Crazy for Cookie Jars

There was a time when every home had a cookie jar, filled with some sort of delicious home-baked treat! A favorite old cookbook advises keeping fresh-baked goodies on hand at all times, not only for after-school snacks, but “just in case company drops by”. I was once told, “One is a piece, two is a couple, three or more is a collection”. Loving all things “vintage”, cookie jars are no exception to my adoration. A jolly blast from the past, you’ll find them peeking out at antique stores, thrift shops, and flea markets. They’re a great way to add whimsy and cheer to a kitchen, and don’t just have to hold cookies….


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Building “Fowl Knox”

It’s a new year! The passing holidays also marks another milestone: I’ve had my chickens over a year! Having backyard chickens has been so rewarding. Come see how things are going at “Fowl Knox”!


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