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Wilder Together

Hello Farmgirl friends!

It’s hard to believe it has already been almost a month since our wedding!  Some of you might remember when Evan and I were engaged…five years ago.  A lot has happened in the interim—two children, many new friends, a few hard losses of loved ones, new jobs, new homes and some fun vacations.  It probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise that I don’t feel that much different after getting married.  The most shocking thing I’ve had to accept is the new title of “Mrs.” which is how my step cousin addressed me as we chatted in the receiving line after the ceremony.  

Newly Weds


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Puttin’ Up Corn!




We have had such a gorgeous summer of rain, humidity, and beautiful days.  Along with that comes so many flowers that my daughter and I feel like we’ve been working around the clock to keep them harvested, the flower stand stocked, as well as the garden weeded and mowed.  We’ve been harvesting sunflowers that are 8 feet tall and our shoulders are just killing us!  BUT… that’s not what this blog post is about this month.  It’s about CORN!

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Vintage Glamping Dream Come True – And A Giveaway!


In September, my husband Kim and I celebrate our 25th anniversary! One dream we’ve always shared is someday having a camper or RV.

I’d be hard-pressed to count all the ways MaryJane’s influenced me! When I first saw MaryJane’s writing on “Glamping” (she originally coined that word!) – that was it! Our dream morphed to wanting a vintage camper. Recently, that wish came true!

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