It’s Wild (Life) in the ‘Burbs

Suburban living means easy access to every needed creature comfort. Growing up in Houston, I lived in a bustling city. Most weekends, we’d head to “The Farm”, my dad’s ranch in the beautiful, remote Texas hill country. Living in suburban Connecticut reminds me of both. I’ve woods in my back yard, but am only a few minutes from “town”. With city-life nearby, it’s easy to forget we’re surrounded by woodland creatures calling the area home, too. Taking my dog out, I’m hearing more birds, signaling spring’s on the way! It’s this time of year we start to see more wildlife moving around, too.

Quail Run Ranch, Harwood Texas, 2011

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Suburban (Valentine) Sentiments

As room mom of my daughter’s fourth grade class, I’ll help plan and attend the class Valentine’s Day Celebration! The parents are sending in treats. We’ll play “Valentine Bingo,” using “conversation hearts” as markers, and the kids will stuff Valentine cards into each others’ “mailboxes”. Two years ago, my daughter and I made homemade Valentines for all her friends, and last year we found adorable Vintage re-printed ones. This year she’s chosen to go with classic “Snoopy and the Gang” valentines. Remember those grade school Valentine days?

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