On Purpose

Dear sisters,

 It’s great to be back here amongst friends. I hope this note finds you in good spirits and ready for the last full month of winter.  I’m counting the days till spring but in the meantime I’ve been up to my eyeballs in “STUFF “ with the influx of items coming in daily from EBay for Burlap and Bling. If that isn’t enough to clutter things up while I sort and price items I decided to tackle a few boxes, closets and dresser drawers while I’m at it! What brought on this early spring cleaning frenzy? Come on in and I’ll tell you what I’ve discovered. PLUS, we’ll take a trip to the Antique Mall for a sneak peak at my booth and more!

Are you a clutter bug or do you like things neat as a pin? I love the idea of “A place for everything and everything in its place” but I certainly haven’t mastered it! Truth be told, I didn’t want to start going through things right now, but my handsome Yankee got me going when we moved our daughters old school desk out of our den to make room for a dresser for my mother in law. We want her to feel right at home while she’s here and living out of a suitcase for three weeks isn’t the comfy cozy feeling we want to impart…Well, one thing lead to another and before you know it I had 4 boxes full of homeschool curriculum, teachers manuals and homework assignments to pack away and various other things to find a new home for, donate or toss out. Oh, I knew it was all hidden away in there I just didn’t want to face the task of finding another place for it but I’m so glad my hubby was persistent because now I can move on to other de-cluttering tasks. As I hauled each box down to the basement ( which is bulging by the way ) I had to ask myself, “What the heck IS all of this STUFF and what is the PURPOSE of having it?” Let me break it down for ya. I guess it’s just the “stuff “of life. You know, the things we accumulate as we live each day moving from one phase and interest to another. Books, art supplies, sentimental keepsakes, art projects the kids made that I can’t part with, a sewing table, large pieces of furniture I’ve collected cuz I’m gonna paint that someday, (and I’m not even getting into my hubby’s STUFF ) have all found their way to the holding room, our basement. We can both see the potential in things which is a fun thing to share but we’ve both said for years that we need a BARN instead of a basement for all of our —- eh hem… creative projects! All that’s really needed is some good old fashioned organization for the smaller items and the furniture already has a new home… It’s headed to my booth after it’s painted (I really AM gonna paint it) so that will free up quite a bit of space in the basement for me to create in! I’m feeling a little lighter already as some things finds a permanent home in storage and others find a new purpose in someone else’s home.

There is comfort and ease in being organized. As clutter moves out and things get stored properly it frees the mind for FRESH thinking allowing new ideas to unfold!

After all that hard work I think we deserve a little break don’t you? Put on your walking shoes and come with me to the Antique Mall to see some great “STUFF”!

Wait! Before we go inside… Have you ever noticed how Antique Malls smell? Yeah, me too…. It’s a perfect mix of dust, must and rust… I LOVE IT! Let’s go!

This antique mall has individual houses with storefront real estate as well as smaller spaces for rent. With two floors I think you could find just about anything you had your heart set on and then some!

Quilts, throws, baskets, and vintage kitchen utensils adorn this store front.

I’m learning a lot about how to display items. I love how the old ladders are used for staging items in both of these booths!

It’s always fun to look at the artwork at an Antique Mall. There’s always such a wide range of subject matter.

I love this chest of drawers with its funky folk art paint!

Typing lessons anyone? Great vintage typewriter for a writer to have on display!

This  shop keeper is a purist and displays only retro items from the 1950’s!

This lamp reminds me of MaryJane…

Well, here we are at my booth! Just a peak though!

Out front I have an antique sewing table that I purchased years ago at an Antique Mall in Reno, Nevada. An iron candle holder, a cornbread baking tray and a cute little vintage crystal lamp. A few vintage aprons hang on the door frame. I have a vintage drying rack on the way for displaying vintage tablecloths and throws.

Inside, a vintage pine dresser and mirror I painted, a hammered alluminum tray with a single pillow case and two vintage crystal lamps from the 1950’s.

A crochet doily softens the look.

I fell in love with this yellow and white crochet throw! I hope someone else does too! This vintage china cabinet below is Lady Violet.  She is hand painted in green and purple metalic paint and shimmers with gold leaf stencil designs. I painted her a few years back and I’m hoping someone rescues her from my booth! The dealers at the mall call her the princess hutch.

That’s all for today sisters! I’ve got to get back to work!

Next time you’re in Plymouth, Ma. stop by The Antique Marketplace at 46 Main Street to check out all of the wonderful booths in the Antique Mall.

If you’ve been holding back the reins on your spring cleaning let’ em loose! Find a purpose for those unused/wanted items, store your keepsakes and make space for new ideas to flow in… Find a purpose for your “stuff “and you’ll be well on your way to finding your purpose too.

Now, go get your sparkle on!

Until our next shoreline visit!

BEACH BLESSINGS and happy de-cluttering!

much love,

Sister Deb # 1199


Great places to donate unwanted items:


Salvation Army

Church Thrift Stores

Big Brother Organization

Red Cross

Habitat for Humanity

  1. Joan says:

    Oh thanks, I’ve been needing an Antiquing outing and this has got the juices flowing for my Farmgirls Antiquing/Thrift/Junk shopping outing coming up soon. Your booth is superb. I’ve been ‘needing’ some different looks in my house, so been going through boxes – yupper found a few – ahhh the joy. Again – thanks and will be looking forward to your next visit. God Bless.

    Your outing sounds like the perfect thing to do with you farmgirl gal pals…That’s great you found some fun " new " things to decorate with at home! Love that!

     Thanks for reading! xo Deb

  2. Hedy king says:

    Your post make me wish for a road trip out east for spring. The new booth is great, good luck with it.

    Come on girl! Thanks for the good wishes! xo Deb

  3. Lisa says:

    Are you going to tell us how to find your booth? I would love to add it to my list of places to visit for my next trip to the Cape!

    Oh sure Lisa! I guess that would be a good idea! I’ll edit my post for all to see! Thanks!


  4. Doris Hall says:

    Hey Deb, I always enjoy your postings so much. My husband & I opened our "dream antique" store in 2005 but due to some health problems all our treasures sit in our back yard shop. We had so much fun collecting for over 30years before we opened. Good luck with your shop. I look forward to seeing more of your goodies.

    Hi Doris,

    Well, thanks! I’m sorry to hear you had to close up shop.. The fun IS in the hunting isn’t it? Thanks for reading as always… xo Deb

  5. Raynita says:

    I want to be there right now! I want to breathe in those antique aromas and touch those pretty linens in your booth. Looks amazing! I want that white Diner pitcher also. You are making me want to find a booth somewhere and start filling it up. I miss the hunt and arranging the pretties and sweet junk. So proud of you!……..Raynita. (Smiling in Oklahoma)

    Hi Raynita! Glad I could get your juices going… I stopped playing with these sorts of things when the kids came along 17 years ago, but now that they are older my interest has come back… Having fun!  Go find a booth so you can play too!

    🙂 xo Deb

  6. Merrilyn says:

    Did you say TWO floors of antiques!? How can you stand it with all that eye candy. So many things bring back warm memories of years gone by. My girls are always telling me I have too much stuff. So, I riffle through and donate and have garage sales. But, then the urge is upon me to be out hunting and sifting through things for that one more amazing item. I have so much fun and satisfaction doing it. Can’t wait to visit your shop and see the town of Plymouth.
    Your shop is looking great.

    YES!  TWO floors!!! Looking forward to your visit Merrilyn!

    xo Deb

  7. Hello Deb, Love Love Love the shop. You keep me going wanting to do a booth myself. I have been thinking and dreaming and thinking and dreaming…..OK maybe it is time to quit thinking and dreaming and start doing. lol. I went with my friend the other day to visit some shops here in Salisbury and Lexington NC, and saw some really great stuff. I hadn’t really thought about a booth before just been thinking about a shop but now I am re-thinking that a booth might be the way for me to go. It seems more attainable for me.hmmmm!!!! I may have to just plan our camping trip with our new/vintage camper out your way. I do love MA, and we have been to Plymouth a few times, did not realize that was where you are. Send directions to the shop and maybe I will see you in Sept. Keep us posted. Be Blessed. Neta

    Hi Neta! I think a booth is a great way to start… it’s low risk, not as expensive and you don’t have to be on sight all day! I hope you take the plunge! It’s fun! September is my favorite month here in MA… If you come this way there is beautiful camp ground called Bourne Scenic Park along the Cape Cod Canal you should check out!  It’s a short drive to down town Plymouth from there!
    Hope to see you and best with your new booth!  🙂

    xo Deb

  8. Julia says:

    I like to think I am a simplify kind of gal, but the corners and shelves of collectibles would state other wise! I have moved a lot in my life and have to get rid of so much stuff, that it amazes me how much I end up accumulating once settled again. O well…. 🙂

  9. Shery says:

    What funnnnn. My farmgirl pals were scheduled to go on an antique hunting safari this past weekend, an overnighter in an adjoining suite! BUT, snow packed icey roads put a halt to the plan. Poo! Your blog offered up a fun ‘fix’ for cabin fever that we were cheated out of. Thanks for the tour! Best wishes for your success. If I had a booth in an antique mall, I fear that I would spend more than I make :o)

    Oh, POO is right! Darned weather…I’m already having seperation anxiety with some of the items I’ve gathered for my booth as well has having my eye on other goodies! YIKES! Thanks for the visit and the good wishes… xo Deb

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