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Farmgirl Roadtrip: A Visit to the Barker Character, Comic, & Cartoon Museum

Photo courtesy Renee Guaino, Barker Museum

Photo courtesy Renee Guarino, Barker Media Relations

Here we are in October once again! I am often nostalgic, and October is a month full of nostalgia, especially when Halloween comes ‘round again. I still love Halloween, as much as I did as a kid!  I believe there’s a child tucked away in everyone, no matter how old we get, and we sometimes see glimpses of our childhood selves when we’re reminded of special times and happy childhood memories.

One special place where there are decades of childhood memories tucked under one AMAZING roof, is the Barker Character, Comic, and Cartoon Museum, located right here in New England, in Cheshire, Connecticut.

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Grief… It’s Hard

20150822_143925 (2)


Hello farmgirl friends!

This is a hard post for me to write, but somehow I think it will be a post that we can all relate to… and encourage each other in.


Ten days ago, I lost a very dear friend of mine to a tragic car accident.  Death is something that we are never prepared for; but when it comes so suddenly in a sobbing phone call from her daughter, Sarah, then it is almost impossible to grasp.  Today I’d like to tell you about my friend Patti.

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