the laundromat when she was in town and who invited me to spend the night at her farmhouse. I took a shower and sank into the most wonderful night’s sleep in a comfy bed with a handmade quilt over me. When I arose at 5:30 am, she had already made breakfast. She sent me on the road with a thermos full of coffee, homemade biscuits, butter, preserves and a tearful hug. This was just one of the many times I was asked to spend the night or park in the driveway or plugged into the shed so I could have electricity. The warm welcome from farmgirls everywhere will always be remembered. You and Mary Jane are especially terrific and I look forward to spending many new years with you both!

    Adrienne, Your comment proves we farmgirls are never alone where ever we may roam! Hugs, Nicole

  10. Diane Van Horn says:

    My sentiments exactly! Love your blog and all things MaryJane’s Farm. I too have met some of my kindred souls from the sisterhood. When we have met it is just like you described, as having already known each other. I stumbled across MaryJanesFarm about 5 years ago by picking up an old MaryJanesFarm magazine in a waiting room somewhere. I was instantly smitten! Since then I have taken part in 3 Farmgirls on the Loose Adventures including one that culminated at MaryJane’s B and B in Idaho and have met numerous other sisters at get-togethers. I have old friends but all my new Farmgirl Friends just "get" me! So in closing I will join you in a heartfelt Thank You to MaryJane and the whole staff including all you wonderful bloggers. I look forward to a "homemade" new year!

    Diane, so true, so true…’my Farmgirl Friends just "get me"‘…I couldn’t have said it better!  -Nicole

  11. bonnie ellis says:

    Yes…MORE kudos to Mary Jane. You deserve ’em gal! It’s great to be part of something so special that’s lasted so long. Wish you many more farmgirl years as our queen bee. It’s so special to have met you. 3 times.

  12. ulla christensen says:

    Dear Nicole.
    Congratulations with being the farmgirl of the month, you deserve that.
    Nice picture of you all .
    Love from farfar and farmor from Danmark

    Dear Mor, Well, that’s from my farmsisters, and was such a surprise and honor! Love you all, Nicole

  13. Lynn says:

    Thank you seems so simple compared to all the advice, encouragement, info, experience and knowledge you share all year long….. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what you do and looking forward to a wonderful new year! Congrats and wishing you the best year yet in 2013!
    Farm hugs from midwest Illinois,

  14. Barb Delaney says:

    Happy New year to all the farmgirls and our Queen Bee MaryJane. Counting my blessings, while counting my blessings and there are many. Most appropriate for this post is a big thank you to our very sweet and talented Nicole. I am lucky to have Nicole as a leader/sister in our farmgirl sisterhood chapter. I moved to CT 2 years ago and felt like I didn’t belong here until I came across Nicole. I felt welcomed in her home and group from day 1. I now have a sense of belonging here in CT, there are women like me. Congrats Nicole on farmgirl of the month. You are a natural in what you do.

    Oh my goodness, Barb!  What sweet things to say…thank you.  I am just so happy that MaryJane and her wonderful ideas brought us together.  Can’t wait to do our "sewing day" and let our daughters (who are just alike, too, right?) play for the day.  You are a blessing to me, too.  Hugs, Nicole

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