Bad Coffee

“Life is too short for bad coffee.”

My coffee maker “bit the dust.” It served me well for many years, but now it’s gone. And I’m on a quest for a coffee maker that makes a perfect cup of coffee every single time. Help!

So here are some Java, Joe, Mud, Café questions for you.

You like coffee? Or maybe love it? What kind of coffee maker do you have? What’s your secret for making the perfect pot of coffee?

I love coffee, good coffee, that is. My first cup of coffee is part of my morning ritual, and it comes sometime after 5 a.m.

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Your Patch of Earth

Earth Day is this month. It is April 22nd, which is also Good Friday. So today, let’s talk some earth talk. Let’s talk about the small patch of the earth we are each personally taking care of. And for you apartment or high rise dwellers, let’s talk about your outdoor space. Your deck or patio or rooftop or fire-escape.
So tell us about your patch of earth. Is it big or small? What do you grow? Do you have a lawn? Woods? Any water? Do you keep a vegetable garden? Herbs? Any fruit trees? Hey, how about critters? What kind of wildlife do you invite into your yard? And how? What kind of critters do you “keep”?
My yard? Well, mine has such….such….such….potential.

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