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Forcing Spring!


It’s not spring, at least in New England! With Easter coming, warm-weather items in stores, and not a bloomed daffodil in sight, we’re making it spring!

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Slow Growin’


Dear Sisters,

See the raindrops on those beautiful seed packets? You know what that means don’t you? The New England thaw has officially begun! With every raindrop that falls, another inch of frozen snow washes away exposing a little more bare ground and our garden furniture! Continue reading


Foraging for wild edibles has been one of my favorite activities since childhood.  My mother hunted (and continues to hunt) for wild puff ball mushrooms, morels, wild ramps and fiddlehead ferns.  We tapped maple trees in our yard and enjoyed the spoils of our relative’s hunting and fishing outings.  I’ve eaten cattail, wild sorrel, various wild berries,  fire weed, spruce tips, and many others.  We’ve even made salves, teas and balms with foraged plants and herbs.

What is that black spot on that birch?!  is it a nest? a burl?  It's chaga!

What is that black spot on that birch?! is it a nest? a burl? It’s chaga!

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Being On Quest and Being Quest

I did it. I went on a quest this weekend.

To a Girl Scout Camp.

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Being A Good Friend {What Does It Mean?}

luanne's pix (black and white

Three best girlfriends – just happy to be together!

I’ve been very lucky in my adult life that I’ve had two best girlfriends that have been by my side in every experience – be it crazy fun or crazy terrible.  Two of us have been best friends for over 30 years.  You hear that saying – “three is a crowd” – but in our friendship it has never once been that way.  Sometimes the three of us are together, sometimes it will only be two of us and although the one that doesn’t get to be there voices her “insane jealousy” it really isn’t like that!


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Talkin’ Dirt

In New England, we’ve been gripped by the longest winter EVER (at least that I can remember). I’m desperately wanting to get outside and say spring has officially arrived! I can’t wait to wake up the flower beds and start the veggie garden again. This season, the first thing I’ll do, once the ground thaws, is something that every gardener and farmer ought to do!


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2015-03-08 001 2015-03-033

Dear Sisters,

With the arrival of spring just days away I have to ask, did you get your fair share of snow this year? Well, just in case you had a mild winter and you missed being snowbound once or twice, I thought I’d share some of our New England snow with you! Bundle up it’s a might chilly! FYI. Sprinkled throughout this post are images from our most recent snow storm. I feared it would be our last major snow fall and just had to get out and breathe it in. I hope you enjoy these peaceful images as much as I did taking them. Hear the quiet, breathe the fresh air, feel the magic and see beauty of snow. Continue reading

Spring Break!

It’s spring break season for students of all ages—from little preschoolers to non-trad college students.  For many, this means trips to warm southern climes:  Mexico, Florida, Arizona, Hawaii, bikinis, tropical cocktails, suntans and sandy scalps.  For others, it might be a good time to pick up extra shifts at work and make some spending money.  Then, there are the folks who don’t have a designated spring break, because they work 9-5 jobs.  We are a little bit of all of these.  Evan works a “real” job, but his “weekend” is Tuesday and Wednesday.  He’s also a student who happens to be on spring break.  I have been nannying for a family who is also on spring break this week, so I have the week off.  It turns out, Evan and I had our first two days off together since mid-January.  We decided to celebrate with a spring break trip!

Spring Break, Alaska Style.  Ava doesn't look impressed!

Spring Break, Alaska Style. Ava doesn’t look impressed!

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Can I Change My Answer?

My daughter jumped in the car at the carpool line after school.

“You know how they tell you to never ever change your answer?” she asked me.


“Well, I did on my test today. And I’m glad I did. I changed a wrong answer to the right answer.”

Mmmm. So you CAN change your answer? And maybe SHOULD change it?

Well, that’s excellent news, isn’t it!

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Favorite Fabrics And A Fun Farmgirl Tutorial!


photo-004 .

When you have weather like this it is time to sit and sew (after you sled with the grand-girls of course)! My craft room is my happy place.  One of the things that makes me the happiest is to pull out some fabric scraps and create!

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