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I don’t crochet.  I don’t even really know how to crochet.


But I’m not a very good “sitter” and this year I made it a goal to do more porch sitting, relaxing and taking life a little slower.  (I actually wrote about that here.)  Since I love cotton crocheted dish cloths, I decided that would be a great thing to do while I’m sitting.  Because you see, my personality says that I have to make even my sitting time productive.  Sigh.  (And besides, yarn is so very beautiful, who wouldn’t want to sit and crochet?)



So, I set out to teach myself how to make the dish cloths.  There are all kinds of tutorials on YouTube and I watched a few very basic ones, purchased some yarn and made a few.  I sort of hated how they came out.  They were really big – like huge.  And I cannot stand a huge dish cloth.  I also wasn’t happy with the fact that they were just a plain, boring square, with what looked to me like unfinished edges.





So I decided to branch out a bit and make a dish cloth the size I liked and then finish it off with some pretty border or something.  Not having any idea what the different stitches were called I began to do a little research and found one I liked called a shell stitch.  I figured out how to work that as a border around my dish cloth and I loved it.




So, after making and unraveling many dish cloths I finally got the perfect fit for me!  I decided to share my pattern with you so I sat down to write it and immediately realized that I have NO idea how to write a crochet pattern!




I called on a very good friend of mine that writes and sells her crochet patterns from her website and asked her if I made a dish cloth for her, would she write the pattern for me to share with all of you wonderful Farmgirls?  Of course she said yes.  So, I’m happy to be able to share my pattern with you.  And if you don’t crochet?  No problem!  YouTube will teach you how!


But the really good news?  I have a gift for two lucky readers!


I would love to share a batch of three dishcloths with two of you amazing readers!  So, to enter to win, just leave a comment and in two weeks I’ll select two winners!  And once you use cotton crocheted dish cloths you’ll be begging for more… or making your own!


They also make such fantastic gifts.  As a matter of fact, I’ve made the above dish cloths so many times and before I could take pictures for this blog post, I gave them all away!  Like three different times!  And my grand-daughter, Rosetta (she’s four) loves to play with them when she comes to my house.  I’m not sure exactly what she uses them for but it is the first thing she grabs when she comes.  (And that is why there should be a pink one in the picture and there’s not.  I think it might be buried in the toy box!)




One last thing before I share the pattern.  Be sure to buy 100% cotton yarn.  My favorite are the Sugar ‘n Cream yarns.  There are so many colors and patterns.  And you can even buy them off of Amazon!


To access my crocheted dish cloth pattern all you have to do is click on the link below and it will take you to a PDF document that you can print or just view on your computer.  Please let me know if you have any problems viewing it.

.Dori’s Dishcloth Pattern


I hope you’ll let me know if you make the dish cloth!  And don’t forget to enter to win a few of these bright colored beauties!


Until our gravel roads cross again… so long.



  1. Carol says:

    I can’t view the pattern. The link takes me no where.


  2. I do love cotton dishcloths! Would love to have a pattern to make more!

  3. Kathy says:

    Send me your crochet dish cloth pattern with the cute scalloping around the edge. Thanks

  4. Claudine Farrar says:

    When i was in home ec in 6th grade I couldn’t be taught to crochet bcuz I was lady handed so my Aunt Margaret taught me how by having me sit in front of her so I have been doing these since I was in the 6th grade it is very relaxing and a lot of fun

  5. margaret williams says:

    Love to make dishcloths. I am just learning how to crochet and love this pattern. I will try this one tonight.

  6. margaret williams says:

    I am just learning how to crochet. I love this pattern and going to try it tonight.

  7. Lisa strange says:

    Going to make mine right away!!

  8. Anne Wampler says:

    I am so excited to make my first dishcloth! I went to Michaels and got
    all that’s needed but I still need help. Is there a book or website that will help me understand and see how to do the stitches?? I honestly am a total beginner!!!

    • Dori Troutman says:

      Hello Anne,

      You can find anything you need on YouTube!!! 🙂 That is where I learned how to crochet a simple chain stitch, single stitch and double stitch. All stitches used in my dishcloth! Good luck and keep me posted!

      – Dori –

  9. Carolyn says:

    My pattern didn’t show. For the Dori’s dishcloth pattern

  10. Patsy miller says:

    I am just learning to crochet. Would love wash cloths that are not too complicated to do but yet pretty

  11. Cheryl Collins says:

    I love the dishcloths. Simple yet pretty. Enter me to win!

  12. I love this easy.
    Pattern it works up fast and looks great.

  13. Christine "Waffles" Carter says:

    I need something to keep myself busy. I recently had to quit working due to health reasons can’t qualify for any assistance. I want to learn pretty ones.

  14. Debbie says:

    Hi Doris. I so enjoyed crocheting your farmhouse washcloth! I am a fan. I especially like the story of Rosetta and playing with your wash cloths, for I too have a granddaughter Madi who would love folding and playing with my my Mother’s old hankies. She too would play with them for hours. So, thank you For for your pattern. I will be making a set of dishcloth and tea towel for special friends for their birthdays. Take care my friend!

  15. Alison says:

    Love these dish cloths. I have some cotten yarn just crying out to be made into dish cloths.
    You can never have too many
    Thank you

  16. Bobbie Baird says:

    Wasn’t able to bring the pattern up.

  17. Linda Duensing says:

    I would love to get a copy of this pattern, however, I cannot to the cite. Please tell me how to get a copy.

    Linda D.

  18. Dawn says:

    I am excited to try your pattern.
    I was looking for one to make for a spa basket birthday gift.
    Yours are very pretty. I love your edging!

  19. Charlene Stabbs says:

    I love this pattern so much. I have been looking for a pattern for months and made several but just wasn’t happy with any of them. Then I found Dori’s dishcloth pattern. My favorite go-to.

  20. Sybil says:

    Would like to get emails from this site

  21. Myra B. McGuinty says:

    I look forward to receiving and crocheting a dishcloth using your pattern.
    Thank you for sharing.

  22. Charli Jones says:

    I learned crochet in college to earn a little extra money. My wife’s forever after me to make more of these. I’m looking forward to trying your pattern. Thanks so much

  23. Susan Miller says:

    I am clicking on the Dori’s dishcloth pattern, but am not having any luck getting it to open. Can you help???

  24. Trudy says:

    Your pattern Doris dishcloths will not open!!!

  25. Brenda says:

    Glad to see your pattern. I buy these whenever I find them at fairs which is not often. Been wanting to try my hand a mt making some. Great gifts for anyone that has a kitchen and uses it!

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