Survival Saga of A First Time Chicken Mom, Part Two

Goodbye, Wretched Winter! The first “warm” day in New England luckily fell on my husband’s day off.  I was sooo ready to get the Christensen chicks transferred from the garage to outside!

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Survival Saga of a First Time Chicken Mom

All babies are cute.  Baby chickens, all fluffy and peeping, are especially cute.  Raise baby chicks into adulthood, and they’ll teach you several life lessons.


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A History Insulated in Glass

Farmgirls look at many items thinking, “How can I re-purpose this?”  I love finding new, clever ideas for ordinary or discarded objects. Often bitten by the “collector” bug, one of my favorite things to re-purpose are old glass insulators. While I’ve loved these colorful, shapely pieces of glass for decades, I never really knew the exciting history behind them.

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From Garden to Table, Fast Food at Home and Meatless Mondays

We must be turning the corner (slowly) on winter, ‘cause I think I see light at the end of the frozen tunnel.  Days are getting longer, and soon clocks spring forward again. The seed catalogs that graced my mailbox are well-read and dog-eared, and I’m planning my summer garden. I’ve got organic seed starting mix and all my recycled containers ready, and I’m starting to collect seed packets!  I will not plant seeds that aren’t heirloom or organic.  It isn’t just pesticides; now we need to be mindful of GMO’s as well. Everyday there’s more evidence published pointing out the harmful effects GMO’s have on humans and the environment. I want to know what’s in my food, and I’m not willing to gamble my family’s health! Eating out’s been a favorite family treat, but we find we want to eat at home more than ever to stay healthy. I don’t want cooking to feel like a chore, so on hectic evenings, I’m armed with recipes that aren’t only delicous, but fast and healthy, too! Come see what I’m cookin’ and plantin’…


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What a Winter!

Winter 2014 has proven to be a hard one!  With over three feet of snow covering the yard, ice everywhere, and everyone, including the chickens stuck indoors, how do we keep from going stir crazy?


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Tag Sale with A Twist

A farmgirl reuses, recycles, and re-purposes! She also loves her “treasures”, especially great bargains! With winter’s hold tightly gripping us, summer flea markets and tag sales seem so far away. Recently, I was introduced to a great resource I hadn’t heard of before now…


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Are Ya Smitten With the Abbey, M’Lady?

I don’t often watch a lot of television. Not content to sit still too long, I’ve recently joined the ranks of those simply smitten with the drama, Downton Abbey! The show not only has me glued to the television for each entertaining episode, it’s inspired me…

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A Beautiful Tribute

December 14th, 2014 marked the one-year anniversary of the tragic event that occurred in my hometown.  Residents of Newtown will never forget that day, and I have found myself thinking often throughout the entire year of the families who lost loved ones. There have been tributes to Sandy Hook School all over the world, but one of the most beautiful tributes I’ve ever seen was created by a local group of Girl Scout Cadettes.

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Farmgirl Christmas Card

Merry Christmas!It’s such a magical day.  Here in my neck o’ the woods, Connecticut’s a New England winter wonderland!  Celebrate this special season with me…let’s getFarmgirlFestive!

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Ol’ Fashioned Farmgirl Quilting Bee 101

My  Farmgirl Sisterhood Chapter and I recently spent an afternoon learning a new skill and making some very beautiful Christmas gifts for friends and family! Grab a cup of tea, your sewing machine, and some girlfriends for an afternoon of creativity and fun!

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