Back To The Future


” Creativity is not the finding of a thing, but the making something out of it after it is found. “
~ James Russell Lowell


Happy New Year, sisters!

I hope each and every one of you enjoyed your 2012 holiday season and you’re ready to tackle all 2013 has in store for you! We are all fighting a repirartory flu bug in my house but that hasn’t put the kibosh on my plans of opening up a little booth in our local Antique Mall this month with my mom. Instead of hitting the end of the season sales at the mall we’ve been treasure hunting in our local thrift stores, my basement ( and on EBay ) for vintage treasures to fill our booth BURLAP AND BLING~ PIECES OF THE PAST WITH SASS! Everything old is new again and we’re going back to the future in this post for a sneak preview of a few of some of our vintage treasures and a brief history lesson or two! Are you in?

Timing is everything. It just so happened that my Yankee and I popped into Main Street Antiques before Christmas to scope things out. They only had a handful of smaller spaces available and just one large 10 x10 space that was to become available this month. When we left the wheels were turning! My mom (and creative partner in crime ) and I went back a couple of days later so she could have a look too and something inside just said, ” oh what the heck, go for it! So we did! We put down a deposit to hold the space and here we are! Every morning I wake up thinking of ideas for our space and how I want it to look! There’s no shortage of inspiration on the internet; pinterest in particular. I’ve been pinning ideas for display, hand crafted items and vintage things I hope to find for the booth! I’ve decided not to try and second guess what people might want to buy and just go with my instincts and where my heart takes me.
 Here are a few of the things I’ve picked up so far!

I found this lot of vintage Better Homes and Gardens magazines on Ebay from 1929. I fell in love with the covers and made an offer and won! I’m having a ball reading all about what was popular back then and learning how homemakers ‘back-in-the-day ‘ went about keeping house, planning meals, staying current with decorating and fashion trends, gardening and child rearing. Not much has changed for us gals! We are still at it! Each cover is a work of art and would be lovely framed and hung on the wall as one or as an entire grouping!

Isn’t this the most darling pattern on this sweet creamer and sugar bowl? Megan and MaryJane sent them to me for Christmas as a reminder of the tea party for two Megan and I had on Cape Cod last summer. I just fell in love with them and had to know more about where they were made and when. Based on the markings on the bottom these pieces were made in Staffordshire County, England around 1947 at the Tuscan Fine Bone China manufacturing plant which operated from 1898- 1970. I thought they were so delicate and different that I purchased another pair of these little cuties on Ebay ( priced at 1/3 actual value ) for our booth.

Do you have Savors in your town or city? I have to admit for many years all I’ve done is donate there because my house is already stuffed to the gills but now that I have a location to play house in its fun to shop there for vintage bargains! I scored big time when I found three lovely hammered aluminum serving trays at bargain prices. I love the intricate patterns and designs on these pieces don’t you?

I’ve since learned that many hammered aluminum pieces made their way into the homes of brides as wedding gifts in the 1930’s – 1950’s. The most valuble pieces are marked and signed by the maker. Two of my pieces are stamped. One by Wendell August who his still forging metal today. Be sure the check out the link! The other one was made by Everlast Forge Company.


I have an ornate vintage china cabinet identical to this one in my basement that is not painted and in dyer need of a fresh coat of ‘ not so fresh looking ‘ paint!  I’ve been itching to try Annie Sloans Chalk Paint on it and a few smaller tables as well.

I love white ironstone too. This gravy boat was made by Hall in the good ole’ USA!

Here’s my antique buffet all gussied up for tea time with some of my favorite collections. If I know my sisters I bet many of you have antiques and vintage items in your home that have been passed down to you or that you have collected over the years. Am I right? I would LOVE to hear about your treasured heirlooms, vintage items and what you LOVE to collect!
I’m off to chase down that truck that ran me over a couple of days ago and give it the boot!

Until our next shoreline visit! Happy New Year!

BEACH BLESSINGS and happy collecting!


Deb # 1199

  1. Brenda says:

    Oh my the bug has hit you! I love to collect vintage things. I do not have a collection of anything in particular just what I like. Now my middle daughter started out in a booth like you are doing and now just buys and sells on Ebay. The shop she started at did not have enough turn around for the rent and she does wonderfully on ebay….but her love is the composition dolls and she love to get them cheap and restore them for herself. We bought her a air paintbrush for Christmas this year so she can get past the brush marks. Sometimes she buys and resales the dolls but mostly she resales other items so she can buy the dolls. lol…Hope you enjoy this new endeavor and Happy New Year to you!

    Hi Brenda! HELP! lol! There is just so much good old stuff out there to fall in love with! Thanks for the good  wishes and Happy New Year to your and yours! xo Deb

  2. The Great Aunt Nan says:

    Congratulations on your new venture! Your energy and creativity has inspired me all the way out here in the wild west on a cold snowy day. I love each and every one of your blogs…so, I hear, does "Uncle Larry".
    Happy New Year!
    The Great Aunt Nan

    LOVE YOU!!!! XO Deb

  3. Once you start pickin’, there’s no turning back. It gets in your blood. What’s nice is that you can switch things back and forth from your shop to your home and back again. Never ending supply of decor. Thanks you boot scootin’ over to join in the Old Time Party!
    Farmhouse hugs,

    Hi Cindy!

    I’m definitly bitten by the pickin’ bug! I do think it will be fun to do some new/old decorating here at home now that a few corners are cleared out! Thanks for the note! xo Deb

  4. What lovely collections! Yes, my entire farm and farmhouse is filled with nothing but family hand-me-downs. I couldn’t part with any of them, which is why every storage building is full! lol
    Good luck with your booth!
    Blessings from the Farmhouse,

    Hi Dru! Well, thanks! I’m enjoying clearing out some things from our home and bringing them to the booth. Making room for new fun treasures! Thanks so much for the good wishes! xo Deb

  5. OH, how exciting and you ended up choosing my favorite name for your booth, too 🙂 🙂 I just fell in love with that pink wire birdcage sitting on top of that china cabinet 🙂 🙂 🙂 Definitely post some pics once your booth/shop opens up. How exciting 😉 🙂 I wish you and your mom all the best in this exciting new adventure 🙂 Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 😉

    Howdy Heather from shores of California! So great to hear from you! Oh there will no doubt be so many pretty things I’ll want to keep for myself along the way! Thanks so much for the good wishes! xo Deb

  6. Sandi says:

    Good Luck on your space! I’ll be up to visit and see what goodies you’ve got. I’ve had my own shop, rented a space like the one you are, and consign with locals here on Cape Cod. You never know what the market will do, but I wish you luck and fun!

    Sister #3956

    Thank you Sandi! It’s an experiement for sure. One good sign is that the owners of our local Antique Mall say the last few years since the economic down turn have been there best of the eleven they have been there. Plus the place is filled to the brim with booths loaded to the gills. I’ll learn as I go as usual! Keep me posted when you head my way! xo Deb

  7. Mary says:

    I love antiques, dishes and furniture and all……..used to have an antique cookstove, wood/gas… so I decorated my kitchen with antique kitchen tools. I love those wooden handled tools. and use them, too!

    I love all of the above too Mary! Been scouring Ebay hoping to find some antique rolling pins for the booth!  I agree. Why not use them? Thanks for the note! xo Deb

  8. Oh Deb, I am sooo excited for you. You are truly living my dream. Living on or close to the water, having a gift/antique shop. You are making me seriously think about doing the same. I wish you and your mom all the blessings over your shop. love ya

    Hi dear Neta! Well, get going girl! LOL!!! I think having a booth is the perfect way to experiement with shopping/staging a little shop… I still can’t be away from my " day job" all day so this will fit the bill while the teens still need me for taxi service and all around lending an ear when needed…Oh, I do hope you find a little space to call your own so you can play house too! I know you’ve got it in ya!

    love and hugs,Deb xo

  9. Terri says:

    What fun you will have with your new adventure. And best of all, you get to share it with your mother. Best of luck-and please share photos!

    Terri in NC

    Hi Terri! I sure will share more photos as we get our booth set up and as I collect more interesting items! Thanks a mil for the good wishes!

    xo Deb

  10. Laura R. says:

    Hi Deb
    Your excitement is contagious. What a great experience to share with your mom ! Keep following your heart and it will lead you exactly where you want to go. Best of luck and happiness on your new venture!

    Hi Laura! Its’ going to be fun and a lot of work too! LOL! Thanks so much for the good wishes…:)

    xo Deb

  11. Shery says:

    Vintage magazine and newspapers from the early 1900s and earlier are a real treasure. Pouring over the pages is a vacation back in time. I bet your cabinet will be beautiful when you get a round to giving her a make-over. Have fun with your creative to-do list!!

    They sure are Shery. One thing I’ve noticed is how long the articles were back then and how formally written they were. My hubby reminded me that at that time, many folks didn’t have radio, there was no T.V. of course and other than books and the daily newspaper, magazines were pretty much it for reading material. Thanks for the visit my dear!


  12. Linda says:

    I was in our local consignment store and found the most interesting item, a gentlemen’s travel kit from early 1900’s. It even contained a small picture frame for his loved one!
    I can’t wait to see more pictures of your finds for your new space.

    Oh, how neat Linda…I’ve been shopping EBay like a crazy farmgirl and I’ve  purchased some more wonderful treasures! I promise to share in my next post!

    Thanks so much for you note! xo Deb

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