The Gift of Friendship


Hello Farmgirl friends!

I count myself incredibly fortunate that I have amazing girlfriends.  I’ve written many times on this blog about my different girlfriends.  Whether it is my two very best life long girlfriends, or my amazing girlfriends I’ve met in my fitness classes, or the great group of girls I met at a sewing retreat in Vermont.  I’ve written about them all.



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  1. Maxine Jeinek says:

    Dori, this is just absolutely the sweetest!! Your words on how much a gift of a quilt is are spot on too!

  2. Laurel Anne Pries says:

    Lovely post Dori!! You are blessed!

  3. mary pitman says:

    I LOVE your quilt gift! it is most precious! as precious as you are to so many of us who read your FarmGirl newsletter! we love you

  4. Bonita says:

    What a wonderful story and gift. You are truly blessed in a wonderful, sometimes rare friendship with these women.

  5. Cyndie says:

    Aw Dori: this is just as precious as can be. I am so happy you received such a special gift. Your sewing ladies are a wonderful bunch & I am so glad you have come to know them so well. Much love my friend♥️

  6. Sanne says:

    LOVE this story, thank you so much for sharing!! Blessings to all Sewing Sisters!!

  7. Donna Worthen says:

    You were right. Such a beautiful story that brought me to tears. Thank you for your gift of writing, and quilting

  8. Dorothy A Whiteside says:

    The love and the loving effort will bring more and more love to others. Thank you for such a beautiful story. Dorothy

  9. Beth Onyon says:

    Wow–I am typing single letters, as I am speechless. I guess that is what it feel like when you are “talking” with someone in a comment. That was a profound story. I am so touched, and I don’t have this connection with very many. I have a cousin I am very close to and I am going to spend a month at their house in Ohio in May. We are both crafters, and even though we will not be doing quilts, having that time to spend together nights and weekends to share and create will be very important to me (I live in CA right now). Thank you so much for sharing this. I always enjoy your blogs, as I can feel the how important the information is to you, and I hope you know how much your life has touched mine from a distance. Thank you—-Beth

  10. Pamela Czurak says:

    What a precious gift. You are very Blessed.

  11. Debbie Fischer says:

    Dori, such a heartwarming story of love and friendship, you have me crying. It is such a special gift as like you said only a quilter knows the work that goes into a quilt. Yes a true treasure that you will always treasure.
    I am so sorry you lost your Dad, wrap yourself in your comfort quilt to know peace, love and true friendship!
    Hugs to you,

  12. Deanna says:

    What a precious gift of love and friendship! The thing that struck me was how the quilt literally was saying “Dori” (in a loud voice”) 🙂 They did such a wonderful job of picking out the fabrics and it truly looked like something you would have made yourself. Isn’t it a miracle and a gift from God that you can meet someone just once and have an unbreakable bond? May your quilt bring you comfort and many smiles also.

  13. Henriette Area says:

    I am a quilter. I have several girlfriend groups, but the quilt group is truly special. I love this story and am happy that you have such giving and loving friends.

  14. Donna Rowe says:

    Oh my! I too am a quilter and love gifting quilts. In fact I’m in process of making 4 for a firehouse to keep the guys that have to overnight, warm! But to receive such a gift. Oh what a treasure you are to these ladies!

  15. Jennnifer says:

    What an incredible gift! Friends are truly treasures from heaven!

  16. Tammy L Thomson says:

    What a lovely story about Love and Friendship. Thank you for sharing this….

  17. Beth says:

    This is such a beautiful story — and a beautiful quilt! What a wonderful group of women you are ❤️

  18. Judith Smith-Coleman says:

    Oh my, I’m crying too. Such a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing and spreading the joy and pure kindness!! God Bless!❤

  19. Denise says:

    How wonderful!!❤️

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