Lessons From The Beach

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My Aunt Nan communing with the sea.

Dear sisters,

When is the last time you stood in front of a large body of water with your arms wide open to the universe and just let out a big… long… sigh? If sea breezes and simple living tug at your farmgirl roots, this post is for you!  We just returned from our annual family vacation at the cottage and I brought back some pearls…

We were more anxious than ever to get back to our little cottage by the sea this summer. We’ve had it rented out for most of the season but we always schedule ourselves in amongst the other beach lovers. The not so glamorous part of renting the cottage is the weekly cleaning routine. Check out is at 11:00 and check in is at 2:00. My handsome Yankee and I have been there every Saturday to clean and transition renters in and out of the cottage, but, we always say, ” it’s not the worst place in the world to work”. We’ve made a ritual of packing a lunch and stopping for iced coffee on the way.  The hour-long drive to the cottage is something we both look forward to all week. Bonus!

Pearl # 1. Work isn’t really ” work ”  when you’re with someone you love in a place you both love.


There’s nothing quite like returning to the same place every year for rest and play. It’s such a welcoming feeling to unlatch the door and walk in to our cheery yellow kitchen. Memories of past summer stays come rushing in but quickly get put on pause as perishables are brought in and put away.


Familiar signs of our handy-work are all around adding to the feeling of home.  I have a confession to make. We’ve had the same valances in our cottage for over 10 years! Cottage decor trends come and go in the design world but we aren’t trend-y at the cottage. We’re home-y. Every so often I’ll ask my hubby if he thinks it’s time to change them out and we always say in unison, ” maybe in a couple of years “. 😉

Pearl #2.  You don’t have to be trendy to be happy!


I feel so at ease in this minimal kitchen of ours. Everything I need for preparing meals, snacks, and lunches to go is within arms reach and the colors just make my heart happy!


The open shelving is perfect for summer living. Plates, bowls and serving dishes and favorite coffee cups are at the ready. The melamine dishes ( top far right-hand corner) came with the cottage. ( circa 1950’s ) The striped glasses on the top left are Fiesta and belonged to my mom.



Even our stove is mini! It’s similar in size as to what you might find in a tiny house, glamper or RV.


We have more open shelving to the right of the farm sink for dry goods or larger serving dishes and mixing bowls.


One of my favorite things about the cottage is that we don’t have running hot water. Yup! We have solar electricity, and gas for the stove but we don’t have a hot water heater which means we boil water on the stove for dish-washing by hand and that’s fine by me.


I think we farmgirls enjoy doing dishes by hand sometimes. I remember helping my mom at the sink when I was a little girl, and later on in years I would wash dishes with my mother in law at her cottage. She would wash and I would rinse and dry. That was one of our bonding times together.  One thing we always agreed on was our mutual adoration for her son.

These days it’s usually just me at the kitchen sink but when I’m through with the last dish I tuck them all in with a pretty dish towel and call it a night. It’s a ritual I love because my bed time follows shortly after that, unless I head to the porch for some chatting or reading.


Pearl #3 You don’t need a huge kitchen with all the bells and whistles to cook delicious food with love. 


My guys.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 21 years since we’ve been bringing our family to the beach. As our children got older and started working full-time, they haven’t been with us as much when we are there, so it was an extra special treat that our oldest took a week off and stayed the entire week!


Thank goodness he did because I needed someone else to stand in for me as a play-mate for my hubby. He’s like a little kid when he’s at the beach. Up with the sun with a list of things to do a mile long before the sun sets. Our son and I take the lounge lizard approach to beach living. The more we can be horizontal readin’ and relaxin’ the happier we are!

Pearl #4 Playing keeps you young at heart! #playharderthanyour21yearold


Someone celebrated his 60th birthday this year at the beach. I thought it was fitting we came across this channel marker with the number six on it while out on a boat ride!


We kept the festivities low-key but we were feeling very festive! I’ve shared 30 birthday’s with this guy! That’s a big deal! We took a boat ride to Plymouth for dinner and my mom and our daughter met us there to celebrate.


IMG_8208On the way over to the mainland we noticed an explosion of new Oyster Shacks in the bay. Years ago it used to be you’d see three or four of them. With the demand for fresh local oysters and the success of a few local farmers more Oyster Farms have popped up all over coastal New England.


Hubby wearing his boat key necklace.

After a nice dinner outside in the summer air we snapped a quick family selfie! Getting us all together in one spot isn’t easy these days so I’m grateful to have gotten this one!


Pearl #5 Family and ice-cream are everything! Cheers! 

The best time of year at the beach is upon us. September sends the humidity packin’. The dry air returns along with blue skies and sunshine. The forecast is showing the next 5 days in the low 70’s sunny and clear! I guess you know where we’ll be.

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Summer isn’t over yet!

Until our next shoreline visit~ Beach Blessings and Much Love!

Beach Farmgirl,

Deb # 1199

PS. Thank you for your sweet comments on our Beach-y Bathroom Vanity Re-do!







  1. Krista says:

    We just spent last weekend at the beach for a family reunion. It was wonderful to get away and play in the sand! The water was very cold, but we couldn’t keep our boys out of it. No matter how much their teeth chattered they still wanted to play. I love all your different pearls and completely agree with them all. Especially how family is everything. Family is very important to me. Happy birthday to your hubby and I hope your family can get together again soon!

    • Deb Bosworth says:

      Hearing how your children wouldn’t stay out of the water reminds me or ours when they were little. Their lips could turn blue and they’d still insist on staying in!

  2. Connie says:

    Love the beach! I live in the middle of corn fields and soybean fields. Pretty boring sometimes. When the harvest begins, I can see the neighbors house again!! 🙂 I can relate with your Aunt standing w/arms out communing with the sea. Nothing like the sound of the waves to take away any stress. 🙂

    Love your little stove in the cottage. I had one just like it in our first apartment 49 years ago. I cooked many a wonderful, tasty meal on that little stove. 🙂

    Maybe someday I will have a little cottage by the sea. Hubby will be retiring in a couple of years, who knows 🙂

  3. I love your cottage! Your kitchen is beyond sweet! I downsized from a two-bedroom apartment to a studio with lots of light and a tiny kitchen as well, and I couldn’t be happier. What lovely memories you have created for your children. Totally enjoyed your post.

  4. Jutta says:

    Enjoyed your pearls you have a lovely cottage and family. Thanks for taking me along to the beach, one of my favorite holiday destination is touring along the Oregon coast.

  5. Linda says:

    I was on Cape Cod for several years in the late 60’s. Now I’m IN my late 60’s! Thanks for the virtual vacation to that part of the world. I have many fond memories.

  6. Marilyn says:

    You sure are prepared for the summer.

  7. It looks absolutely lovely…what a perfect spot to rest and enjoy the time together. Someplace sweet and simple…perfect for making memories. Thanks for sharing with us.

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