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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Happy New Year, Farmgirl sisters!  If you haven’t noticed, it’s been a cold January for nearly every corner of the United States at some point this month.  My family and I have been in Minnesota and North Dakota for the past two weeks and have seen temperatures as low as -30–and that was without the wind chill!  Where we live in Alaska has been surprisingly warm, with some days registering nearly eighty degrees warmer than spots in the Midwest.

Leaving balmy Alaska for the frigid lower 48. That doesn't sound right!

Leaving balmy Alaska for the frigid lower 48. That doesn’t sound right!

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Cast Iron Cooking {And A Giveaway}




I love cooking with cast iron.  I grew up watching both of my Grandmothers and my own Momma cook with it.  As a matter of fact I’ve already told my Momma that I would like to have her cast iron and my grandmother’s cast iron willed to me!  Because is there anything better than 75 year old perfectly seasoned cast iron cookware?!  Smile!  My daughter has watched me cook with it all her life and now I love seeing her love and care for her cast iron just as much as I do mine.

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Life Lessons Learned In Knitting


FBE3022B-45DE-45D4-B577-AFCAB6FC876AHappy New Year! It’s the coldest, darkest time of the year here in New England. Winter brings much-needed downtime from things like gardening and weeding. While January always seems to be the LONGEST month of the year, it’s still nice to hunker down next to a warm fireplace, watch a good movie or two, and knit! While I’ve been a professional instructor, teaching knitting classes for over ten years, knitting itself has taught me some good LIFE LESSONS.

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