So Long, Summer!


Happy Fall, Y’all! Where I originally grew up and lived over thirty plus years ago, the weather this time of year was still pretty much the same as it was in the middle of July. In New England, we have four distinct seasons, and each one brings on a different feel inside and out. September and early October often feel “in between”, with nods to both seasons, bringing cooler temperatures and waning sun. Even though it’s “between seasons”, there is still much to do, indoors and out!

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The Last Bit O’ Summer


It’s so hard to believe that summer is almost over, at least by the calendar, but it’s not over yet. As I mentioned before, it’s been a weird summer weatherwise. However, there’s still some summer to be had! 

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“Collecting Cute” – and a Giveaway!


Have you acquired an “accidental collection” of something? I realized that I have just that – and it’s a collection of “cute”!

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Summer – FINALLY!


Hi Dear Readers! I hope this finds you having beautiful, warm summer weather and that you are staying cool! Here in New England, it is summer – finally! Still, it has been sort of a “strange” summer so far. However, in true farmgirl spirit, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade (or strawberry jam)! 

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A Merry Month of May

09B869CE-B95A-47DF-81C0-9BB38EB60A6FWelcome back, Readers! It is hard to believe, but the month of May is almost over! I hope you have had a good month since our last visit. From a road trip to foraging, to redoing my sewing room and more,  it’s been a “merry” month!

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Finding Joy in A New England Spring


Hi Farmgirl Friends! This time of the year in New England, things get busier than ever. There are festivals, restaurants put their patio tables out, kids play outdoor sports, things are bustling all around, and each day brings new blooms. There’s a lot of joy to be found in a New England spring, something I have lately needed a big dose of! 

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Moving Through March


Here we are in March, “officially” spring. “In like a lion, out like a lamb” is the old saying. That especially holds true in New England. Here in Connecticut, our first real taste of snow was just recently. It was one of the warmest winters on record here, with very little true snowy weather. It always gets stormy and cold around St. Patrick’s Day, however. No matter where you live, March is a good time to “spring clean” and “spruce up” indoors and out. Once the nicer late spring weather arrives, it’s outside that I will be! Still, the “lull” of  March is something I enjoy as I “tinker” about. Join me as I share a few  “Suburban Farmgirl” tips!

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End of Winter Pick-Me-Ups


Hello readers! I can’t believe we are already almost through February. Maybe it’s because in the Northeast, we have not had our usual share of snow, and have been teased with spring-like weather, despite having gone through a weekend at the beginning of February with record-breaking, arctic lows and wind chills that only a polar bear would feel comfortable in. February is that month, once Valentine’s Day passes, that feels “in between” with everything. That’s why I appreciate winter “Pick Me Ups” – little things – from “treats” to recipes, new or fun finds that make the end of winter a bit more enjoyable.

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Storing Vintage


Hi everyone! I hope your January is off to a great start! It’s good to be back behind the keyboard! 

My 2023 has started off super busy, and it already feels like the year is moving at warp speed. I’m hoping this year will be as good as 2022 was for our little family. 

We marked several great milestones last year, attended a wedding, had visitors from Texas, a terrific summer, a beautiful fall, and had a wonderful, stress-free holiday. I know this year won’t be as exciting as last, but I want to start it off on the right foot. I leave my holiday decor up until New Year’s, but after New Year’s, it all has to come down! I want to start my year off uncluttered and organized! I’m often asked, “How do you store it all?” Especially when it comes to vintage, very carefully! 

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Steadfast Christmas Traditions


Hi All! Wishing you the happiest of holidays! I hope you are finding your “happy”, wherever you are, with whatever it is that makes your heart filled with joy.

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