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Find Joy in Holiday Imperfection

Driving yourself crazy to have the “perfect” Christmas?


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Just. Well. Stop.

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Ice Tissue {What Is It?}




I’d like to share with all you wonderful readers a very fun and interesting phenomena we have that happens on our farm this time every single year.  The story goes like this….

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The Recipe Box (and A Giveaway)


Happy Thanksgiving! Are you ready? Y’all know how much I love to cook and how much I adore holidays! My kitchen’s the hub of my home, and I decorate it for each season. However, there’s one thing in my kitchen that’s always been a constant, that will get more use at Thanksgiving than any other item. Treasured, it’s something I’ll someday give to my daughter for her kitchen. Can you guess what it is? This post also marks my sixth year anniversary as the Suburban Farmgirl Blogger (my first post was Thanksgiving, 2010), so to celebrate I have an adorable giveaway for one lucky reader!

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Deb’s Autumn Note Card Giveaway


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To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.~ Phyllis Theroux

Dear Sisters,

When is the last time you sent or received a hand written note-card by way of snail mail?

Even with the many ways we can connect and share special moments with our loved ones through modern technology nothing beats the excitement of finding a card or letter in the mailbox penned with love. Your heart smiles at the familiar handwriting before you even read the return address. The anticipation builds as you rush inside to open such a rare treasure. In the spirit of “keeping in touch” the old-fashioned way I’m having an Autumn Note Card giveaway! Come on in and enter to win a set of 10 note cards featuring of some of my favorite fall captures.

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Learning to Say No

Have you ever seen or heard the acronym FOMO?  It stands for “Fear of Missing Out,” and I think it’s where this post stems from…

The key word in the title for this post is “learning”  and what a steep learning curve it is!  This has been a life long problem/process for me.  After years decades of taking on too much it is a hard habit to break.  I think the biggest problem is that I’ve often been successful at overextending myself…but we’re never too old for some much needed negative feedback.

Saying "no" can allow us to stop and take in the scenery.

Saying “no” can allow us to stop and take in the scenery. The scene is much snowier now, only a couple weeks after this photo was taken!

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Birthday Trips Are The Best Trips!



I don’t know if you remember the post I wrote back in March about my two wonderful girlfriends that I’m so lucky to have?  Well, here’s a little story for you.

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The Rolling Pin: A History and A Collection


When fall arrives in New England, I love to make comfort food like chicken pot pie, treats like apple and pumpkin pie, and to start baking holiday cookies in November. Lots of love goes into the rolling of dough! With all the baking we farmgirls do, have you ever considered the rolling pin and its place in history? Once a staple in every kitchen, rolling pins are no longer the most-used everyday item in a kitchen. With our modern, busy lives and store shelves stocked with frozen pie crusts and ready made cookie dough, a rolling pin might not even be found in a kitchen today! That’s not the case, however, in one Connecticut home, where rolling pins are a passion.

Redding, Connecticut resident Ellen Visnyei has been collecting rolling pins for thirty years. Currently, she has amassed around 75 rolling pins, considering them works of art that come with stories all their own.

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Fall Fury

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Dear Sisters,

Happy November from the shorelines! Fall sure is a busy time of year isn’t it? Nesting season hits hard and before you know it you’re in a fall fury trying to get everything done inside and out before Old Man Winter arrives. Thank goodness there are so many wonderful distractions to help us slow down and enjoy the abundance of harvest season. Fall festivals, apple picking, pumpkin patches and corn mazes call us back to the farm and if you’re lucky enough to live in a hot-spot like New England, leaf-peeping is always a must! Get ready. We’re on fire this year! Continue reading

All Work and No Play

What is that old saying about work and play? oh yeah, now I remember. “All work and no play makes Rebekah a very dull Farmgirl.”

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