Forcing Spring!


It’s not spring, at least in New England! With Easter coming, warm-weather items in stores, and not a bloomed daffodil in sight, we’re making it spring!

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Talkin’ Dirt

In New England, we’ve been gripped by the longest winter EVER (at least that I can remember). I’m desperately wanting to get outside and say spring has officially arrived! I can’t wait to wake up the flower beds and start the veggie garden again. This season, the first thing I’ll do, once the ground thaws, is something that every gardener and farmer ought to do!


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A Glamorous Trip Back in Time


IMG_0608-001Farmgirls re-purpose! I  love finding new uses for vintage and antique items from the forties, fifties and early sixties, when things were meant to be aesthetically pleasing as well as made to last! My latest re-purposed “treasures” harken to an era when traveling by plane and train was a glamorous occasion!

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