Join Us for our Farmgirl YOU Challenge!

I can’t believe this will be the 3rd YOU Challenge!! If you did it before, then you know how this works. If not, I’ll tell you all you need to know. The most important thing is that you make decision, right now, right this very minute, to do this for YOU. You, My Friend, deserve it. You need it. It is time to give yourself a little loving, a little attention, a little pick-me-up.

And you know what it is?

It is a simple thing: going outside and taking a stroll every single day in May.


Here’s the link to the first YOU Challenge from 2014.

Here’s the link to last year’s post about the YOU Challenge.


This small step of deciding to put yourself first this month will operate as a huge step in your own mind. Expect great things. Something great happens when we (finally) flip that switch from “I come last” to “I come first.” Did you just cringe when you read that? The very thought of putting yourself first? Then you NEED this 31 days.

No, it won’t be easy at first. We’re not used to putting our needs or desires before others. For some reason, us Farmgirls tend to give, give, give until we are “PLUM GIVE OUT” (that’s colloquial for tired, very tired.) At that point, we are empty, we are exhausted, we are discouraged. The month of May is our opportunity to replenish ourselves and to practice extreme self love.

I decided a while back that THAT is what is wrong with our society. Most of us are indeed following the rule: “love your neighbor as yourself.” The problem is that we don’t love ourselves so we don’t love our neighbors. I can’t remember a more negative or hateful time in society. Maybe it is because when I moved to the middle of nowhere I turned off the news. Perhaps I’m no longer de-sensitized to hatefulness. I notice it now.

For some reason, out society teaches females that self-sacrifice and martyrdom is appropriate when it comes to our families, our churches, our jobs. Every one comes BEFORE us. To be worthy, we have to be exhausted.

Guess what? Not during May! You are moving yourself from the back-burner to the front.

From when I first issued the Challenge:

“The motivation behind this walk is YOU. It’s not for your dogs, or for your kiddos, or for work (like mowing the lawn), it’s for YOU and YOU alone. It’s not for your friend with cancer, or the local band fund-raiser, but for YOU. Period.

That’s huge. If you’re like me, you find it very hard to do something JUST for YOUrself. Instead, you’re running around ragged, doing for everybody else.

“Just taking this tiny step and lacing up your shoes and head out the door FOR YOU is a small step, but has grand results. See, what you’re doing is making yourself a priority in your day. That’s a habit that is worth forming.

The instant you decide that you’re worthy and deserving of doing something just for you,your life will change. For the better. Small steps, grand results.

And see. Maybe at the beginning you’re just going through the motions, maybe you don’t quite believe how awesome you are yet. Take those motions every day, for 31 days, and whether or not you believed it when you started, you’ll believe it at the end. It’s kinda magic.

After a month of daily walks, your brain will thank you. Your mental health will thank you. You’ll be less grouchy. You’ll be easier to live with. And. Walking every day is good for your heart, your legs, your hips, your everything. Movement will keep us moving.”

And if you want to share your journey during May, join the Facebook group where we post our walks, our feelings, whatever. It’s a great place to get support and to give support.

Here’s the link to the Facebook Group. Join now and we’ll start sharing on May 1st!

Get excited because this tiny step you are about to take, it going to mean a lot to you this month.

  • You don’t feel like it? Get out there. You’ll be glad you did.
  • You’re too tired? Get out there. You’ll be glad you did.
  • You don’t have time? Find it. Get out there. You’ll be glad you did.
  • Your back or feet hurt? Get out there. You’ll be glad you did.
    • Your family needs you? Tell them you’ll be back on duty when you return. Get out there. You’ll be glad you did.

It doesn’t matter how far you walk. Just walk!

Get outside.

Put on foot in front of the other.

Get some fresh air.

Get enlivened.

Celebrate YOU.

And that’s the YOU Challenge.

What do ya say? YOU IN?!

Until next time, Friends, savor the flavor of life!
Lots of Love, The City Farmgirl in the Country, Rebekah




  1. Denise Ross says:

    You’re so right on not loving ourselves so we can’t love our neighbour, we don’t know how. Maybe we’ve lost the art of loving ourselves? I sure know about putting myself last, do it all the time. After spending this past week off work with a cold, flu and middle ear infection and being told by two doctors to rest, I did. I’m in the mend now but sure did not realise just how hard I push myself to do, and feel guilty of resting time and taking time off for myself. I’d love to be a part of your May You challenge if you would be so kind to add me. I live in Australia so we are in autumn now so I’m hoping to take some photos of life here on my walks.
    Thank you for another wonderful post. I look forward to reading each and every one of them. By the way what did you decide to do in your cabin?
    Greeting from Australia

    • Rebekah Teal says:

      Hi Denise! Can’t wait for you to share your autumn walks in Australia with us all! I’m still working on my Old Wash House studio/office/whatever! I’m using it daily, though, but still have work to do inside. Take care! and see you in a few days in the FaceBook group!

      • Denise Ross says:

        Thank you Rebekah for adding me to your you fb group. I had a look at posts past and I’m excited to take part in walking the days of May. Til then take care

  2. Krista says:

    This feels so real lately! I really put myself on the back burner to care for everyone and everything else, and the sad part is it still feels like I haven’t done enough. At the end of my day I find myself wishing for more hours, more hands, and less fatigue. I really like this challenge. I love the idea of getting out for me and taking a break from what the world expects of me. Count me in!

    • Denise Ross says:

      Hi Krista,
      From one woman to another, our to do lists never end and when we look around there always seems to be another thing we must do. But what happens is as Rebekah so rightly said we end up on the empty line in our tank. Were the inky ones to fill it. If you’re follow God at all take one thing and that is Jesus rested, so he needed/wanted/ felt he should, we should definitely do too. Were inky human and we can only do what we can do. We can’t have it all, do it all be it all. This is a nasty lie we as women are fed. We need to look after and nurture ours,eves so we can in turn untrue and take care of others and that includes our families, co workers, friends etc.
      allow yourself to do what absolutely must be done and do that and if you don’t get the rest done, leave it for the next day and stop and rest so you can be truly well. It took me I’ll health and two doctors orders to finally see the light.
      Big hug s and go easy on yourself

  3. Karen Clapp says:


  4. Rebecca says:

    YES!!! I am absolutely in. It won’t be easy to give up the habit of pushing me-time aside for someone else, but I need this. I am tired, mentally, physically, spiritually. So I’m doing it. Just thinking about taking that walk every day, being grateful for the beauty around me, feeling the quietness and being more in touch with God makes me feel calmer. So I’m in….starting now.

  5. Cindy T. says:

    I really need this right now! I am in:-)

  6. Jamie Moeckly says:

    Woo-hoo, I’m in! Except I’m glad today isn’t May 1st, as it is 39 degrees here and the north wind is blowing and blowing! Brrr! Where are you Spring? Thanks for reminding us to remember that we count too:)

  7. Joan says:

    This will be a GOOD THING — IF the snow storm stays away – yupper we are to be getting more snow the 1st week of May. So I may have to start the 2nd week. I did it last year, just didn’t report it but it was a very nice thing for ME. Thanks for thinking of it. God bless.

  8. Sue B says:

    I’m all in! This is the first I have heard of the You challenge and I love the sound of it. May will be a financially stressful time for me so I’ll need the quiet space that a walk will give me and actually having a good reason like the challenge will keep me motivated! Awaiting approval for FB group now and thanks for this encouragement!

  9. Phyllis Parrish says:

    I’ve signed up and are excited. Thank you.

  10. Victoria Thompson says:

    Just read your blog. I’m a little late but then so is putting myself first. I’m 65 and was brought up to put everyone else first. Now my children are gone from home and hubby is retired so doing for me is a revelation! I enjoy walking with my thoughts. It is calming and peaceful and instills an appreciation for little gifts nature.

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